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10 Killer Bedroom Mistakes All Guys Should Avoid

Are you really satisfying your partners as much as possible? Be honest. It’s human nature for guys to overrate their sexual prowess. Even though they may be leaving a trail of frustrated lovers in their wake, they never seem to change. If this sounds like you, here are some major sexual mistakes you can easily avoid.

Couple lying in bed facing in opposite directions

1. Not Taking Foreplay Seriously Enough

Probably the most common mistake guys make in bed is sheer laziness. Instead of building expectation and exciting their partners, they force the issue and move straight from leaping into bed to full on sex. Sure, you may feel an irresistible desire to plough on ahead, but try to restrain yourself. If you are truly horny, there’s a strong chance you will prematurely ejaculate, and if your partner isn’t properly stimulated, she won’t have the time of her life either.

2. Letting Your Pubic Grooming Slip

Surprisingly few guys pay attention to how their private parts look to the opposite sex. But think about it. Would you enjoy going down on unclean girls with out of control pubic hair? Well, some guys do, but most of us don’t. It’s exactly the same for women. They might not always admit it, but they much prefer regularly trimmed pubic hair and they definitely appreciate strong personal hygiene, so always keep yourself clean and tidy where it counts.

3. Giving in to Selfish Impulses

Just because you’ve had the orgasm of your life and satisfied your sexual desires doesn’t mean the experience was mutual. Too many guys are happy to have their fun and then turn off before their partner has even started to approach climax.

But here’s the weird thing: that kind of attitude isn’t just selfish, it’s counterproductive. The sexual experiences you have from mutual climax are so much more fulfilling than brief quickies where only one partner is satisfied, so try to build your stamina and resist bailing out too early.

Couple enjoying passionate sex

4. Being Unimaginative

Sex isn’t just a physical act. It’s also a creative experience, and there are thousands of ways to have sex. So don’t limit yourself to a favorite position. Talk about your partner’s fantasies and preferences, and try to find ways to expand both of your horizons. Who knows what will happen? You could find hidden erotic depths in her personality, from kinky uniform fetishes to a desire for outdoor sex or even group activities. That’s the thing about us humans: we have an almost infinite capacity for sexual experimentation. So why limit ourselves to standard missionary sex? We can do so much better.

5. Not Listening

Guys are pretty notorious for not listening to their partners during foreplay and sex. When the prospect of orgasm looms, it can be hard to focus on anything else, but if you do open your ears you might be surprised by how much it can enhances the experience. Some girls are experts at talking dirty. They can raise the tension and bring you to climax almost with their words alone. Sometimes, they like to take control and guide men through sex. It might sound strange, but here’s the thing: you don’t need to be in total control to reach sexual ecstasy. It’s a mutual thing, and your partner will always have ideas of her own. So listen up. You never know what you might learn.

6. Being too Insistent

Not all couples are in perfect harmony. In fact, it’s pretty rare for both partners to reach a fever of sexual anticipation at exactly the same time. If you or your partner are crazy for sex but the other partner obviously isn’t, don’t move ahead regardless. Have a glass of wine, kiss and cuddle for half an hour, let your gazes meet and start the foreplay process. Don’t rush into bed. There’s hardly ever any hurry, no matter how insistent your sexual hormones may be. Have faith in your partner and you’ll soon both be in a position to reach the peak of sexual pleasure.

7. Neglecting Your Oral Sex Duties

This one is crucial. No matter how great you think you are in bed, you’ll never be a true bedroom Romeo unless you can master the art of oral sex. Being willing to find your partner’s G-spot and taking the time to learn about her anatomy is one of the most important things you can do if you want to satisfy her. Women adore oral sex when it’s done well, and here’s the thing: you’ll learn to love it too. The better you become, the more rewarding it is and the more grateful she will be for your skills.

8. Being too Compliant

While some men are bedroom bullies (and that’s not cool), some guys are a real push over in bed (and that’s almost as bad). Good sex is a mutually enjoyable experience, and neither partner wants to feel like they are doing all the work. This means you’ll need to shape up and show some initiative. Make suggestions about different positions or sexual ideas, and don’t be afraid to say no if she suggests something you aren’t comfortable with. The tension between lovers is part of the beauty of sexual intercourse, and disagreeing or challenging her sexual ideas shows that you care.

Man sleeping in bed with blonde partner looking annoyed

9. Ending Intercourse too Quickly

Are you the kind of guy who rolls away and falls asleep as soon as he climaxes? If so, you really need to improve your attitude towards sex. Women hate guys who abandon the act of sex as soon as they ejaculate. For them, making love is a more drawn out process, something to share and extend well beyond the climax of orgasm. If you truly adore your partner, you should want to savor the moment as well. So hold her, kiss her, talk to her and look her in the eye.

And do you want to know the best part? It’s very likely that you’ll rekindle your sexual desire and be fucking again in just a few minutes. Don’t short change yourself by falling asleep.

10. Treating All Women the Same

Always try to bear this in mind. All women are different. They have different sexual preferences, come at different speeds and have different attitudes towards love-making. So don’t be the kind of man who thinks that one size fits all. Actually, every woman needs to be treated as an individual, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. You won’t just find that your relationships last longer, you’ll also discover more about what she likes and what she hates, helping you to bring her to orgasm every time you go to bed.

Guys, There’s Always Room to Improve

The most important thing that guys can do to improve their bedroom performance is to change their attitude. By treating every partner differently, listening to what they have to say, spending more time on oral sex and foreplay and going slow or fast at the right times, you can expand your sexual capabilities like never before. No matter how sexually capable you think you are, there are always ways to become better in bed.

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