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Trying to Make a Good Impression

I wanted to stop but I was actually getting really turned on by all of this, she slipped a hand under my mound and felt my wet pussy. She instructed the man to fuck me as she took photos and walked around us.

Beautiful blonde woman with long hair and white dress

I've never been to an interview before, I got in the building and was told to sit in a waiting room. The place looked really posh, it was for a new magazine but the advert didn't really go into much detail as to what kind of they published or what kind of models they needed but I needed work and they said they'd take people without experience. I sat down, hitching my white dress down a little, maybe it was too short? I wanted to show off my legs though as they're amazing, I'm 6ft tall and they really do look great along with my long, blonde wavy hair people have always said I'd make it as a model. There were some other girls in the room but they looked older than me and one was dressed very provocatively which I found strange but maybe she did a different kind of modelling than I was looking to do. My appointment was at 5pm, it was only just gone that time so I guess I may have a wait on my hands. I looked around the room to see if there was any clues as to what the company may be into but the photos on the wall were just from model portfolios but all seemed to be rather sexy.

Time for the Interview

The other two girls in the room were seen one after the other, one who was kind of frumpy looking was only in the room for around 10 minutes and seemed a little angry when she left. The one who was dressed very sexily however was in there for about 30 minutes, I'm sure I could hear some shouting noises coming from the room but I wasn't too sure if they were just laughing or something, it sounded like there was more than one person interviewing which sounded a little scary. I heard the door open and the model came out with a huge smile on her face, had they given her the job? Her lipstick looked a bit messy and her hair scruffy, maybe they tried some new styles or looks on her or something? Someone at the door told me they wouldn't be too long and they were just tidying up, it sounded odd but I waited anyway, after all I don't know what happens at interviews I've never been for one before and I'm not sure how the modelling industry even works!

In the Interview Room

I was called in and my heart started to beat faster, I was worried but also confident that I was still a great looking woman with as good a chance as anyone. I went in and there were two people sat behind a desk, a man and a woman. The man got up and shook my hand, it was slightly clammy which felt odd but I shook it anyway. I sat down and they started to ask me the usual questions, what I was looking for, my education, if I had any modelling experience and what kind of modelling I was hoping to do. I explained that I was looking for glamour, make-up, even hair shots as my hair was very long and totally natural and was fine with it being cut, dyed or anything like that. They smiled at one another and the woman got up, she was wearing a very sharp suit with an extremely small skirt and shy high heels. She asked me what I thought of her, the way she looked. I stuttered and said she looked very nice, she asked for more details, I said her suit was cut well and fit her nicely and she had very nice legs. In fact her body reminded me of my own it was very nice indeed and my mind started to wander behind me.

The Ultimate Test

She placed her hands on my shoulders and I gasped a little, her hands slipped forwards and down my dress. I wanted to stop her but I needed this job as well, she whispered in my ear that only good girls get modelling contracts and to do as she says. She got me up and bent me over the desk, pushed my dress up and pulled my tiny panties down, the man got up and started stroking my firm butt cheeks. I wanted to stop but I was actually getting really turned on by all of this, she slipped a hand under my mound and felt my wet pussy. She instructed the man to fuck me as she took photos and walked around us. His cock was so nice, bigger than any I've had before, he grabbed my hips and started to thrust deeper into me, I cried out and felt myself cum all over him, the woman was playing with my tits and telling me that I better sit on her face otherwise I can forget a contract with her. I guess I had to do what she said or I wouldn't get the job! Who knew this was what interviews was like! Anyway I got the contract so that's awesome!

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