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A Nerd girl With a Kinky Mind...

I like to read, but recently I moved into a new part of town and had to check out the local library. When I got my card, I immediately noticed the nerdy girl on the counter. She was kind of mousy, quiet and turned her head away a little when she talked to you. She also had a "get away" look, which communicated anything but free sex to me. Still, that's what she gave me.

every wrong answer costs the nerd one piece of cloths

When she gave me her card, she was frosty. Hell, she was almost angry. If I'd known at the time about her adventures, I would have sensed her need for sex and her boredom at her place of work. Instead she sent me away with a scowl. I didn't think anything of it.

Getting to Know my Beautiful Bookworm

Anyhow, the next week I was checking out the local dating ads looking for sex in Auckland, as usual. There plenty of beautiful girls of all kinds but no-one stood out. Something was bugging me, and I couldn't quite tell what. Then it hit me. I'd clicked past a girl and I needed to go back. So I searched and searched, until I found her. She had deep brown eyes, perfect skin and a foxy smile. Oh, and she also had half a bikini on. She was absolutely stunning, and clearly up for free sex. It was in her profile name. I was excited, as you would be. My recent encounters had been great, but I wanted more. I didn't know what, but I needed something unusual, something magical, something risky. I guess I hadn't expanded my imagination about how daring hook ups could be, but I was about to learn.We arranged to meet up, and agreed upon a beach bar not far from her workplace (she didn't say where). She seemed to like me, more than most of my hook-ups on the web. I sensed that this would be a long night, and not because of boredom. At the bar, I ordered a cocktail and read a book. I'm always early, and a book settles my nerves (alright, we're all human).

My Nerdy Nymphomaniac Shows Her True Colours

All of a sudden, a black leather glove laid the book face down on the table. I knew it was her without even looking up from the page, and I hadn't shifted my gaze as I heard her high heels making their way across the barroom floor. But I didn't expect her to be the girl from the library. That almost knocked me out of my chair. She still had on her work cardigan and glasses, but had changed into long black leather boots and elbow length leather and velvet gloves that gave her the look of a dominatrix. As you can probably tell, I was immediately turned on. This was like nothing I had ever encountered on an online date, and I love it. She wasn't just slutty - which is always a good look - but she had the wholesome girl next door Geek look going for her. I usually go for blonde beach babes or sultry, seen-it-all-before brunettes. I was pretty sure this girl had seen plenty of action, but she had an innocence about her that was unlike anything else. I was hard in seconds, maybe less, and she knew it.We drank a couple of cocktails, and it was clear from a couple of drinks into the evening that she was into free sex. She wasn't going to go home without showing exactly what this meant. She said that she had been working at the library for two years, dealing with renewals, showing kids how to find Harry Potter - that kind of work. But she had another side to her. Apparently, it's not uncommon amongst librarians and geeky girls. Many of them are total, uninhibited sluts. Her words, not mine.

Free Sex in the Last Place I Thought to Look

We were soon kissing and she had her hands in my pants. I was practically ready to cum, and had to do something. So I talked about books, to bring her back to earth. She just smiled and stroked me some more. "If you want books, I know where we can find plenty" she said sexily. "I just love getting fucked in the library" she said, whispering it into my ear. In minutes, we were in the library hall. I leaped over the turnstile and she just let herself in calmly. It was like she'd done this before, hundreds of times, every week with every borrower in town. I had a funny feeling that it came with the library card, but quickly forgot about it.We fucked over the reading desks, sending books tumbling from the trolleys. As they fell, I just got hornier. Something about the smell of the books, or being in a library just sent me wild. It was the last place I would expect to find free sex, but this beautiful geek had me by the neck and was begging me to turn her over. She wouldn't let me leave for hours, not that I wanted to. Her glasses had come off early in our fucking session, and when she found them, they were cracked all over. "It doesn't matter," she said to me, "When I fuck guys, I don't need to see them, I just need to feel it." She put her broken glasses back on and kissed me. As she leant back, there was no stopping me - and I launched myself into her again, and again.

There's Never a Shortage of Nerdy Girls Online

The next day, I had to return a book. When I got to the desk, she was there, the same as ever. Scowling, angry, but completely normal - she took the book. I'd completely forgotten, but it was a week overdue. As she told me, she almost cracked a smile when she announced the fine - and me, well, I was instantly hard.My point is that nerd girls can be cold on the outside, shy and hard to approach - but they have a side to them that is out of control. If you want free sex, nerds like her are in bookshops and libraries across the country ready for you to fuck them.

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