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Why You Should Try Wife Swapping – The Kinky Fetish That Saved Our Marriage

Within seconds they were fucking right in front of me and Cindy. It was brutal, animal fucking, and my wife was screaming, moaning, gasping for breath. As my wife started to climax, Cindy was on top of me, grinding with passion, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her body.

man making out with another men's wife

All marriages have rocky patches, and no matter how much you love each other, even the most loyal husbands and wives sometimes feel like fucking other people. Sometimes, the pressures of being married build up until both partners go their separate ways, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If your bedroom experiences are becoming stale and the spark has gone out of your relationship, I found a better way to keep the magic alive – wife swapping. Here’s how it happened. It all began a few years ago. I’d heard about local swinger communities and, of course I knew a little about cuckolding and wife swapping, but it all seemed like something other people did. Until my wife sent me the link to an online hook-ups site, and demanded that we both join. To say that I was surprised is an understatement. I was amazed. I thought it was a joke, but it wasn’t. She was also getting tired of passionless sex and, although she loved me, she wanted more from her sex life than I could give. The feeling was mutual, and now we had it out in the open, so we went online to see what we could find.

We Discover a Huge Swinging Community On Our Doorstep

I guess I was naïve about how the world worked, but I was shocked to discover that our town was a hotbed of sexual experimentation. There seemed to be hundreds of people, ordinary people, people you would meet at the shops or in your office. They all had kinky listings, detailing their fetishes and passions. It turned out that plenty of guys were looking to have sex with other men’s wives, and I guess I became one of them. My wife took the lead. “We’re going to go all the way,” she said to me, taking hold of the mouse, “so take some sexy photos of me.” I did as I was ordered, as she dressed and undressed into her sexiest lingerie. She was totally focused on finding guys for sex, as many as possible as far as I could see. But I was the one who approached them. Every single guy we asked was interested, and who wouldn’t be? My wife’s a gorgeous woman. She’s just under 5’ 10, slender and with long brown hair and a curvy figure. She’s also got a taste for heels and short skirts, and she looked fantastic in the photos we posted onto the site. Each and every guy agreed. Soon, we had a list of men in the area who wanted to swap wives. But I was the one who was the problem. I wasn’t sure I could perform for another man’s wife, and my wife was furious.

I Discover the Joys of Cuckolding

She turned round in her computer chair and looked at me, her eyes sparkling with scorn and rage. “Look at me” she said, “you aren’t going to ruin this. You don’t know how desperate I am. If you don’t fuck his wife, I’m going to sleep with every single guy on this site.” I didn’t have an option, so we set up the date. A couple of days later, the couple arrived. The guy’s name was Dale. He had a surfer’s physique and a bushy moustache. I could never grow facial hair properly, but my wife loved it. Her eyes lit up when Dale arrived. He brought his wife, Cindy – an attractive blonde with a friendly smile. She came over to me and hugged me, gently rubbing my back and bringing her body close. “Don’t worry,” she whispered, “You’ll be fine.” And she kissed me on the lips. I guess she’d worked out that I wasn’t the driving force behind the event, but she knew how to sort out the situation, and she was right. We all went into our bedroom, where we’d set up twin beds, incense candles and a silver tray with red wine. Dale and my wife didn’t wait to toast our arrangement. Within seconds they were fucking right in front of me and Cindy. It was brutal, animal fucking, and my wife was screaming, moaning, gasping for breath.

Our Wife Swapping Adventure Solves all of our Problems

I was being cuckolded right in front of my eyes. In the past, this would have been my worst nightmare. My wife was being destroyed by a virile, muscle-bound guy and clearly enjoying sex more than ever. But I wasn’t worried. In fact, the more Dale pounded, the more excited I became. Cindy had been here before. This was often how wife-swapping panned out. As my wife started to climax, Cindy was on top of me, grinding with passion, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her body. This was what sex was all about. This was what my wife and I used to have. For hours, the two couples held each other, moving from position to position, hardly stopping to take a breath. The wine was knocked over, nobody cared. All that they cared about was having as much sexual pleasure as possible.

Four hours later, we were spent. For the first time in hours, I looked across at my wife, who was still underneath Dale. She smiled and reached out her hand which I took in mine and gently squeezed. That second, Dale roared back into life and her face turned away, a different kind of smile appearing on her face. Meanwhile Cindy had taken my cock in her mouth and was bringing me back to arousal. That was how things went all night long. It’s how things have been for five years. Thanks to online hook-ups sites, my wife and I have a fantastic sexual relationship. When we get home from wife swapping sessions, the love-making is like make-up sex on speed. For some reason, being with other people brings out our real sexuality. Now, we can appreciate each other and still enjoy being with strangers – and, boy do we enjoy it! Wife swapping genuinely has saved our marriage, and it could do the same for anyone if they give it a try.

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