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John’s Nudist Camp Initiation Left a Lasting Impression

Even though I’d shot my load in a stranger’s mouth just 20 minutes earlier, I was desperate to fuck my wife - and I fucked her harder than ever before. The moment I climaxed, we both got a round of applause, and were treated to a glass of wine each.
Hot naked brunette kneels in the sand
My wife kneeled down while others masturbated over her

For many years, my wife and I had been thinking about ways to inject a little extra passion into our love life. Although we love one another dearly, we have both been in agreement for many years about the need for more excitement in the bedroom. The first thing we tried was group sex with another couple. While we both enjoyed having sex with a stranger in front of each other, we knew there was still something missing. Then, one day during a vacation in Europe, my wife decided to go topless on a beach. And I have to say, I have never been so turned on. There we were, sunbathing and relaxing, and every man that passed just couldn’t take their eyes of my wife Christine. I had an erection the whole time, which I was struggling to hide in my tight swimming shorts. Christine noticed my hardon, and she instantly licked her lips. I could tell she wanted nothing more than to take it out and suck it there and then, but we weren’t on a designated nudist beach, so we had to fight the temptation. But I have to tell you - we fucked like rabbits when we got back to our hotel room. Afterwards, we talked about how exciting that day had been. We realised that we both loved strangers staring at my wife’s tits - and we both needed more. It was that evening that I arranged a weekend break at a local nudist camp. And I have to say:

What happened at that camp was quite simply incredible.

My Wife Would Be Initiated With a Camp Bukkake

We arrived at the nudist camp in the morning, and we were greeted at the gates by a man who was fully clothed. I’ll never forget this, as it was the last dressed person we saw that weekend. His name was Tom, and he talked us through the rules of the camp - one of which was a complete ban on any form of clothing after setting up our caravan. This was music to my ears, and I got a hardon almost instantly. Tom then explained all camp guests are encouraged to engage in any sexual acts, with whomever we wished. So, we thanked Tom, and set off for our spot. Now we didn’t know this at the time, but it’s a kind of unspoken rule that all new arrivals have to undergo an initiation event. We only found this out when we met our very naked neighbours: Simon and Tracey.

They told us that the tradition is for the lady to kneel down while all the men in the camp masturbate over her. She must swallow at least three loads of cum during the process, and she’s free to give as many hand jobs and blow jobs as she pleases. When all of the men have finished, I have to fuck Christine whilst she’s still covered in cum. You might be wondering how I reacted to all of this news. Well, I couldn’t get out caravan set up quickly enough. Christine and I had unpacked in less than an hour before we stripped off and may our way to the centre of the camp… where the action would take place.

My Wife’s Naked Body Was an Instant Hit

From the instant we emerged from our caravan, dozens of men and their partners started to approach us. Most of the men had hardons, and some of those hardons were being stroked by their partners. A few people said hello, and everything seemed very friendly and relaxed. We made our way to the centre of the camp, until one of the campers told us that the spot we were in was where the ‘action’ took place. This was it. It was time for my wife to take at least 20 loads - in her face and on her tits. Within seconds, every man surrounding my wife was hard, and most of them were already masturbating.

Two women approached me, and asked if I’d like a tandem blow job while my wife was used like a piece of meat by dozens of men. Of course, I said yes! Meanwhile, I could see that at least two men had climaxed all over my wife’s face. She was licking the warm liquid from her top lip - and begging for more. There were at least five or six hard cocks touching her at this point, and she was aggressively pulling another two. She then opened her mouth and winked at one of the guys in front of her. He instantly knew what he was being asked, so he stuck his hard cock straight in her mouth, and started to fuck it. I knew then, as I started to cum in a beautiful young woman’s mouth, that this was the greatest sexual adventure of my life. And all the while, guy after guy shot their hot load all over Christine’s face and tits. There was so much cum on her face I could hardly recognise her.

The Flame of Passion Had Been Reignited in Our Marriage

After counting all the men that had cum on my wife that day, we estimated that my wife had 38 loads on her when she stepped into the shower. The huge bukkake session had finished with me fucking my wife in front of the whole camp. Of course, she was still covered in lots of cum, so I ended the session covered too. But I have to tell you… I don’t think I’ve ever climaxed so hard. Even though I’d shot my load in a stranger’s mouth just 20 minutes earlier, I was desperate to fuck my wife - and I fucked her harder than ever before. The moment I climaxed, we both got a round of applause, and were treated to a glass of wine each. This was our reward for putting on such an incredible show. Later that night, we enjoyed dinner with many of the same men who had just hours earlier sprayed their cum all over Christine. And of course, I got to know the two ladies who gave me a blow job a little better. This all happened two years ago, and we’ve been back to the same nudist camp six times since. And you know what?

The best thing about our visits is those initiation ceremonies.

My wife loves to watch me wank over the faces of strangers. And I love to see her giving mind-blowing blow jobs to complete strangers. We’re both having more sex than we’ve ever had - and we’re happier than ever!

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