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10 Exciting Places to Have Mind-Blowing Sex

Sex is the most natural thing in the World — and one of the most exciting. But if you don’t take steps to keep things exciting and unpredictable, sex can become tedious. And in serious cases, even the prospect of having sex can become something that sends a shiver down the spine. But don’t despair, as there are several ways you can spice up your love life, and one of the best is to vary the places you do the dirty deed.

Whether you’re into public sex, group sex or plain, old-fashioned one-on-one missionary, you can add an extra element of fun by trying a range of different locations for your horny fun. And the best thing? Nowhere is out of bounds. As long as you don’t get caught, you should be able to have mind-blowing sex just about anywhere.

So if you’re looking to add a different dimension to your sex life, get down to business in the following 10 places.

1. The Garden

Your garden is the ideal place to have sex if you want to try it outdoors without the risk of getting caught. What better place to explore the excitement of sex in the open air than on your own property? If you want an added element of privacy from the neighbours, you can erect a tent or a gazebo. Or if you’re into exhibitionism, you can simply get down to business on the grass. But a word of warning: make sure you have sex in your own garden!

sexy girl posing on the couch
Sex in the living room adds a lot excitement to your sex life

2. On the Couch

While you may not think the couch is a particularly exciting place to have sex, you’d be surprised how naughty it can feel. It doesn’t matter how old you and your partner are, there is something about having sex on a couch that takes you back to your youth. But don’t take our word for it: there is a body of research that proves just how appealing couch sex can be. According to a survey by Skyn Condoms, 78 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds add excitement to their sex life by doing it in the living room — and the humble couch is tailor-made for such adventure!

3. On the Stairs

The stairs can facilitate a wide range of sexual positions, including missionary and doggy style. Stairs can also be used to find the perfect position for oral sex, or to even the stakes when it comes to height. Why not use the stairs to straddle your partner, or to enjoy some reverse cowgirl action? The possibilities are endless. And if you ever start losing balance, you’ll always have a rail or wall to keep you upright. And let’s face it: there is something very horny, forbidden and wild about doing the deed on the stairs.

4. In the Shower

There is nothing quite like the feel of two bodies writhing around in ecstasy whilst being lubricated by soap suds. Showers are perfect for hand jobs and oral sex, and if you have a walk-in shower, you should be able to enjoy the full selection of sexual positions while the hot water rains down on you both. And if you want to add a little extra excitement, introduce a little lube and a waterproof vibrator to the action.

couple having sex under the shower
Enjoy every sexual position while the hot water rains down on you

5. At a Wedding

There is something about a wedding that awakens the passion and desire between a couple. But it’s not just couples who can become a little amorous at weddings. Single people often use weddings to have a little sexy fun of their own. Whether you’re single or in a serious relationship, find a bathroom, a hidden storeroom or a back alley, and indulge in a little wedding sexy time away from the guests. Once you’re finished, simply straighten yourself up and head back to the party.

6. In the Car

How many famous books and movies have featured a couple having sex in a car? If you’ve often fantasised about having sex in a car, there’s nothing stopping you from fulfilling your dreams. Whether you are in a stable relationship or you’re single, there are some great hidden locations in most towns and cities where car sex is popular. Find a park, parking lot, hidden road or wasteland, and turn off the engine and the lights. Slip into the back seat, and indulge in a wide range of sexual positions. If you want to take things to the next level, sign up with a dogging site, and have sex in your car in front of complete strangers. You may also get the chance to have sex with strangers in their cars.

7. On a Plane

For many people, this is the ultimate goal. To have sex on a plane is something only a select few will ever get the chance to experience. Being a member of the ‘mile high club’ is a source of great pride for many people, but getting it right is never easy. Let’s face it: planes are pretty confined spaces, and the plane toilets aren’t exactly blessed with lots of room either. And if you’re caught, you could get into a lot of trouble. But if you have your heart set on joining the infamous mile high club, don’t worry, as there is a specialist service in Las Vegas that allows you to have sex on a private place — completely legally.

8. In Front of a Mirror

Having sex in front of a mirror has to be one of the sexiest things any couple can enjoy together. To see the mechanics of sex close up will add an extra level of excitement to your sexual activity. Try doggy while you are both facing the mirror, as this gives the woman a view of her partner she never usually gets to see.

couple making out in front of a mirror
Have a different perspective of you and your partner by looking in the mirror

9. On the Beach

This location is so popular with horny couples it has a cocktail named after it! As well as adding a romantic element to sex, a beach in a bay offers seclusion and privacy — if that’s what you’re looking for. Take a few towels to lay on the sand, and get yourself comfortable for a love making session against the backdrop of crashing waves and beautiful coastline. However, if you want to spice things up even further, there are many beaches in Europe where people meet for group sex and dogging.

10. The Fitting Room of a Clothes Store

The next time you or your partner needs to do some clothes shopping, you could take the opportunity to slip into a fitting room for a little adventurous love making. Choose a large department store where the staff will probably be too busy and distracted to notice two people entering the same cubicle. To combine too sexy locations for your love making, choose a fitting room that is equipped with a full-length mirror. The great thing about having forbidden sex in changing cubicles is that, for obvious reasons, there are never any store cameras pointing at you.

Whether you’re looking for love or you’re in a committed relationship, varying where you have sex will keep your sex life fresh, exciting and unpredictable. Think of this as a challenge. How naughty and dangerous can you get without getting caught? What are the most obscure places you can think of? Even the process of deciding where to have sex next can be exciting. But a word of warning: don’t make these decisions when you’re under the influence of alcohol, or you run the risk of getting caught… or worse still, injured!

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