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Finding a Sex Buddy in a New Way

I told him I was ready for him to fuck me hard, and in seconds he grabbed my hair, pulled his pants down, and started to fuck me with incredible passion.

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I've never had a problem finding sex. Being a fairly attractive woman with C cups, a curvy body, and long brown hair, I either always had a boyfriend or could meet a guy at a bar for a night of fun. However, I recently became dissatisfied with the quality of sex that I was having (and I feel as though when it comes to sex, it should be quality over quantity). In an effort to change things and finally have really great sex, I set out online to find an adult match. I made a short listing with information about me, including my name (Crystal), what my body was like, and that I was looking for someone who wanted great sex without any inhibitions. After I was done with that, I grabbed a glass of wine and waited in my apartment until someone responded to what I had written.

I didn't wait long, as 15 minutes later I had a bunch of messages from some great looking guys (and even a few sexy women). I decided to go with a man named George, who expressed the same desires as me and was actually pretty charming and funny over our messages. We decided to meet that night for drinks simply to get to know each other and determine if there was any attraction there. Well, as soon as I walked into the hotel bar, I knew I wanted him to explore my sexuality with.

New Plans for the Night

He was fucking handsome. Tall, dressed well, brown hair, 5 o'clock shadow; he had it all. I walked up, shook his hand and sat down in the booth while I felt his intense gaze looking my body over. As soon as I met his eyes he smiled and I ordered a glass of whiskey, now a bit more excited than I had been before. We chatted about our jobs and I found out he was a project manager at a nearby tech agency with a great apartment just down the road from where we were. We got along great and actually had a great conversation, which eventually turned into exploring the purpose of why we were there.

George edged closer to me in the booth and asked what I wanted. Now two glasses of whiskey in, I told him I wanted to fuck him right then and there. With just those words, he got up out of the booth, turned to me and held out his hand. Now glad that he wasn't running away after me being so upfront, I walked with him into a private bathroom near the back. He reached his hand into my black lace panties and rubbed my clit to get me soaking wet. Next, he turned me around, slipped a condom on, and bent me over in front of the sink so I could watch him fuck me. He knew how to work what he had. I orgasmed as someone started pounding on the door, and with that we both got dressed and innocently walked out.

Why Didn't I Try This Before?

The heat, the spontaneity, the sheer feeling of being wanted; Those were all things that I had been looking for in sex, and now I was finally getting it. Why hadn't I tried finding a match online before? It was like a revelation that I was grateful to have experienced. And although I didn't plan on fucking George that night, I was glad that I did because it re-invigorated my sex drive like never before. Once we arrived back to our table we chatted a bit more, each of us grinning at what we had just done. He discussed meeting up again this weekend, to which I agreed excitedly.

When I arrived to his apartment, I was floored at how beautifully decorated it was. It wasn't a giant penthouse, but it was a fairly large place with a lot of nice furniture and decor. He poured my a glass of wine then we went straight on a tour of his place, which ended in the bedroom. He immediately started undressing me, and once he found his way to my panties, he left them on while he gently licked the top of them. The warmth felt good and I started to moan as he pushed the panties aside to lick my pussy directly. I told him I was ready for him to fuck me hard, and in seconds he grabbed my hair, pulled his pants down, and started to fuck me with incredible passion.

Hot Sex on a Regular Basis

I screamed louder than I ever had before while he grabbed my nipples and kissed me hard. I came twice before he finished by cumming on my stomach. I went to clean up while he got out another condom, and when I came back I suggested we try anal (which I had only done a few times). He grabbed some warming lube out of his bathroom and motioned for my to lie down on the bed. As he rubbed the lube into my ass I felt it warming me and immediately got turned on by the feeling of his finger going in and out. Soon after, he entered into my ass while I rubbed on my clit. He started gentle then went harder when I screamed for him to, masking his own moans of pleasure.

He came before I did, but he finished my off with his fingers and tongue (which honestly only took about 30 seconds). We both cleaned up by showering together, where we talked about being sex buddies without any pressure of the commitment of a relationship. This worked perfectly for us, so we made another date for the next week to play at my house. Now we meet every one or two weeks for amazing sex where we both get to try things without any judgment. I am thoroughly enjoying having new experiences and can't wait to try a long list of new sex positions! My only regret is not having had a sex partner like this a long time ago.

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