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Start Your Relationship With Amazing Sex

sexy couple getting intimate for the first timeThey say that first impressions matter, and nowhere is that more true than in sexual relationships. The first time is crucial! So getting it right does matters. Thankfully, this article explains how to get the first fuck right, every time.

Does Negging Really Work?

Attractive man trying to approach sexy blondNegging is the relatively new pick-up technique of mildly insulting a woman with a humorous comment in an effort to strike up a conversation. But does this direct and rather harsh approach really work with women?

Breaking Up Without Heartbreak

girl ripping a picture apartUnless it’s mutual or it’s been a long time coming, breaking up with someone is never easy to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t avoid at least the uglier parts of heartbreak. 10 tips for a clean break sans heartbreak.

How to Handle a Massive Penis

Woman looking at mans penis with a big surprised faceIt’s a sexual cliché that women love big dicks, and it’s also misleading. Sure, some women adore massive penises, while plenty others prefer ordinary girths and lengths. Since, monster cocks can actually be schocking, here’s how to deal with a big penis without ruining the mood.

Why You should Date a Tattooed Girl

beautiful young girl with colorful tattoosTattoos are a window to the soul. When you see people with artfully chosen tattoos, you know that they are creative, bold, risk-taking people who want to show off their artistic side and use their bodies as instruments of pleasure. They fuse art, love and everyday life, instead of leaving their body as a blank canvas. This energy and love of pleasure makes tattooed girls the ideal dates.

10 Sex Facts Australians Need to Know

Australia sex factsIf you’re Australian, the chances are you probably enjoy lots of sex. Further your sex education and improve your skills in the bedroom by reading these 10 very interesting facts about sex that every Australian needs to know.

Sex Positions Matter in your Sex Life

Passionate couple being intimateThere's more to life than the missionary position. In fact, the sex position you choose can have a massive impact on both partners. You could be missing out on levels of sexual ecstasy that you've never experienced before. Here's how to get it right every time.

Top Techniques for Deep Throating

Beautiful blond lady kneeled in front of a guyGet ready for the best ever deep throat action. He’ll be in complete ecstasy while you’re sucking his bulging, throbbing cock. Blow job sex, just what you’ve been waiting for!

9 Tips for a First Online Dating Message

Attractive lady texting on the bedThe first message you send on an online dating website needs to resonate with the recipient and get a conversation flowing. There are nine crucial steps to composing the perfect first message, and they’re all relatively straightforward and logical.

14 Natural Ways to Prolong your Erections

Men's  naked torso being touched by a womanA lot of men erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Here are 14 natural ways men can maintain an erection for longer for a fulfilling and happy sex life.

Hot Guide to Mutual Masturbation

Couple having a sexy foreplay on the bedMutual masturbation is a hell of a turn on, for guys and girls alike. However, both partners need to be in the mood to ensure that the experience is as fulfilling as possible. Here’s how to work in harmony, so that both partners can experience mutual masturbation at its best.

Reasons Dating Shorter Guys is Great

Short man carrying his girlfriend in the backIf you don’t usually date short guys, you could be missing out on a whole new world of possibilities. Dating men shorter than you could be the best decision you’ve ever made — and here are 10 good reasons why.

10 Exciting Places to Have Sex

sexy girl posing on the couchRelationships can grow stale when sex becomes predictable and monotonous. Keep things exciting and adventurous by having sex in different locations. Amongst the most popular places for having adventurous sex include on a beach and in a car.

Do bearded men have more success?

Bearded man embrassed by naked womenWe enjoy stroking it and it keeps us warm during the cold winters. But does the beard add to our sexual attractiveness. Even though beard-wearers already look down on the clean-shaven as lesser men, are they justified in doing so from a scientific stand-point?

Are Naked Selfies worth the risk?

Sexy blond woman making a selfie on the bedNaked Selfies have become a staple part of our erotic lives. They add spice to long term relationships and add X factor to casual encounters. But new questions surrounding security and threatening this sacred institution. Here's what you need to know.

How to Become a Rimming Expert

Naked woman's assRimming might not seem like an activity for everyone, but think again. It can take your partner to undreamed of heights of pleasure, but it needs to be done right. This article explains everything you need to know about an often misunderstood sexual practice.

7 Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

man drinking champagne with two girlsWhether you meet online or one fateful night in a bar, sugar daddy dating is smart, sexy and mysterious. But many sugar babies who want the best relationships with their sugar daddies should avoid these rookie mistakes.

Vagina Exercises for Better Sex

kegel exercise balls to strengthen your vaginaYour vagina is a complex part of your body that can give you great pleasure. The tighter it is, the greater the pleasure. You should practice some of the methods listed here if you hope to make sex pleasurable.

Handling Polyamorous Relationships

man sitting with two girlsPolyamorous relationships have been around for a while but have remained mysterious. The article attempts to demystify this relationship for those willing to try it. It might just be what you need to save your monogamous relationship.

The Art of Dirty Talking

man whispering in the girl's earDirty talking is easy when you know how, but it can take a while to perfect. By perfecting your sex talk with your partners, you can add a different dimension to all your sexual encounters.

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