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Hooking Up with a Stranger at a Music Festival

I begin to shudder inside and he can feel it, he pushes deep inside me at the same time. We press tightly as he begins to come, his fingers frantically working at me until I do too.

naked couple touching eachother

The music pulses from the stage. I don't know the artist, but it doesn't matter. Out here in the crowd, everyone is on their feet. I can feel the rhythm right to my very core and I sway and dance with a sense of abandon I probably wouldn't have if Derek had come. I open my eyes for a moment and a face swims up close among the people. Dark eyes, café-au-lait skin. Baby dreads bouncing wildly with the beats. I draw in my breath a little too sharply. It's not the first time I've seen those eyes…

The First Encounter

Earlier on, I'd been browsing jewellery in the marketplace. The silver earrings dangled in the light breeze. I was tempted but I knew there wasn't much money in my pocket – not after having to take a cab here all by myself. Sorry Annie. Something's come up. I guess that's the last of Derek then. Sigh. I looked around at all the people – about 10,000 they said, spread over the brown desert sand with their tents like a carnival surrounding the stage area. So many faces… and I don’t know a single one of them apparently. Crash… "Omigod – I'm so sorry!" I look in horror at the earring display which is now lying sideways on the table, one of them caught in my lacy poncho while I was contemplating Derek. "That's all right luv," he says. That's the first time I noticed those eyes, the rounded shoulders that emerge from his t-shirt as he reaches over the counter to untangle the earring. "Thank you…" I say, my eyes looking quickly at the sign above his head, "..Paul." He smiles.

A Hungry Kiss in the Vibrating Crowd

He got busy with other customers then but now here he is. I find I'm suddenly conscious of my hips gyrating as I watch him dance closer. I close my eyes again and try to lose myself again but a touch on my arm brings me right back to the moment. "Hi!" he says. Or so I assume. I can't actually hear anything over the pulsating music. I mouth "Hi!" back at him. He says something else into my ear. I think it's about the band and I nod as if I knew what he was talking about while his warm breath tickles my neck and the heat begins to rise in my middle.

He's so close I can feel his body heat and as he draws away a little, I look straight into those smiling eyes just inches away. And then I do it – I kiss him. I kiss him full on those luscious lips and as I do I feel his lips respond. He's hungry too. There's a long moment when time stands still with the sun vanishing over the horizon and the music pulsing from the stage. Now it's me who draws back a little. "I don't know why I did that!" I say. "I do," he replies with a grin. The song ends and the press of people around us erupts into applause and hoots of approval. We both join in, shouting and clapping wildly. I feel the excitement rising in the pit of my stomach. He stays close to me; his arm snakes around my shoulders when the crowd threatens to push us apart even just a little. He takes my hand as the music of the next song starts up again, pulling me towards the stage.

Taking Me Roughly in Front of the Stage

I follow him through the crowd, taking in his broad back, the bulge of his round ass underneath his jeans. When he stops I crash into him and feel the hard muscle underneath his clothes. We're practically up against the stage and the crowd is thick. He puts his arm around me, spinning me in a deft move so I'm now just in front of him, the back of my head nestled against his chest and his hands on my hips from behind. Just where they feel right. The music is so loud up here, the bass so powerful I can feel it through my whole body and I begin to dance against the hard press of his body along my back. His hands tighten and he pulls me closer, his lips against my neck.

The music, the music… it pulls us together, swaying and hips gyrating against each other front to back. I can feel him harden against my ass and I feel the warmth, the rush as I get wet in response. The lead singer calls something out and I open my eyes for a moment in surprise. The crowd behind us surges forward towards the stage and suddenly the press is even more thick, the pressure around us tighter. I'd panic if I was on my own, I think, but he's still solidly behind me even as we have to take a couple of steps towards the stage. With the noise, the music, so many people around us, somehow it's like we're all alone. His arms hold me from behind as we dance as one. He gets harder and harder inside his jeans and then I feel it… his hand reaching under my long skirt, his fingers on my ass and then I gasp. Is he..? Omigod he is doing it. Right here. He's pulled my skirt up from behind and I can feel his hard dick on my skin. He slides it easily between my legs and inside me.

Definitly Not the Last Dance

Now the dance really takes me over, the music flowing through me as I push back against him and in spite of the noise and the thousands of people singing and chanting around us I swear I hear him groan softly into my ear. Lucky for us, the band decides on a lengthy series of solos, which I'm dimly aware of, my eyes half slits struggling to stay open at all. This is crazy, I tell myself, even as I lean back and feel his lips covering my shoulder with ravenous kisses. He bites me a little and I can feel him swelling up inside.

His hand reaches around under my skirt to rub at me and it's all I can do not to pull him down on the ground on top of me. But then I begin to shudder inside and he can feel it, he pushes deep inside me at the same time. We press tightly as he begins to come, his fingers frantically working at me until I do too. I open my eyes as if from a dream – but he's still there, behind me. We pull ourselves a little apart – enough to separate – and I finally turn to look at him. "My tent?" At least, I think that's what he says; the song still hasn't quite ended up on stage. I nod and he takes my hand, leading me back out through the crowd for more of the festival experience.

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