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Tips on How to Fuck Her Like a Pornstar

Perhaps you’re doubting your sexual prowess. Well, that is something many people are always worried about. Of course, any man would want to fully satisfy his partner sexually. However, everyone almost freaks out at the slightest mention of aggressive sex.

man decided to fuck her as a pornstar
Turning her mind on is still part of the process!

The fact remains, most women love it when men go hard on them. Dominating them during sex is the ultimate solution. You’ll want to try out the following tips for doing it like a professional.

You Ought to Learn to Focus on Psychological and not Physical

Well, most people are disturbed by which is the best sex position and how long they should take before cumming. However, sex is partially physical. That means, most of your concentration should be on the psychological end of it.

Of course, you need to turn her physically- but learning to turn her mind should still be part of the process. You need to get right into her head. Otherwise, you’ll remain a guy trying every sex position known by humankind to impress her.

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She’ll definitely get frustrated switching positions every two minutes!

Talk Dirty to Her when Having Sex

When you talk dirty, you’ll definitely influence her fantasy. Make sure that all the words are tailored towards loving the whole experience. Otherwise, she might mistake it for judging her.

Take Dominance of the Whole Thing

Well, despite the fact that you’re after pleasing her, how about turning the whole experience to be about pleasing yourself and not her. Focusing so much on what her reaction is might make you miss the point.

muscular man seducing an attractive lady
She’s hoping that you’ll know what to do with her body.

Perhaps your fuck buddy is a BBW girl. That’s alright. Dominate her in the sense that she’ll enjoy every moment of it.

PRO TIP: Create a Connection

You can use authoritative words like "you’re my slut" to create the dominance. However, make sure you create a connection with the fucking moment. Otherwise, she’ll take it as an insult and won’t hesitate to call it off.

Don’t Do the Obvious

Perhaps all you’re thinking is you too having missionary sex on that bed.


Sex in bed is the most boring. How about trying out something more adventurous; you can take a nature walk and work out a bending or standing missionary fuck. Ensure that the whole thing comes in a more adventurous way.

Keep in Mind: When she relaxes on you, she’s hoping that you’ll know what to do with her body. Don’t make a mistake of asking her what’s her favorite position.

It will put her off! Just do it with full confidence that you know what you’re doing.

Learn to Use Extreme Sex Positions

Of course, the sex position matters the quality of sex. Do you need to use sex positions that seems correct to every woman How about trying out a doggy style with her? She’ll love the deep strokes and dominance.

Well, making her orgasm is another tool to ensuring you’re fucking her like a Pornstar. A position like a Jackhammer, cowgirl, and lotus are best rated to make women orgasm hard. Anything more can be fine.

Some of them might require practice and concentration. Hence, you’ll want to talk to her about it.

Try Getting Rough at Times

Women love to experiment their sexual fantasies. Some of them, being frequent porn viewers, love the sound of rough and consensual sex. Generally, there’s a part of them that is taken into control by men.

How about doing it like it’s the last time you’ll be having sex? You can try pulling her hair when doing some doggy. Hand wrapping it and pulling it with a given consistency gets her wetter and more open to the moment!

You can even try choking her. Well, this should be done with a lot of care. First, you need to ensure that she’s okay with the whole idea. How about grabbing her neck in the process? If she freaks out, then she may not be ready for it.

However, most women do enjoy this adventure. Perhaps you should test your waters.

Trying Being Spontaneous

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to lay her on the bed to have sex. Try out something different. If you want to really turn her on, you’ll want to make her extremely wet. Make it seem lively.

You can probably try pulling her in the alley against the wall, hike her skirt and get down on her. That way, she’ll love the whole experience with you. Sex is one thing that easily falls into a routine.

self confident man getting a pornstar moment
Remember! Women love to experiment their sexual fantasies.

Hence, if you stop of thinking of sex has to take place on the bed, you’ll have a mixture of fascinating sexual experiences.

Go Naughty with Her

Of course, you’ll not go spitting on her face. It’s a bit different. Women find spitting extra erotic when done in the ‘right’ manner. For instance, you’ll want to spit on her tits. A quick flirt with her will wildly turn her on.

Gather a small amount of spit and throw it on her. Here, talking a little dirty and spanking her will definitely make her feel the moment. Forcing her to eat some cum can still do.

Though some men see it a bit disgusting, it’s super fun for women. You’ll want to try it out!

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