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What's Behind the Secret of the Yogasm?

If you think yoga is all about disciplined breathing exercises, contorting your arms and legs into impossible positions, and achieving the perfect Full Lotus position, think again. It's also an amazingly powerful erotic activity.

very flexible lady doing yoga
Kundalini yoga works best for the right Yogasm.

Yoga sexperts across the world are now promoting the kinky qualities of this eastern stretching system, and are reporting some incredible results. This isn't a myth. Yoga can deliver intense, earth-shaking orgasms for women (not men), and it's not just a perk for Indian girls any longer. Let's have a look at what makes this climax possible.

Take Those Breathing Exercises Seriously: Concentration Matters

First off, it's important to note that yogasms aren't a new western fad. The harmonizing of body and mind that lies behind them was known to yoga's creators hundreds of years ago, and breathing exercises prescribed by yoga experts are a key part of the experience.

Don't discount breathing as an inconvenient chore during yoga sessions. When done right, disciplined breathing allows you to hook up your body and mind, becoming at one with your physical sensations, so that every move of your muscles translates into a powerful mental signal.

That's the root of the YOGASM!

Yogasms Combine Deep Breathing with Muscular Positions

sexy woman exercising for a yogasm
Yoga gives you a sexual awakening.

Now, let's explore the nuts and bolts of the yogasm. It seems that women have the best chance of achieving this blissful feeling if they combine rhythmic, rapid breathing, with a properly formed Lotus position (also known as "Paranayama").

This combination creates a kind of wave-like effect, as pleasure and emotion ripple through the core, penetrating every part of the woman's body, and hitting her pleasure centers just like a really intense sexual orgasm.

When it happens, breathing is the core element. With every rhythmic pulse, the pleasure is renewed and spread around the body, generating a level of intensity that can cause tears in some cases.

PRO TIP: Be Prepared!

Have a tissue tucked into your yoga pants or nearby. You may well need it when the yogasm subsides.

Physical Discomfort Can be a Prelude to Yogasms

Interesting fact about Yogasms: they seem to be stimulated by previous sessions of demanding yoga positions. So those awkward stretches placing feet at seemingly impossible angles - they are actually doing some powerful erotic work.

How could this be? Well, experts believe that the stimulation of adopting tough positions primes the body to relax, as unfamiliar stretches "switch" the body's nerves into a more attuned, sensitive state.

Bikram Yoga and Kundalini Have Different Approaches to the Yogasm

There's another important thing to note about seeking the perfect yogasm: it can be achieved during different forms of yoga, so experiment until you find a setup that works for you.

For instance, many people swear that Bikram yoga is the way to go. After intense sessions in high-heat environments, these experts say, the blood becomes more oxygenated and floods into every organ.

After adopting positions like the "camel pose", orgasms regularly result. Other say that Kundalini yoga works best. In these cases, yogasms are achieved through disciplined breathing and spiritual concentration, a much less physical process.

The jury is out regarding which style of yoga results in a higher likelihood of a passionate yogasm, but both schools have their adherents, and true pleasure seekers will want to try both.

Either Way, the Pelvic Floor is What Matters

This is the physiological root of a good yogasm. Pleasure seems to result from the individual applying pressure to their pelvis and "opening up" their pelvic floor, a little like the process involved in kugel exercises.

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This means that yoga positions which stretch out your hamstrings and open up your hips are sure fire routes to body-shaking yogasms.

PRO TIP: Exercise Helps

Stretch out your hamstrings on a daily basis, and keep them relaxed and in good condition.

A flicker of pain from those muscles can ruin the chances of a yogasm.

Physical Contact Can Heighten Yogasms

There's another very important thing to take away from the yogasm phenomenon. Many people have reported feeling the beginnings of a yogasm in Lotus, but that this only really developed following physical contact with another person.

The touch of another seems to liberate the forces causing a yogasm, allowing them to run freely through the body and mind. Maybe its a Qi thing, created by the sharing of spiritual energy.

Or maybe it's a purely sexual thing, as the body simulates sexual contact and imagines a whole new horizon of orgasmic potential. Either way, physical contact can be a key part of successful yogasms.

Take Your Erotic Yoga Expertise into the Bedroom

One of the most exciting things about the yogasm phenomenon are the implications that it has for everyday erotic fun. Whether you're trying to spark life into a long-term relationship, or you just want more fulfilment from NSA fun, yoga looks like a great way to practice and develop your sexual potential.

yogi couple exrecising together for having yogasm
The touch of another seems to liberate the forces.

By focusing on your breathing and developing your pelvic floor muscles, you can reach a higher stage of sexual awakening. You might find that foreplay and even phone sex become spiritual events, as much as sexual pleasures. And your partner will be amazed. So pull on those pants and head down to the local yoga classes. It's time to breathe life into your sexual adventures.

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