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10 Reasons Why All Women Should Be Dating Short Guys

There is a widely-held belief that ‘tall, dark and handsome’ are the characteristics in men that women find sexy and attractive. But short guys have a great deal to offer in terms of romance and sex. In fact, some might say that short guys are hotter and sexier than any other men on the planet.

Short man carrying his girlfriend in the back
The willingness to please is just one big attribute short men have.

Why is this?

Well, there are many reasons, but perhaps the most persuasive is the fact that short men are often written off by women. This makes these guys try extra hard to impress the women in their life. But the benefits of dating a short guy don’t begin and end with their willingness to please. There are several physical attributes that make height-challenged men ideal for dating. If you’re contemplating giving a short guy a chance to impress, there are 10 very clear reasons why this is a great idea.

1. They Don’t Have to Bend Down to Hit the Spot

A lot of people might think that dating a short guy would present some major issues in the bedroom. But there could be some great benefits you hadn’t even considered. For instance, a short guy won’t have to bend down too far to reach your nipples with his mouth. This could be very useful if you’re in need of attention in the standing position!

But seriously, there could be a whole new world of sexual positions and bedroom-related fun awaiting you when you date a guy who is significantly shorter than you.

2. Short Guys Have More Sex

The best things come in small packages — at least in the height department, anyway! According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, short guys really are hornier, and they’re having more sex than their taller counterparts.

The study examined the sex lives of heterosexual men with permanent female partners. The guys enjoying the most action were aged between 25 and 29.

The most sexed-up men also weighed less than 172 pounds. But crucially, these sex-crazed fiends were generally under 5’9” tall. So if you’re looking for a sex maniac with maximum stamina, go for the shorter guys.

3. Men Who Are Confident Dating Taller Women Are Confident in Their Skin

According to a 2014 study by a student at NYU, a guy who dates a woman taller than he is may have more progressive ideas when it comes to equality and gender-based roles. The research suggests that men 5’7” and shorter took on more domestic duties and were less likely to get divorced.

Short man with girlfriend walking holding hands
They posses a great sense of humour, longevity and more!

Why this is the case isn’t known, but perhaps it has something to do with shorter men being treated as second-class citizens by society. This perception may inspire shorter men to confound expectations and prove themselves every bit as capable as their taller counterparts.

4. You Won’t Need to Stand on Your Tip-Toes to Communicate

Say goodbye to strained calves caused by standing on your tip-toes to make eye-eye contact with the man in your life. If you’re both a similar height, your eyes will meet without any stretching. As well as making eye contact, being a similar height will make passionate kisses more comfortable and natural.

5. Dating a Short Guy Could Make You Feel Like a Supermodel

It seems that only the skinniest and tallest women find superstardom on the catwalk these days. But you can strut down the street like Kate Moss when you have a shorter guy by your side. Standing by your man will give people the impression that you’re taller than is actually the case.

While this won’t change your life, fantasising about being a World-famous supermodel for a few hours could be a lot of fun.

6. Short Guys Tend to Live Longer

That’s right; the small guys may not always get the girl, but they usually have the last laugh… literally speaking, of course. According to a recent study involving 8,000 men, those below 5’2” lived the longest.

On average, the shorter guys in the study lived two years longer than the taller men, which is thought to be linked to genetic factors.

7. Women Can Often Share Their Clothes

Women often like to dress in their partner’s shirt on the morning after a steamy sex session - at least that’s what usually happens in Hollywood movies. But all too often the shirt is far too long, and hangs down past the woman’s hands rather messily.

If the man in the relationship is a similar height to the woman, however, a whole new world of unisex clothing opens up. If you hook up with a shorter guy today, your wardrobe could double in size immediately!

8. Shopping for Clothes Can Be Significantly Cheaper

If you like to treat your man to fantastic clothes as often as possible, the chances are you’re spending a small fortune.

But if your guy is shorter than average, there’s a chance that you’ll find some quality garments for him in the children’s department of a store. So, you can still buy the labels he loves, but save a hefty sum in the process.

9. Short Guys Often Have a Great Sense of Humour

After a lifetime of ribbing, bullying and general teasing, short men have been called all the names under the sun for being short. By their mid-20s, most short guys have learned to laugh insults off, and even see the funny side of potentially hurtful comments.

These men have developed a great sense of humour as a result, and they know exactly how to give as good as they get. Of course, humour is often a defence mechanism, so it’s important to understand your man’s true feelings before teasing him yourself.

Short man having sex with a pretty lady
You can await from short men unbelievable bedroom-related fun!

10. Shorter Guys Tend to Be Less Fussy About Appearance

Yes, this is a controversial statement, but it can be backed up with evidence. According to a recent study, short men are less likely to get married than their taller counterparts. Why is this? Well, it could be something to do with the fact that short guys are always worried that they are in some way less masculine because of their height.

Additionally, a lot of women are self-conscious and concerned about ‘how things look’. And agree with it or not, people take notice when the woman in a heterosexual relationship is considerably taller than her male partner. Because short men find it more difficult to find love — and because they often have a lack of self-esteem — they tend to be less fussy when it comes to looks.

Of course, all of these points might be considered as generalisations. There are always exceptions to the rule. And it’s important not to lose sight of what really matters in a relationship. If your man treats you with respect, and demonstrates his love for you on a regular basis, how tall he is should be completely irrelevant.

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