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Naked Selfies: Are they worth the risk?

Since the famous theft of nakes selfies from celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Ariana Grande, the art of the naked selfie has become a hot topic. The growing possibility of such an invasion of privacy has made people question the worth of such titillation when compared with the risks that go with their exposure.

Sexy naked woman making an erotic selfie
Naked selfies are good, they turn casual sexting into the real thing!

But the naked selfie has undoubtedly been a staple of our erotic life ever since the invention of the camera phone and it shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. So what's the deal here? What is the appeal and is it worth all the drama?

Why do we like them and send them?

So, if there is so much risk attached, why do women keep sending them? There are a few answers to this question. One of them is that, as many already know, risk adds to the thrill for many women. The evidence shows that some level of voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies are present in a huge amount of the population. For confirmation of this, look no further than the fact that one of the most popular internet porn searches are for cuckold videos, where a wife cheats on her husband in front of him!

While women report that their decision to send a naked selfie is based on a trust relationship with the recipient, many also report that the idea that someone other than the intended may one day view them (and undoubtedly store them away in the mental wank-bank for later use) adds to the turn on.

And for the men, it ain't no small turn on either

On the other side of the coin, men find the naked selfie to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It serves as a reminder of what is waiting at home or at the next encounter. Interestingly, it also bridges the gap somewhat between pornographic fantasy and reality.

Sexy blond woman making a selfie on the bed
Naked selfies can really spice things in the bedroom and make you inprove the game.

Women often times find themselves becoming adventurous in the poses they capture for their intended. To see one's partner or real life sex buddy transformed in such a way is a bit of a mind-fuck for the average guy. The knowledge that this is the case can also be part of the turn on for women.

So, how should you do naked selfies

Our advice for those who do want to do naked selfies is don't be afraid to get adventurous. Naked selfies can really spice things in the bedroom. Most modern relationship and sex advice experts report that a huge amount of erotic arousal comes from anticipation rather than the actual physical encounter itself. This is why it is so hard to maintain sexual interest and having always the right libido when it comes to long term relationships. Naked selfies are a great way to create a kind of sexual alter-ego, one that you can explore further with different kinds of roleplay. Couples often report that naked selfies were a stepping stone that guided them into a whole new world a sexual experimentation, oftentimes saving their relationship in the process. In addition, in the new world of social media and online dating, naked selfies can be the X factor that turns a casual sexting session into the real thing.

What are the risks?

So these are the pros. What about the cons? Well, the main ones surround privacy and trust. Women report that they often only send naked selfies when they trust the person they are sending them to. Unfortunately, not everybody we think is trustworthy actually is. However, the primary concern surrounds our unmitigating trust in technology. Despite considering it the safe repository of our deepest darkest secrets and all our holiday photos, our smartphone is no longer the unassailable fortress it once was. Newer and more advanced hacking techniques have made our devices more and more open to snooping and data theft.

How can we stay secure?

There are a number of steps you can take to keep your naked body from becoming strewn across the internet. If you have naked selfies stored on a phone, then you can consider several apps that will help you keep these secure.

Hot selfie of a woman´s ass on the bed
It is about trust and get into voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies in a safe environment.

A good example is a vault app. This app stores your x-rated images away from you normal gallery and secures them behind a passcode. If you're using things like Facebook and Snapchat, you are more open to other people accessing your information. You can fiddle with your privacy settings but our advice is to avoid such open forms of communication when it comes to your private images and indeed your private parts! If all of this doesn't make you feel secure enough about putting your bits in a sexy image, then you can always just crop yourself of it. These days a bit of quick editing can leave your mug out of the shot whilst still leaving all the other sexy bits in!

Whatever you do, don't stop!

Remember, naked selfies are a good thing, maybe the best of things. As the song says 'what the world needs now, if more naked selfies' (Pretty sure that's how it goes). If we stop sending and receiving sexy pictures at unexpected times then the terrorists win. Or the hackers. The bad guys anyway. So, take what steps you need to make your birthday suit snaps secure and then keep on sending! Why? Because we love them!

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