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Finding a Free Ride After Breakup

I wanted to share this hot experience that I had a couple of years back. I'd been out partying downtown with Paul, my boyfriend at the time. We'd had a really great night, dancing and drinking, but the was the kind of guy that would turn into a jealous asshole sometimes if he drank too much. He saw me talking at the bar with some random guy. I was just being friendly, but Paul got paranoid. “What the fuck was all that about” he yelled at me, “you're a fucking slut, I know it!” We started yelling at each other in the club and the next thing I knew the bouncers were dragging us outside. Paul told me that he couldn't stand been seen out with a girl that was such a slut. At that moment, he hailed a cab and got in. “But I've got no money to get back home” I cried. He stopped turned to me and simply said “tough shit. Walk. Besides, a whore like you can earn it pretty easily. Just give free sex to a taxi driver!” He then got in the cab, shut the door and it drove off leaving me on the side of the road in a state of shock. He'd never spoken to me like that before. “Fuck you, Paul. If you think I'm such a whore, then that's exactly what I'm going to be”.

cute girl plays seductively with her sunglasses in the cab

Found by a Taxi Driver

Now, it's not true that I'm a whore, but I know that I'm hot. Besides I give guys free sex, I don't charge. I see guys of all kinds checking me out, especially when I'm dressed like I was that night. I had this short, tight black mini skirt on and a naughty red top that was cut in a way that really showed off my tits. I had my blonde hair in two pigtails that night, and I kind of looked a bit like a grown-up schoolgirl. Guys love this look, and they also love a damsel in distress. I sat down by the side of the road and started pretending to cry. Less than a minute had passed before I was aware of a car slowing down near me. “Is everything okay” said a deep man's voice. I looked up and standing by the open door of a taxi was a tall, handsome guy. He was smiling, and I saw him glance down at my cleavage very briefly. “I'm stranded”, I said, “someone took my money and now I can't get home”. The driver stood there looking at me. “Do you think you could, maybe...” I paused and looked him in the eye “...give me a ride”. As I said the last part, I opened my legs just enough to give him the idea that my pussy could be used as payment. He had the look of a man who couldn't believe his luck. “Yeah sure,” he said, “get in”.

A Free Taxi for Free Sex

”You're very kind” I said, as he started up the car and drove off. I could sense him looking at my exposed legs in the passenger seat next to him, and I slowly hitched up my little black skirt a bit hoping to give him a flash of my scarlet red panties. I looked down at his bulge. If I wasn't wrong, this dude was already hard. “I really don't know how to thank you enough. You're my knight in shining armour”. He just looked at me and smiled, almost shy. “Actually”, I added, “maybe I do know how to thank you.” I gestured towards a small layby that we were about to drive past, “pull in here”.“Is everything ok” the driver asked.“It's great,” I said resting my hand on his crotch. His cock was big, and it twitched through his jeans. He began to fondle my breasts through my top. I took them out and started playing with my hard nipples. He loved my little show and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to reveal his rock hard cock. Leaning down, I took him deep in my mouth. I was hungry for man meat and he tasted great. I started out soft at first, slowly taking his length deeper and deeper into my wet and willing mouth until it was deep in my throat. Then he took hold of my head and started thrusting, driving his love rod deep until I was gagging. This seemed to turn him on even more, so I played up to it, thinking “you should see what a whore I am right now, Paul”.

End of the Road

I turned around on the seat, hitched my skirt up over my ass, and slowly slid down my little red panties. “Wow”, he said upon seeing my moist snatch. I felt his finger slide inside me. First one, then two, then three inside my hot, moist cunt. I couldn't take it any more, “come” I said to him, and I got out of the car, and lay myself across the bonnet, legs open, my pussy inviting him to take what he wanted. He got out. His cock looked even bigger when he was standing up. He walked to where I was laying in wait, held me down with his big arms and slowly slid this meat inside my willing, gushing box. I let out a long moan as it pushed deeper. He fucked me in a way I will never forget. I'd become the whore that my boyfriend thought I was and I love how it felt. Every thrust he gave me, every inch of his manhood inside me made me feel like a bigger slut. I was screaming with pleasure, right there by the roadside, and he couldn't take any more and he pulled out, roaring, as streams of sticky hot cum erupted from his love gun and landed all over my tits. He then drove me home and fucked me the whole night long. The next day, I called up Paul and told him I'd taken his advice, but I was giving free sex instead of earning and that we wouldn't be seeing each other anymore.

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