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man and woman making out in the streetThe Birds Do It and the Bees Do It: Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Sex

Hey, we get it. Your lover is wearing something really cute to lunch today and you just have to have him take you roughly and you don’t think you can wait until you get to the privacy of your own bedroom. Besides, it’s just way more fun and forbidden to tear each other’s clothes off in the car or in a quiet meadow somewhere. That “gotta have you now” feeling makes for some amazingly explosive sex and nothing releases inhibitions better (or faster) than suggesting outdoor sex to your partner.

It’s incredibly kinky, even for couples who don’t like to engage in “kink”, per se. There is something about the forbidden nature of the act of having sex outdoors and the idea that you could be caught that turns a lot of men and women on. Can you blame them? There’s nothing more carnal than the idea that your lover can’t wait to have you.

Whether it happens completely spontaneously or you’ve been planning this for a while, you’ll need to know what you should expect to encounter and how to be prepared to have a totally intense experience with your lover — and miss some of the trickier aspects to having outdoor sex.

Location, location, location

The first thing you’ll want to think about is where you want to have sex. Is it in nature? The woods somewhere? On the hood of your car on the side of a highway? By water? Choose a location that’s comfortable for you and your lover. If you’ve been planning it for a while, you can pack a picnic and make a day of it. Make sure to bring plenty of blankets and comfortable accoutrements, besides just the food. And when you’re packing your picnic, try and include natural aphrodisiacs like chocolate. It’ll really get you in the mood.

Another great way to have sex in public is right after a hike. If you and your partner are active and love the outdoors, hit the trails and reward yourselves with a nice sexual escapade at the very end of the trail or the top of that mountain. Just make sure you go at a point in time or a day where not many people are bound to come and skip the dark.

But having sex outdoors doesn’t only mean you being at one with nature. You can take your date to a fancy restaurant, perhaps somewhere really chic and expensive and then ravish them in bathroom or outside, in an alleyway. The evening will be a kind of sexual tease or an extended period of foreplay as you both know where it’s going to end. And having sex in the city increases the sense that you could get caught any minute. It’s incredibly arousing.

I Fought The Law & The Law Won

It’s important that you keep your sexual escapades mostly secret. Besides keeping up that element of the forbidden and the sense of being caught, many public places have laws against “indecent exposure” and “lewd acts”. This means that showing off genital areas such as breasts or being completely being naked, while incredibly exciting to experience, could get you arrested or even charged with a crime. Publix sex misdemeanors and their penalties vary by location so make sure you know the law.

On the one hand, the very idea of getting caught is exactly what makes having public sex so naughty and erotic. On the other hand, getting caught by police is going to make your experience memorable — but in the wrong way.

couple kissing heavily in the car
Maybe start with having sex in the car

Out In The Wild

Many couples love having sex outdoors in secluded areas, especially out in nature or in the wild. There is something incredibly stimulating to re-connect to your animal and natural roots during such an intimate and carnal act like sex outdoors. But not all natural spaces are naturally great for sex. There are some things you can do to make your experience more comfortable. If you’re having sex in a field or a hill somewhere, make sure to bring comfy blankets and a pillow or two. Having a pillow around can really help with taking different positions and will protect your bones and fleshy bits from too much chafing or bruising against the ground.

Meanwhile, having sex on the beach seems like a sexy idea in theory — who wouldn’t love to feel that warm sun on your naked body, your lover’s lips caressing every inch and the sound of calming waves rolling nearby? But what a lot of couples don’t think about is that beaches also mean tons of sand and, if you’re not careful, it could lead to some really uncomfortable aftermath like sand getting in your genital areas. That’s neither comfortable nor sexy, is it?

For this, try and have sex along the coast when the tide has died down a bit. The wet sand is far less likely to fly all around and get lodged in places you don’t want it to be. Again, if you can use a light sheet or even a straw mat, this would make for a comfortable experience. Alternatively, if you’re at a resort, vacationing, many beaches will have makeshift beds that you can relax on…and when everyone’s gone, get quite naughty on!

couple making out at the beach
Sex on the beach is for the pros

Take Your Position

The element of the forbidden and of getting caught as well as the sense of urgency built into most outdoor sexual experiences means that sometimes, public sex can become more of a quickie or a pit stop on the way to the main course, so to speak. But you don’t have to push to make it last just 10 minutes. If you and your partner are used to going for longer periods of time, find a secluded spot and change up positions. Even if your outdoors, if you have a tree, you can start off by slowly making love while your lover is on their back, move to a doggy position and then prop them up against a tree while they face you — or you come from behind.

Just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Even having sex at the side of a highway can start off in your car and end up with her sprawled on the windshield. Use your imagination because that’s the whole point of having sex outdoors — imagining what could happen to you both if you were to get caught! And because a lot of public sex is about releasing your inhibitions, you might find your partner willing to try a completely new position that they’ve been unsure about before. Keep talking to each other and checking in.

Don’t Be Seen OR Heard!

If you’re going to be somewhere secluded, that’s the best way to caution against others accidentally stumbling upon you. But if you’re in a tourist area, a city or even if you’re in nature during a time where you know it’s heavily frequented by others, try and minimize the situation. Wear low-key colours that match your environment for the most part, besides simply just finding a spot off the beaten path or away from everyone else. You don’t want to wear red or some neon number in a cave or on a trail.

If your partner loves to be expressive or the both of you love to talk dirty to each other or the sounds of your partner moaning really get you off, stay close enough to one another that you can still whisper all your sweet and dirty nothings to each other or try something like licking each other’s fingers or necks instead. It’s still sexy and, this way, you won’t attract unwanted attention with your loud moans. Having outdoor sex with your man or your woman is an incredible experience you won’t soon forget. Every time you remember it, you’ll get turned on all over again so it’s like a gift that keeps on giving. Or coming. It opens up the doors to so many more sexual adventures you can both try.

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