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25 sex positions to get off with your partner

Woman on top of man in bed

Whether you're an ass or a boob guy, a dominant of a submissive-we've got the moves to help you achieve your wildest fantasies. Our 25 sex positions bring together the best wisdom from classic Karm Sutra techniques as well as modern day spin-offs to keep you cuming back again and again! Take the leap from good sex to great sex with our comprehensive guide.

1. Missionary

How to: Strawberry and chocolate may be good, but sometimes there's nothing quite like vanilla! Get back to basics with the most classic sex position. The woman lays flat on her back, with her legs spread to receive the man who positions himself lengthwise on top of her.

Missionary sex position

Benefits: This position is favored for its ease and intimacy, letting the couple kiss and caress one another during their love-making session.

Tips: During penetration, the woman can wrap her legs around the man's torso and gently rock against her partner's body to stimulate the sensations of her clitoris.

Difficulty level: Easy

2. Doggy-Style

How to: This position will have you howling with delight in no time! While facing down the woman positions herself on all fours. The man then kneels behind her with his legs spread wide, holding her hips while he thrusts to control the movement.

Doggy-Style sex position

Benefits: This position is great as the man can also place his hands on her breasts, while also allowing the woman easy access to stimulate her clitoris for total body pleasure. The behind-position also makes it easier to hit the woman's g-spot.

Tips: For added force, have the woman hold onto the bedpost so as not to adjust the position once you start moving.

Difficulty level: Easy

3. Riding the Bull

How to: See how long you can stay on this wild ride before it bumps you off! Here the man takes the passive position as the woman kneels on top of his pelvis while facing him. The man can hold on to her hips while she thrusts, or he can sit back and let her enjoy the ride.

Riding the Bull sex position

Benefits: In this position, the woman is completely in control of the tempo and movement which can lead towards a more fulfilling climax.

Tips: For a different sensation, the woman can face away from the man in order to more easily stimulate her clitoris while riding for double the pleasure.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

4. Wine, Dine and Sixty-nine

How to: Skip desert and jump right into this sumptuous position! In this position the man lays on his back with the woman lying face down on top of him, facing towards his toes. From here, both partners can enjoy giving the other oral stimulation.

Sixty-nine sex position

Benefits: This position allows both partners to give and receive personalized pleasure at the same time. It also requires less movement than traditional penetrative positions.

Tips: If the partner on top is having troubles keeping themselves up, you can turn your bodies sideways for the same mutual satisfaction with added stability.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

5. Hot-dog eating contest

How to: Give into your hunger while applying for your favorite "job"! Here is another classic position in which the man lays on his back while the woman places herself between his legs for oral stimulation. Though this angle is simple, the focused stimulation area gives for a more full body orgasm.

Hot dog eating contest sex position

Benefits: This position is fairly easy to accomplish, making it one of the most versatile sources of pleasure to indulge in both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Tips: This position can also be done with the man standing and the woman kneeling for couples interested in more eye-contact during oral stimulation.

Difficulty level: Easy

6. Intimate Meditation

How to: Get more OM out of your big oh with this interlocking position of limbs and hearts! The man sits cross-legged while the woman sits on his lap with her legs curled around his torso. The couple can then slowly rock in rhythm together.

Intimate meditation sex position

Benefits: This angle is great for increased intimacy, as you are able to keep eye contact through out.

Tips: For extra support, the couple can wrap their arms around each other while rocking.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

7. Legs up buttercup

How to: Let your man carry the weight of your orgasm on his shoulders! In this position, the woman lies on her back while the man kneels facing her. The woman then will with both of her legs on the shoulder of the man.

Legs up buttercup sex position

Benefits: This angle allows the woman to receive deep penetration pleasure.

Tips: Placing pillows under the back of the woman will help to raise her torso up to find the perfect angle for mutual pleasure during penetration.

Difficulty level: Easy

8. Spooning and Forking

How to: The perfect Netflix and chill position to turn from friends to friends with Benefits! This position is easiest to get into when the couple is spooning on their sides, with their bodies curled into one another and their legs bent at a 60 degree angle. From there, the man can enter the woman from behind for a natural and easy movement.

Spooning and forking sex position

Benefits: This angle helps to hit the woman's elusive g-spot, while also allowing the man access to stimulate the woman's nipples for added pleasure.

Tips: Once you have the side spoon down, the man can try flipping onto his back with the woman lying face up as he moves inside her.

Difficulty level: Easy

9. Jail-bird

How to: For those who have been more naughty than nice this year! The couple stands with the woman bent over in front of the man. The man then holds both of her wrists behind her back while she is bent over to control the movement. This position requires a certain level of trust as the woman is not fully in control of her body during penetration.

Jail bird sex position

Benefits: With the woman's pelvis being pulled back with the man's thrusting while simultaneously holding her wrists, this position allows for a forceful penetration.

Tips: Both the man and the woman can adjust their knees to settle any height discrepancies in the couple and find the angle that works best.

Difficulty level: Hard

10. Tree Hugger

How to: Whether you climb your way up or take the elevator, there's no better place to see the horizon than wrapped around your favorite man! To get into this position, the woman sits on the edge of the bed with the man kneeling in front of her. From here, she will wrap her legs around his back after which the man will grab onto the woman's butt for support. The man will then slowly stand up and assume control over the intensity of the penetrative movements.

Tree hugger sex position

Benefits: This position requires both strength and endurance for the man, which can be both a source of confidence and sexual excitement. This angle also gives total control over the man to feel the woman's body while thrusting.

Tips: For extra stability, the man can push the back of the woman against the wall while thrusting. In addition, when the man is standing he should be careful to bend his knees to avoid back injuries. In addition, this position should not be tried with partners of extreme sizes or decreased athletic abilities.

Difficulty level: Hard

11. Golden Gate Bridge

How to: Come even faster as you connect both body and soul in this latest bridge position! The woman arches her back with only her shoulders and head resting on the bed. The man then kneels between her legs, holding onto her hips to aid the woman in her arched position.

Golden Gate Bridge sex position

Benefits: This angle gives the man the opportunity to stimulate the woman's clitoris or breasts for added bliss.

Tips: If the woman is unable to hold this bridge position, you can also place pillows underneath her back to prop up her pelvis.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

12. Boobies: fully loaded

How to: Two can play at this four-play classic! In this position the man lies on his back with his legs spread apart. The woman then balances on her knees, lubricating her breasts, and pressing them together. The man then inserts his member in between the cleavage, controlling the tempo of his pleasure.

Boobies fully loaded sex position

Benefits: This position is great for those boob-lovers out there who want a little break from traditional vaginal stimulation.

Tips: Make sure that the woman's breasts are properly lubricated in order to facilitate a smooth and more sensitive experience for the man.

Difficulty level: Easy

13. Chairway to Heaven

How to: This one might take some navigation to get right, but there's no-where to go but up! For this position the man lays on his back with his legs pulled towards his chest. From there, the woman can squat over him with the man's legs pinned between her torso and arms.

Chairway to heaven sex position

Benefits: This position is best suited for women who like to take control in the bedroom, as if allows her to adjust herself accordingly for a deeper penetration.

Tips: The man can help support the woman in her movements by holding underneath her butt.

Difficulty level: Hard

14. Dirty Dancing

How to: Have the time of your life with this impressively athletic position! For this arrangement, the man and woman stand facing one another, with the woman raising one of her legs to rest it on the man's shoulder. This position requires extreme flexibility for women.

Dirty dancing sex position

Benefits: Like the legs up buttercup position, this one also gives a sense of deeper penetration.

Tips: To help maintain the woman's gymnastic position the man can hold the woman's leg against his chest as well as wrapping an arm around her waist. This will help her during penetration.

Difficulty level: Hard

15. Footloose

How to: Raise your arms and your legs with this incredibly rhythmic position! With the woman lying on her back, she will raise her legs towards her chest. The man then kneels facing her, placing her feet flat on his chest as he enters her.

Footlose sex position

Benefits: This angle is preferred for woman due to its natural comfort, as well as helping to hold up her partner while he moves inside of her.

Tips: To vary your angle, try putting a pillow under the lower back of the woman. This will help you to find the best position for deeper penetration.

Difficulty level: Easy

16. Half and Half

How to: This position is for those who are so horny then can't make up their minds whether to do it on the bed or the floor! For this position, the woman lays back on the edge of the bed, placing both of her feet on the floor. The man then kneels on the ground in front of her, grabbing her hips for support as he moves.

Half and half sex position

Benefits: This position offers intimacy through eye contact as well as additional touching and caressing.

Tips: Place a pillow under the man's knees for extra comfort when thrusting in this position.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

17. Downward Facing Dog

How to: Perfect for those wanting to show off their gains in yoga class! In this position, the woman stands with her legs apart and her back bent to place her hands flat on the ground in front of her. The man then stands behind her and holds onto her hips to help her maintain control of her position while he thrusts.

Downward facing dog sex position

Benefits: This position is great for combining the pleasure of stretching your muscles while also receiving sexual stimulation!

Tips: If the woman cannot touch the floor, try putting a low stool or another object to help her keep her position and bent back position.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

18. Face Rider

How to: Ladies keep your man at home and try out this one! The man lays back as the woman spreads her legs and positions herself on top of his face to receive oral stimulation.

Face rider sex position

Benefits: Compared to traditional female oral stimulation in which the man lays face down between her thighs, this position allows partners to maintain eye contact through-out. This angle also gives the woman control over the intensity of her partners' tongue movements.

Tips: Moving the woman's hips while she sits on the man's face will help to vary her clitoral stimulation and prolong her climax for optimum pleasure.

Difficulty level: Easy

19. Cats Cradle

How to: Make the most out of your intimate experience with this truly sensual position! The man sits on his knees while the woman wraps her legs around his waist. The woman supports her balance by planting her feet on the bed behind him and using her arms to hold up her upper body. The two then rock together during penetration.

Cats cradle sex position

Benefits: This position is great for added intimacy as partners can maintain eye contact during sex, as well as being able to hold each other in their embrace.

Tips: The man can hold onto the woman's butt to help support her balance as they rock together in tandem.

Difficulty level: Hard

20. Rock, Paper, Scissors

How to: This position isn't just for lady-on-lady action! In this position, the man lays on his back with his legs bent and feet flat against the bed. The woman inserts herself sideways between his legs, with one of his legs between her own. As she moves, she can also rub her clitoris against the man's leg for added stimulation.

Rock, paper, scissors sex position

Benefits: This position is best for stimulating the woman's clitoris as well as giving her control over the movement.

Tips: Using lubricant can help facilitate an even smoother rocking session, as well as helping to better stimulate the clitoris.

Difficulty level: Easy

21. L is for love making

How to: Get ready for some seriously simple moves! In this scenario, the woman lays on her side with her legs curled towards her chest. The man positions himself facing her, holding onto her leg for balance while moving.

L is for love making sex position

Benefits: This position is both comfortable and easy while giving extra access for anal stimulation in the woman.

Tips: Put a pillow between the woman's knees for extra comfort and ease when thrusting.

Difficulty level: Easy

22. Bootylicious

How to: How about a little tossed salad for dinner tonight? Here, the man or woman positions themselves on all fours while the partner is on all fours behind them. The giving partner can bed down and orally stimulate their partner's butt, leaving the receiving partner open to self-stimulation-either with the penis or clitoris.

Bootylicious sex position

Benefits: Although more on the fringe, this position can be extremely pleasurable once a sense of trust and openness is established in a couple.

Tips: If your partner is responding favorably to the stimulation, try slowly sticking a finger in with a light come hither motion. In men, this can stimulate the prostate for deeply internal orgasms.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

23. Pancake Paradise

How to: In this position, the woman lies face down with her legs spread a little wider than shoulder width apart. The man then lies on top of her entering her from behind, propping himself on his elbows for added balance.

Pancake paradise sex position

Benefits: This position is better for those men who are well-endowed, as the tilting of the woman's hips can give her control and help regulate the depth of his penetration.

Tips: Placing a pillow under the woman's stomach can help elevate the angle of her pelvis for deeper penetration.

Difficulty level: Easy

24. The Tarzan

How to: Swing into your next orgasm with this perfect play-time accessory! First, you will need to acquire a sex swing. Then, the man will sit into the swing while the woman faces away in-front of him with her knees slightly bent. As the man swings, he will enter her with the added force from the rocking.

The Tarzan sex position

Benefits: Incorporating sex toys in the bedroom is a great way to incorporate some fresh fun into your normal routine.

Tips: If you situate the swing near a wall or other sturdy surface, it will be easier for the woman to maintain her position with added support as the man moves in and out of her in the swing.

Difficulty level: Difficult

25. The Unicorn Triangle

How to: The more the merrier when it comes to pleasure! If you're lucky enough to have incorporated a third wheel into your bedroom play, try out this position! While the man lays on his back, the first woman can position herself kneeling over his pelvis to control his movement inside of her. The second woman can then kneel over the man's face, facing towards the woman who is enjoying her ride. The two women can then caress and kiss to their whims, while all three partners receive simultaneous pleasure!

The Unicorn Triangle sex position

Benefits: This position is great for incorporating new parties into the bedroom, while making sure that no one is left out of the fun!

Tips: Try matching the rhythm of the man's tongue movements with the penetrative thrusts for a more holistic group feeling.

Difficulty level: Intermediate

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