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The Big Penis Survival Guide

How big is too big? If you believe pornography, girls just love big dicks and can’t get enough of them. Once they’ve had a 10 inch cock, they can’t wait to move onto something bigger. Yeah, right. Some girls adore big penises, but a lot of the time more girth doesn’t simply equal better sex.

Woman looking at mans penis with a big surprised face
When a penis is too big, it is just about preparing yourself correctly!

It spells discomfort and sometimes pain. But there are ways to deal with the problems caused by oversized dicks, and here are some tricks and tips that should help you out.

Try Different Positions that make his Cock Feel Smaller

One reason why penises seem large and uncomfortable is that the sex position both partners are using accentuates his length or girth, causing avoidable discomfort. You might be holding your legs too close together during sex, closing off your vaginal passage and artificially restricting its capacity. If you think that’s the case, try experimenting with on-top positions like the reverse cowgirl or even standing sex, which can force you to open your legs more. In cases where it’s a matter of a few millimetres too much, it can really help.

Set Aside Plenty of Time for Foreplay

Another way of dealing with big dicks is to make sure you are as wet as you possibly can be. You never know, it might be that his dick is a comfortable size, but you just haven’t prepared properly for penetration. Try to persuade him to go down on you and teach him the methods that loosen you up. Mix it up with some massage or mutual masturbation – anything that sets the mood and gets your juices flowing. You’ll notice the difference when he next tries to enter you.

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Try to Set Aside Irrational Fears

When you encounter a behemoth of a penis, many girls’ first reaction is a mixture of shock, surprise and apprehension. But instinctively fearing penetration is a really bad way to prepare. In reality, most women can take a big dick in their vagina. After all, the opening is designed to give birth, making a penis seem tiny by comparison. Take a few breaths, try to calm down and tell yourself that you’ll be fine. You can do this. Just take your time.

Get to Know his Dick Before it Gets Anywhere Near Your Vagina

Couple finding a comfortable sex position
Sometimes is just about the right position.

While it’s important that he stimulates you, it’s just as important that you become familiar with his massive penis. You need to feel comfortable with having it inside you. At first, it might seem like a monster, but it’s part of your partner’s body, and he wants to get it inside you for all the right reasons. Take it, play with it, suck it if you like, but get to know his cock. That way, you’ll feel much better about taking him all the way when the time comes.

Don’t be Afraid of Using a Little Lube to Help Things Along

Big dicks can be hard to take, but here’s the thing that many girls forget: you aren’t alone. A little bit of lubricant can go a long, long way. If you need to lube up, try to stick to non-toxic, preferably water-based formulas. That way, you won’t risk irritating the sensitive parts around your vagina, there won’t be any residue or nasty tastes should your partner decide to switch to oral sex halfway through.

Don’t Get Negative, Let Him Know You Are Trying

If you try to take a big dick, but fail the first time around, it’s only natural to be depressed by the experience. You might think that you and your partner will never get it on. Sometimes, you tell yourself, people just aren’t physically compatible, no matter how well they get on. Don’t be so naïve. Try again, relax, prepare properly, experiment with different sex positions, and you’ll have more success the next time.

Toys Can Really Help You Relax

Lube isn’t the only artificial sex aid you could use to prepare your vagina for penetration by a huge penis. Sex toys like dildos or vibrators could also be vital parts of the foreplay process. One great idea is to choose a medium sized dildo that you are comfortable with. Use that to loosen yourself, or have your partner penetrate you with it. When you are soaking wet and ready to go, switch to his own penis and you may well have more success.

Don’t Suffer in Silence, Let Him Know

One mistake that women often make is not talking about sexual problems with their partner, big dicks included. But if things aren’t working out for you, you must let your partner know about it. He might be thrusting too hard and too deep for your anatomy, causing pain or discomfort, and he’d almost certainly prefer to be taking you to the heights of ecstasy instead. If you tell him how it feels, he can alter his rhythm and power, penetrating you less deeply and removing some of the discomfort. Whatever you do, don’t pretend that you’re having an amazing time. He’ll see through that every time.

If it’s not Working Tonight, Always Have a Plan B

Sometimes, there are nights when sex just isn’t going to happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a A grade orgasm. Far from it. You can still masturbate each other, have oral sex or even try dry humping on the couch. You’ll be amazed at how quickly two turned on people can reach orgasm simply by being intimate and touching each other, even if this doesn’t involve full penetration.

Be Smart About Contraception

A related problem is when you get a guy back to your room and it turns out he doesn’t have any condoms on him. Then, you look in your drawer for a spare, and all you have is a medium pack. You look at his cock and one thing’s clear: that condom isn’t going to last long on his penis.

Man measuring his penis
Don't forget to have a stash of XXL condoms on hand.

In situations like that, be clear. Don’t take chances with broken condoms. And try to keep a stash of XXL condoms on hand anyhow, as you can never tell how big guys actually are. Even if they are modest about their endowment, when they get to the bedroom, the reality can be much more impressive.

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