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Tips on becoming a good kisser

Whether you are in a gay dating or adult dating, kissing can be be more intimate than sex. However, learning how to do it right can make a difference between perfect relationships and nothing at all.

Young tattooed couple kissing by the sea
Always make sure you're relaxed when kissing your partner

It is an expression of love, therefore you don't want to get anything wrong with it. Read on to see how you can make kissing more pleasurable.

Learn to be adventurous

There are a number of kisses you'll want to try out with your girl or a fuck friend; the most sensual being the French kiss. It's very deep and involves both tongue and lips. How about exploring each other's mouths and lips in your wildest imagination? Your partner will be yelling out your name in no time.

Make sure you're relaxed

Always make sure you're relaxed. In case you're planning for your first kiss, you might feel a little nervous. That's alright! Anxiety and getting nervous always brings out mixed expressions and signals. Hence, you might want to relax when kissing.

Pro Tip: Take your time. Make it as slow as possible. This way, you'll feel composed and determined. Don't think of how she's taking it. Instead, enjoy the moment!

Ensure your eyes are wide shut

Of course, a deep kiss will always lead to eyes wide shut. However, a smoldering glance once in a while can be worthwhile. Hence, perhaps you'll want to try stopping, looking her into the eyes, and going back more determined. You'll definitely turn her on!

Learn to kiss with your hands

For you to be a good kisser, you need more than just your mouth to take her to the seventh heaven. You can try putting her arms high up around yourself. She'll definitely try running her fingers through for a striking kissing experience! You can even try putting a hand on her leg. Love sparks are literally visible! A light biting her lower lips is worthwhile.

Try being a little sensual

How about making her know you like kissing her? That's breathtaking! While kissing, try holding to her tighter and kiss more intimately. Make your touch increase proportionally to the passion. This makes her realize that you're having a great time and are enjoying every bit of it. She'll definitely try doing the same!

Ensure you're clean

This is definitely the most basic preparation for a better kissing. The last thing you'll want to have is kissed someone who recently had garlic, or even worse, one who doesn't really brush teeth well. Hence, to be a good kisser, take your time with the toothbrush and ensure you do a thorough job. Take a thorough shower too and spray some cologne. Otherwise, you'll spoil the likelihood of having a similar session in the future.

Pay attention to your partner

While most people question their skills in kissing, a good number of them flatter themselves. However, the key to being a good kisser is paying enough attention to your partner. Kissing can be considered a dance of the lips. Hence, ranging from closed mouth peck to French kiss, you ought to understand what exactly your partner is expecting.

man kissing his girlfriend intimately
You should be able to understand what your parnter is expecting

No need to rush into it

Remember: To become a good kisser, you ought to avoid treating it like a race. No one really on schedule here; it isn't something you have to get done fast. Take your time. You can try nibbling on each other's lips alongside pulling the upper and lower lip of your partner. Rushing it does not create the intimacy needed here. Taking more time to flirt when kissing will assist to create a connection and mutual attraction for better and longer kissing.

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Make sure you're gentle when kissing

Of course, everyone looks forward to a hot French kissing. That's alright! However, no one really wishes to have the partner's tongue literally pushing down the throat. Kissing ought to feel comfortable. For instance, when teething, you'll want to do it a little gentle and playful. This way, it will trigger sexual instincts and attraction towards you.

Pro Tip: Don't be pushy, instead, be soft and gentle. Do not hurt her. She's all yours!

Set the right mood for better kissing

If you're wondering what it takes to be a good kisser, becoming a pro kisser is not only about learning the technique, but also their timing and best-suited places to do it. A good example is you can't have an intimate kiss in public. In other words, the place to do the kissing is very vital in giving the right mood of kissing. Perhaps you'll want to set up some light candles, put on some romantic music and ensure there's no disturbance.

Keep in mind: you need to pay attention to everything happening around you. You'll definitely adjust your kissing style accordingly.

Couple passionately kissing in bed
Adjust your kissing style to your environment

Use Sound

You should not be afraid to let out sound when kissing. Sounds have been proven to allow for a good breathe. The sound of kissing is erotic; it is beautiful, and very powerful. In fact, you will find that the gentle sound during kissing can indeed bring out some orgasm. Even more exciting, orgasm becomes powerful when a sound is used as a form of expression. Therefore, next time you are kissing, let loose the sound.

Throw in some biting

You have to be careful with this now. If you are too hard, your partner may not be into it; this will make things awkward. Grab your partner's bottom lips between your teeth gently and not for long. Once done, release and get back to kissing.


Practice makes perfect. The more you practice kissing the better you become. If you hardly kiss someone, you'll hardly practice any of these tips. Therefore, if you got a partner, just kiss them as much as you can. In as much as it is a lot of fun, you will get much better.

Just like sex, do not panic when kissing. Panicking will lose the entire purpose of intimacy. It may be your first kiss, but just calm down. Avoid being too rough, your partner is all yours. Keep it clean, and mind a lot about your breathe.

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