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A Wife That Is Too High-Maintenance

I started to lick her all over. When I moved down to her vagina, she started moaning softly in great pleasure. I still remember the warm feelings of her vagina when I thrust into her with all my strength. She moaned and moaned while grabbing my ass firmly.

Man drinking wine with his wife's twin

So I have been married to my wife Lisa for about a year and a half. Our marriage is a peaceful one, too peaceful sometimes that it comes boring to me. My wife doesn't have a job now, and she also refuses to look for one. She has been great in bed, very wild and demanding. However, the next morning, she would turn into a low self-esteem woman who keeps pestering her husband over the most trivial things. I would say that most of my time at the office is disturbed by her messages or her calls. I have tried suggesting that she take up art class or open a small business at home. However, she decided she would have none of those. She is becoming more and more emotional, maybe due to the fact that she have learnt that her twin sister is getting a new job as a graphical designer and enjoying a better life.

Angelica Makes My Wife Jealous

She has a twin sister named Angelica. The two looks almost exactly the same, the only difference is that her sister is a bit slimmer than her. It took me a long time to distinguish among the two when I first dated my wife. Contrary to my wife, Angelica is more outgoing, talkative and fun. She just divorced her husband of 3 years last July and is raising her one-year-old son all on her own. Since we don't live in the same city, Angelica often comes over to visit us about twice a month. My wife is a bit insecure about her sister. She often compares herself to her, and keeps asking me if I like her or her sister better. When she heard that her sister is getting a better job, she is getting more and more insecure, and at one point suggested that we should have a baby (It's not typical of her to want a baby).

How I Lust Over Her Sexy Twin Sister

I have to admit that many times I fantasized about Angelica. We got on quite well and we share a lot of things in common. I used to spend hours browsing through her hot Facebook pictures. I love looking at her in a bikini. She has nice boobs and a perfect round ass. I know it's not right for me to have those thoughts, but I just can't help it. I keep my thoughts totally hidden from my wife, but sometimes she still suspects (or gets insecure) and asks me if I have feelings for her sister too. I love my wife, however, each time Angelica comes over for dinner, I can't help noticing those strange tingling feelings when I look at her. Angelica is more knowledgeable than my wife about politics and designing, so I have no problem having long talks with her about those topics. We often sit at the table in front of the house, share a few cigarettes, and talk about everything that we are interested about.

An Evening That Changed Everything

When Angelica came over for dinner last weekend, it was supposed to be another peaceful normal dinner like many times before. She arrived at our house around 6, after driving one hour from her home in another city. She wore a pair of shorts that helps show off her sexy long legs and a tank top. I secretly looked at her full breasts once in a while during our small talk. We had a few drinks that night because Angelica wanted to celebrate her new job. My wife Lisa felt a bit jealous when Angelica kept talking about how wonderful her new workplace was.

After dinner, Lisa felt unhappy so she excused herself to go to bed early saying the wine made her a bit drunk. There were only Angelica and me sitting at the dinner table talking about her new job. I genuinely felt happy for her, so I asked her a lot of things. The wine made her face blushed, and she became a bit flirty at times. Needless to say, I was more horny than ever. I suggested to Angelica that we should go outside to enjoy a bit of fresh air, to which she agreed.

She Wanted Me to Fuck Her

We went outside and sit at the steps near the main door, each with a glass of wine in hand. We continued to talk for about 15 minutes about designing and the new job, then I started trying to touch her shoulder. She didn't lean back. I continued to caress her soft skin and started to lean over to kiss her on the mouth. She returned my kiss passionately. By that time I was all hard. I carried her to the nearby sofa and started to undress her and myself. I was all trembling when I touched her soft big breasts and her flat tummy. We exchanged passionate kisses and then I started to lick her all over. When I moved down to her vagina, she started moaning softly in great pleasure. I still remember the warm feelings of her vagina when I thrust into her with all my strength. She moaned and moaned while grabbing my ass firmly. All of this happened while my wife was soundly asleep in the bedroom upstairs.

The next morning, my wife got up to find me sleeping on the couch in the dinning room. She never said a word, but I'm not sure she knew about it or not and I don't feel much guilty about it. It was a magical evening.

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