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My Ex Leaves Me and Airbnb Brings Me Someone Amazing

She strokes me slowly as I finger her soaking wet pussy, the skin around it totally smooth. I slide my other hand over her tits, firm but small with bullet like nipples now, we both moan as we bring one another off and I shoot my load all over the wall and her!

sexy naked blonde sitting in an armchair

A couple of years ago my ex moved in with me, after a year or so I felt her acting a bit weird around me. She’d work late, hide her phone and be out with her friends all the time. I’d ask her if she was ok but she’d brush it off. A few months ago she hit me with the inevitable, she’d met someone else, it wasn’t me, it was her. I knew it was coming, I was still upset though and since then I’ve not been able to face going out and trying to get another girl. So I stay at home and wank off to porn (who doesn’t).

I saw an ad online about Airbnb and thought that seeing as there’s a spare room I may as well rent it out, no point it going to waste. I suppose we went for a 2 bedroomed house thinking about the future but it’s not needed now. I filled in my details and realised there was a section about who I would let to, then I had a light-bulb moment. If I couldn’t go out and get a girl, maybe I could bring the girl to me? Even if nothing happened at least it would bring me some extra income and help me to get out and meet someone else. I put in the details, female only, no older than 30, has to like music and fun, bathroom, kitchen and living area would be shared. Now to wait.

Choosing the Perfect Housemate

I had a few applications early on, some men, some old women, some business women who would only literally use the bed. I didn’t like the sound of any of those, until about a week later and I got to Amy. Amy even linked me to her blog, which had photos of her, and wow, she was stunning! Long blonde hair, blue eyes, petite and slim, she was gorgeous. She has also recently split from someone and was wanting to get to know the area before she decided to move here properly and thought renting a room would be ideal. I added her to my messenger and we chatted the rest of the evening, she was flirty and fun and I felt I’d be able to get on with her even if there was nothing more to happen.

We agreed that she could come the next day and when she arrived she was even more stunning in person, I felt my cock twitch just at the very sight of her. She was in a taxi and didn’t have much stuff so getting her in was easy. I showed her to her room and asked her to knock on mine when she was ready to be shown the rest of the house. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and she was up and ready to see the rest of the house. Her smile was infectious and she even gave me a quick kiss, telling me I’d helped her get out of a sticky situation, I was hoping she’d get me into one!

Amy Shares Even More

After showing Amy around the house, she said she was going to get a shower, we went to our own rooms and I decided to order pizza, who doesn’t like pizza after all? After about 5 minutes I notice the shower isn’t running, I go to the bathroom door and ask if she’s ok. She shouts back that she’s not sure how to use the shower and for me to come in. I walk in and nearly explode, she’s stood there, totally naked, her pert, cute tits just, in my face! Her pussy totally shaven, I didn’t know where to look. She laughs and asks me what’s wrong, have I never seen a girl naked before. I get the shower started and she steps in. I know I should leave but she’s not asking me to and I don’t wanna.

She smiles even more as she lathers up the soap and starts to smooth the foam over her hot, tight body. My cock is like steel now, she beckons with a finger to come closer, she whispers for me to take my clothes off and join her. I slowly undress as she strokes her tits and pussy with the soap foam, groaning and tilting her head back slightly. I take off my boxers and feel pre-cum drip from my swollen bellend.

Shower Time Gets HOT!

I get in and Amy grabs me to her, the water spilling over us, making our skin slick and slippy against one another. She kisses me deeply, her tongue delving into my mouth as her hand grabs my throbbing cock. She strokes me slowly as I finger her soaking wet pussy, the skin around it totally smooth. I slide my other hand over her tits, firm but small with bullet like nipples now, we both moan as we bring one another off and I shoot my load all over the wall and her!

We carry on and I feel myself getting hard again later, I bend her over, she grabs the rail and I ease my cock into her sodden hole. Pumping away, grabbing her hips as I delve into her harder and faster as the water splashes on my back. She cries out, her hips bucking wildly as I try to contain her! She’s small but she’s strong! I carry on regardless and cry out as I release myself deep into her hot cunt. We stay there panting for a moment before rinsing ourselves off. We get out and dry ourselves, smiling at one another. I guess I got more than I bargained for through Airbnb. She tells me this won’t be a one off either, looks like I’ve got the best housemate in the world!

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