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Friends with benefits for the modern world

Friends with benefits are today’s solution for a fulfilling sex life! They satisfy your sexual desires without getting in the way of the rest of your life. You don’t have to worry about someone who will want to meddle with your family, your job or your social circle.

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The two of you can focus on one thing alone; you want great sex – not a lifetime commitment. Why not get exactly what you want? That’s what having friends with benefits gives you.

Yesterday’s world was different. Previous generations got together often more for economic reasons than anything to do with fulfilling their innermost desires. Once you found that perfect life partner, you hoped for the best when it came to the bedroom.

Thank goodness those days are over! Older women dating younger men is much more common than in years past – another great advantage we have over previous generations when it comes to maintaining a great sex life.

When you’re in charge of your own life, you can make decisions based on what’s important to you – and we all know sex is vitally important to a healthy lifestyle. Free sex – sex that isn’t attached to any promise other than to give each other a great orgasm – is a modern concept.

Sexual compatibility is important and it’s no longer an area where we just “hope for the best”. Friends with benefits gives you the opportunity to develop a casual relationship that is based on just that – sexual compatibility.

What could be better?

Have your cake and eat it too!

An attractive young woman in glassesFriends with benefits gives you the best of both worlds – the kind of familiarity that gives you great sex you can count on and a no strings attached attitude that keeps it fun, light and easy.

Let’s face it, a casual encounter can be exciting. You look across the bar, the grocery store or the office and connect with a hot potential sex partner instantly. You chat each other up, you like the way each other looks and the sparks are flying.

It looks like the ideal adult match and then…. You make it to the car, the apartment or the motel room for your one night stand and your prince/princess charming turns into a dud.

The sex ranges from mediocre to downright bad. Why? Well that’s easy – it’s because you don’t know what you’re getting. A casual hook up in a bar is fun once in a while, but if you’re relying on drunken one night stands, then your sex life isn’t going to be very satisfying.

Friends with benefits takes away that uncertainty and puts the fun and the sense of play back into your sex life – without the burden of a relationship and all that entails. It’s no wonder that friends with benefits are so popular with men and women alike! You can have your cake and eat it too.

Explore your sexuality as discretely as you like

When it comes to women looking for men, the advantages of finding friends with benefits online at Badults are enormous. Let’s face it, any reasonably attractive woman can usually hook up in NZ with somebody in a bar situation.

Finding willing partners isn’t usually a problem. But – what then? Too often it’s disappointment – or else someone who bothers you with calls and texts for weeks afterwards.

Finding friends with benefits online actually lets you screen your partners ahead of time – an advantage for men and women alike. As an online adult dating website, Badults is discrete and lets you keep your sex life as private as you like.

That means you can be as honest as you need to be to find what you want. Search for Dunedin sex and you will find it easy with no strings attached.

As kinky as your desires can be… there are others out there looking for them too. Do you want to explore bdsm? Do you like to be spanked – or maybe you like to do the spanking? Are you in search of a site where you can find gay hookup? Maybe you’d like to role play – doctor and patient, boss and secretary, horny serviceman coming to the door of a lonely, bored housewife… Or maybe you want to experience the joy of BBW sex?

Whatever your imagination can dream up, you can find willing partners interested in the same thing in the online community. And, once you’ve found someone who shares your sexual kinks and you fit together like a lock and key, why not make it an ongoing arrangement?

Friends with benefits can help you explore your sexuality without a care. You won’t have any awkward moments wondering what your family will think, or wonder if a disgruntled partner is telling all your deepest secrets to everyone they meet in revenge over a break-up.

A few caveats

Naturally, there are a few pitfalls when it comes to friends with benefits, like anything else. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are both on the same wavelength. You want to be sure that they are only looking for this type of relationship and not really trolling for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s important to be clear on what you want – and don’t want – from the outset. You can avoid a lot of hassle and potential heartbreak from someone who really was looking for love. It’s also a good idea to find friends with benefits outside your usual social circle.

Such arrangements can work once in a while, but what happens if the two of you decide not to see each other anymore – how awkward will it be to run into them again and again? Likewise, you have to consider how discrete your relationship will be when you share other friendships and relationships.

Then there’s what you will both do if the other shows up to a social function with someone else – a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or wife even. Will it be a tense situation – and who needs that kind of complication in their life?

Searching on Badults is the ideal way to find compatible partners while keeping your day to day life free of hassles and complications, maybe something just to turn you on, like a sex chat and then meet if it seems so to be a good idea.

You can find willing partners for a friends with benefits arrangement outside your usual circle and away from the places you usually go. Online adult dating keeps everything easy, breezy and fun.


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A satisfying sex life can be yours too

Previous generations had to go by instinct and luck when it came to finding sex partners – and much of the time, those partners came with a whole set of strings attached. Friends with benefits is the modern solution for the modern world.

When you’re young, you don’t want to settle down. It’s time to explore and have fun – and friends with benefits let you do just that. When you’re in a long term relationship, it’s no secret that sex can get stale and boring.

It’s nobody’s fault – it’s just virtually impossible to stay excited by the same person and the same sexual technique for years and years on end! Friends with benefits let you keep your emotional relationships intact while still exploring other options when it comes to sex.

Even for people who are involved in committed relationships, there will be times between relationships when you just don’t want to jump in and get involved all over again. Friends with benefits doesn't have to be a regular thing either.

You may just have some frustrations or maybe your partner works away a lot. A one night stand will be a great solution to that. Or if you have an open minded partner then why not have a friend with benefits that you can share with one another and have some fun threesomes!

Friends with benefits smooth over the bumps and keep your sex life alive and fulfilling even when you want to take a break from formal relationships. It is a concept that is both practical and exciting – and who could ask for anything more?

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