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Growing up a tomboy... yet lusting after the boys

About halfway through dinner, he casually dropped one hand under the table – a hand that started inching up my hemline. I could barely keep eating as he stroked my thigh, gradually getting closer to my pussy, which was sopping wet at that point.

An attractive woman contemplates a science problem

I've always been a tomboy. When I was a kid at school, I was always more interested in playing football or cricket with the boys than dressing up dolls with the girls. I was tall for a girl and pretty strong, so I developed a bit of a reputation as an athlete. As I grew older, I found it was giving me another reputation, one I was in a hurry to set people straight about. They thought I was a lesbian and that I liked girls! It would have been fine if I did... but I didn't. I lusted after the boys even as I was chasing them downfield. If you add to that the fact that I like sciences – actually love them – and you can see where my public image took the hit. People who knew me, knew who I really was. But to most of the world, I was this boyish, unsexy girl who was probably after other girls anyway. I managed to have one or two boyfriends in secondary, but hanging with boys most of the time, I was in a quandary. If I wanted them to respect me and let me play sports with them and hang with them, I had to downplay anything girlish. Needless to say, my sexual experiences were limited and terribly bland.

Sexless in school

After I left school and went to uni, things continued in the same way. I was studying chemistry and the vast majority of my fellow students in the programme were blokes. You'd think it would be great surrounded by all those men my age! But instead, it was very competitive and if I wanted to be taken seriously by the profs and by everyone else too, I had to play the same game. Honestly, it was natural for me to wear denims and t-shirts and go without make-up, but... I would have liked to be able to dress up a little once in a while. There were a few of us girls in the department and we all did the same thing – dressed boyish, kept our heads down and studied like mad. I only managed one boyfriend through those four years. It was just too hard to meet blokes who weren't competing with me in class. Once I was finished and had my degree, I found a job in a corporate lab doing some pretty interesting research. So there I was yet again surrounded by blokes at work, stuck looking but not doing much else.

A friend has a solution - online

My boss in particular was causing me problems. I was getting too distracted by my sexy daydreams about him! He was older than me, about fortyish, with a little grey in his hair and a lovely well cut suit underneath his lab coat. He had a caramel complexion and dark brown eyes with long lashes... oh the hours I whiled away daydreaming about going to his office to ask for help with a lab procedure, and getting lessons in sex instead! But, I knew it would be career suicide. I was in an entry level job and even if he was at all interested, I knew he had a gorgeous trophy wife at home. I certainly didn't want to end up in the same spot. I was chatting online one night with one of the girls I'd known from school and we usually commiserated with each other on our sexless love lives but this one night, she was super excited. She told me about how she'd found an adult dating website and she was having the time of her life with it. She explained it to me and I couldn't wait to get off the phone to see for myself. You could set up a profile for free and it was very discrete. I didn't have to worry about anyone from work finding out or my professional reputation. I saw there was a huge community of people looking for great sex – naturally I set up my profile right away. My first ad said it simply: The world thinks I'm a tomboy – but I'm a science geek with a secret sexy wish, looking for an older gent to teach me how to have real fun in bed...

Finally letting loose!

I was a little nervous so I waited two days before I checked for replies. Wow, there were so many! I had so much fun just looking through the profiles and reading their replies. I picked three and then had a chat with each of them first. Tommy was absolutely perfect. He even looked like my boss! LOL He was an older executive and he said he was very open minded in bed. We decided to make it like a dinner date and met at a posh restaurant. For once, I was dressed like a lady in a cocktail dress with my hair up, makeup and all. He wore a beautiful grey suit. We had a lovely meal and he asked me about my work. We were sitting at a booth and about halfway through dinner, he casually dropped one hand under the table – a hand that started inching up my hemline. I could barely keep eating as he stroked my thigh, gradually getting closer to my pussy, which was sopping wet at that point. As I delicately ate my chicken and tried not to choke on it, his fingers explored me, stroking and slipping in and out of my pussy. I couldn't help an outburst when I came – OMIGOD! - but he'd thought of everything and there weren't too many people near our table to hear it. I dropped my fork on the plate and just stared at him while he chuckled slightly. “Do you feel like dessert luv?” he asked me. “Let's get take away!” I said – and we did. We bought ice cream on the way to the hotel room and Tommy licked it off me, bringing me to yet another orgasm even before he'd taken all his kit off. Needless to say, I was eager to return the favour and we spent the night fucking and sucking in about twelve different positions. Tommy was the first and I still see him now and then as a regular fuck buddy. I love my sexy online world!

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