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Badults Love Magazine

7 Signs of a Several Night Stand

several night stand in actionA several night stand is a great way to have lots of sex without the long-term commitment. But what if you want more? Know the signs that you’re in a several night stand, and take control of your love life.

How to Not Be The Creepy Guy

creepy guy trying to greet a pretty girlThere she is. An epitome of you think. She sips her coffee at her table as you stare at her, unsure of what step to take next. You want to stand out as being fun and intriguing, but you turn out to be a creep.

10 Steps to Achieving the Male Multiple Orgasm

man practicing for achieving male multiple orgasmsYou don’t need to be jealous about women having multiple orgasms ever again. Follow these simple steps to achieving the male multiple orgasm, and you can take your sexual activity to new heights.

Do You Need Big Muscles to Pick Up Women?

muscular man trying to impress a ladyA lot of men believe that having big muscles can help them to pick up women. However, the truth is that muscles are way down the list of priorities for most women. There are more important issues at play!

How to Tell the Truth About Penis Size

handsome guy worried because he has a small penisThese days, guys seem to feel under pressure to measure up in every department, penis size included. There are a lot of men who feel anxious about how their girlfriend will react when they see his cock in action. Here's how to lessen the anxiety and get everything out in the open.

Heat Things Up Outside the Friend Zone

attractive man trying to become more than friendsGet out of the friend zone in days! Here's how you can turn your friendship into an incredible relationship complete with mind-blowing sex. It's much easier than you might think to help her see you as the boyfriend she needs and wants.

Why Do Guys Get Morning Wood?

woman enjoying her partner's morning woodFor most of us, Morning Wood is a part of life. Sometimes we wake up in a state of sexual arousal, desperate for relief, but our partners are rarely in the mood to help us out. So what causes Morning Wood and what is the best response?

Should You Masturbate in the Workplace?

woman at work fantasizing about her colleaguesWhen you're horny as hell and stuck at work, what do you do? Assuming that you can't start a steamy affair with a sexy co-worker, you've got a couple of options: hold it all in, or find a way to relieve your sexual tension by masturbating at work. This article explains how the pros make workplace masturbation part of their weekly routine.

35 Songs for a Sexy Pre-Date Playlist

radiant brunette singing and dancing while getting ready for her dateWhether it's the first date or the third, a pre-date playlist is part and parcel of setting the mood so you can make the right moves. Here's a pre-made list to get your heart racing and accompany you from choosing the right outfit to sing it out.

How to Approach Women in Public Like a Pro

guy approaching a sexy brunetteShould you compliment her hair? Tell her she has beautiful eyes? With a million "what if" scenarios running through your mind, approaching a woman in public can feel impossible. Here the BEST conversation starters to build your confidence.

6 Practical Ways To Get Over A Gay Man

woman into a gay guyYou've fallen prey into the dreaded web of gay seduction that he likely didn't know he was spinning. It isn't the end of the road for you so worry not! There are myriad options that can lead to a plausible resolution

What Type of Penis Do Women Really Like?

lady enjoying her guys penis' typeSize does matter, but not in the why that most people think. Read here how we've become obsessed with size despite the fact that most women report that other factors enhance their sexual pleasure far more reliably!

10 Tips to Get A Guy You Like

This girl got her guyGetting a guy you like to like you back is half action, half mindset. All you need is to get those sneaky little hacks to work in your favor. Luckily, we've boiled all the do's and don'ts down for you into 10 simple tips for a relationship on the double. Your order's up!

Fantastic Reasons to Enjoy Period Sex

naked legs of woman lying on the bedFans of 50 shades of Grey can recall the much talked about tampon scene and you may be wondering, is it okay to have sex on your period and will your partner like it? Read on to learn why period sex is amazing and the reasons behind its benefits.

Why Slow Sex is Better Sex

hot woman kising tenderly her partnerMany people think that sex is about power and passion, and nothing more. Sex is about rhythm and pace. If you rush to your destination, you'll ruin the mood completely and sometimes, slowing down is the only way to get there. Here's why!

How to Make Your Vagina Taste Better

sexy naked female torso lying covered with orquideasAnybody may experience low sexual confidence which is an element that can negatively influence your sexual satisfaction.These do's and don'ts of how to make your vagina taste better will definitely up your game. Find out more.

Who Pays on a First Date?

who should pay on the first date?Are you traditional or modern? Do you have money to spare, or are you more interested in spending time together on free activities? Take a look here to all the different things you might want to consider for that first date.

25 Sex Positions to Get Off With Your Partner

Woman on top of man in bedLeave porn for the porn stars – it's time to get down to the real talk when it comes to your favorite positions. Our comprehensive list showcases some of the most popular and realistic sex positions. Be confident, flexible, and open-minded with a variety of positions up your sleeve ready for the next time you slip between the sheets.

Everything you've ever wanted to know -- in one spot

Badults Magazine is the one spot online you’ll find all the answers you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking for advice on sex, relationships, hookups and dating or guides on how to indulge in your fantasies with your special someone, our magazine has comprehensive articles on everything you’ve ever wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Reliable and exhaustive, our growing list of quality articles are informative, with a slight tongue-in-cheek tone and have everything you need to know about the hottest topics. If you’ve ever wondered about rimming with your partner, how to land an alpha male or even how long to wait before texting a girl back, Badults Magazine is the place online for you.

Our magazine serves our community very well and many of our members find Badults articles help them respond to all kinds of dating questions and situations. The most convenient part is that this wealth of information is available for them at your fingertips so you never have to wander around the Internet trying to find the answers to your most burning sex and dating questions. Besides informative articles, the Badults magazine specializes in giving you every point of view and there are often personal stories woven in with advice.

Straight Up Advice On The Go

Have you ever wanted to ask your friends about their sex lives so you could gain some perspective in yours? Or maybe you’re looking for some advice on how to hook-up with people online. It may be difficult to come right out and ask your friends but Badults magazine is an even better than resource than your friends. While your friends may or may not have experienced the kind of kinky relationship questions you’re now facing, you can bet Badults has. Wondering how to start dating sugar daddies? Looking to engage in some outdoor sex without actually getting caught? Would you love to be spanked by your partner?

Whether you’re single or dating, in a relationship or just looking for no-strings-attached sex, we’ve got the scoop for you. The magazine articles are made up of information by writers who share their experiences as well as their own personal opinions. You can access our magazine on the go, when you’re out and about and running errands. It’s a great spot online to get all the information you’re looking for and even have your imagination tickled by scenarios you never thought possible. Go ahead, be intrigued and check out some of our articles about indulging in sexual fantasies or exploring erotic edges. We cater to all tastes on Badults.

A New Resource for All Your Burning Questions

If you’re tired of articles that are all fluff and no information, that tease your appetite but don’t give you any actual advice, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve designed our Love magazine content to be more than simply titillating. Our members want articles that are entertaining but also ones that are going to be able to respond to their deepest burning questions and desires. You can browse Badults Love magazine for tons of great articles and guides on anal sex, domination and dating online.

This new resource online is like a library for all the information you can’t necessarily ask out loud to your friends or even find online already. If you’ve ever wondered about how to pick up women, or you’re wanting to know how to approach men online, our Love magazine will break it down for you. You don’t need to feel judged or embarrassed because our articles account for all tastes. We understand that everyone’s sexual and intimate proclivities are valid and nothing is off limits. Is a topic too taboo? Not for Badults Love magazine. We go where others don’t dare and we ask and answer the questions others won’t ask aloud. We’re bold and informative at the same time.

Broaden Your Horizons In A Safe Space

For many of our users, this is the first time they’ve ever had the opportunity to have their desires validated and their questions answered. Badults Love magazine aims to not only please and advise our readers but help you broaden your sexual palate. After all, life is sweeter when you incorporate and embrace the erotic and fulfill your fantasies and our articles encourage you to do just that.

Badults Love magazine is a safe space for you to explore sexual and relationship topics that may have never occurred before or you were just too shy to approach. Learn from our writers, who share their own personal experience, and the advice of relationship and sex-perts, who guide you through the do’s and don’ts of such topics like erotic spanking, finding your man’s g-spot and more.

And Badults caters to all genders equally. Our Love magazine makes sure to have article that will appeal to not only all tastes and sexual preferences but advice specifically tailored to women just as much as men. The truth is, we all have our curiosities and things we want to explore but we may not know where to look to find the answers. Often, our articles will give you the safest options and scenarios in which to explore your fantasies and indulge your desires. Ready to learn more about yourself?