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The Clitoris: Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know

The clitoris is the erogenous zone in a woman. Not many people understand how Clitoris works! Unlike men, Women rarely talk about their “erections”. Consequently, so little is known about it.

woman finding out the clitoris' mind blowing facts
Unlock a woman with these clitoris facts!

Think of pushing the “pink button” in a woman unlocking her deepest sexual pleasures.

It’s a Sensitive Center

Existing research explains that since the clitoris is smaller compared to the penis, the nerve endings are more concentrated. That’s alright. It actually explains why a woman’s clitoris is more sensitive compared to a man’s penis.

However, consider this. While penis has approximate 4,000 nerve endings, the clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerve endings. That makes it twice as sensitive as a man’s penis.

The ‘Female Penis’

The clitoris functions a lot like a Penis. Well, it’s not really shaped like one; not at first sight. Nonetheless, taking a better look will allow you to see a similar anatomy to a penis; glans, foreskin and a shaft not to mention swelling when aroused.

However, unlike the multi-functional penis, the clitoris seems to be made purposely for sexual stimulation.

A Clitoris can be Bigger than a Penis

Well, a number of anatomists are still debating on the point that the clitoris extends 6 inches into her body; almost to the pelvis. If that’s the case, then the BBW girls might be having a clitoris that is actually bigger than a man’s penis!

Clitoris is Known to Grow Throughout a Woman’s Life

According to research, it has been found that even after menopause, the clitoris can grow up to 2.5-3 times than it was at teenage. Unfortunately, there has never been an actual research concerning clitoris size with regards to pleasure.

In fact, most women are not concerned with their clitoris size the same way men do with their penis size.

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Only a Quarter of the Clitoris is Visible

A bigger part of the clitoris is inside the woman’s body. It is made up of the clitoral head, the hood, urethral sponge, glands, clitoral shaft, and the clitoral legs. Only the hood and the clitoral head are located outside the woman’s body.

hot brunette thinking about her clitoris
Do you know how to activate her deepest sexual pleasures?

In fact, some gurus believe that the G-spot it a section of the clitoris.

Clitoris, Shaped like a Four-Legged Animal

The clit is an assemblage of massive network of tingly pleasure. The clitoris structure appears like a four-legged animal within the pelvic floor.

Much Like the Weather, Clitoral Arousal Patterns Keep Changing

As opposed to men who have significantly stable and consistent arousal patterns, the clit arousal patterns change consistent with stress levels, hydration and nutritional level, and time of the month.

Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoral orgasms are quick and multiple; of course when you understand how to massage it. Penetration is never the best alternative to stimulate the switch. Other activities like massage, oral licking and suckling tend to stimulate it more than a penetration.

When erect, the clit will swell much like a penis. Unlike men, women are able to get a series of orgasms within a short time. Thereupon, any man that knows the secret to the ‘switch’ will always take his spouse to the seventh heaven.

While most couples do stroke the clitoris for the foreplay, many women who are unhappy in bed with their men claim that this very sensitive part is never given the attention it deserves.

Consequently, women looking for fuck buddy ends up falling for lesbian sex; reason being it’s more satisfying than the man’s strokes! What then, is the secret to making the clitoris achieve a mind-blowing orgasm!

More About the Clit

The position of the clitoris allows women to detach their sexual pleasure from unhealthy sexual encounters. This allows her to objectively analyze her male suitors' long-term commitment to the relationship and determine if his sexual technique is an indicator of his ability to be a protector and provider.

If a man is a selfish lover, does this mean that he will be selfish economically and emotionally? The clitoris has no biologically designed function for the survival of the human species. A woman's breasts are capable of nurturing her baby.

Her vagina contains the urinary tract and is the birth canal for her children. The woman's body is the receiver and giver of life.

Take Into Account: A woman's clitoris exists to let her know that she is not a baby vessel and sperm receptacle. She is a person whose is capable of not only giving pleasure but receiving it as well.

The clitoris is hidden because it is not meant to be exploited or abused but, lovingly persuaded and encouraged to peak from under her of the shell of protection. If a man is emotionally invested in a woman's well-being he will look for her.

woman getting sexual stimulation
Find the mysteries of her secret garden and enjoy!

He will make it a point to learn what she likes and dislikes. He will say the right words that excite her to come out and play. He will want her to know his voice and his touch. A woman's clitoris is her secret garden that belongs to her and her alone, but the man who loves her makes this home.

The speed and pressure that you apply on the clitoris should depend on her comfort level. Some women are not really comfortable with their clitoris being pressed too hard. Again, open the lines of communication so you can maneuver things smoothly.

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