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How to Create Extreme Orgasms By Mastering the Mysteries of Squirting

Woman about to squirtSquirting is a mystery to many guys. It’s something that girls tell them about, or they learn about online, but rarely seems to happen in real life. However, squirting is definitely real, and surprisingly easy to achieve, but only if you master the right sexual techniques. By following the advice of sexual experts, you can give your partner intense, earth-shaking orgasms every time.

What is squirting anyway?

Squirting is something that sexual adventurers have known about since the dawn of time. Ancient Chinese philosophers likened it to the expulsion of sweet nectar by flowering plants.

Nowadays, we know that squirting is a key part of a fully-expressed female orgasm. When women approach climax, their prostatic fluid builds up due to the movement of hormones around the body. The more aroused women become, the more fluid builds up in tiny glands surrounding their g-spot.

When they come, this fluid has to be released from the body, and emerges as a milky-white or cloudy liquid with a sweet or slightly salty taste. Often, this ejection is accompanied by the most intense part of the orgasm, but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes squirting and orgasm happen minutes apart. Sometimes, there’s no connection at all.

Many women also find it very difficult to squirt during sex, while some women squirt all the time. It’s a real mystery, but it’s always worth experimenting to see if you can make it happen. In truth, scientists have not studied squirting as thoroughly as other aspects of sexual intercourse, and we still aren’t sure why it happens. But we do know that women who experience more intense, passionate orgasms tend to squirt, so guys who want to satisfy their partners should know what it’s all about.

Finding the G-Spot

G-spot vibratorSquirting is closely related to the woman’s G-spot. If guys can find this magical spot, they stand a good chance of making their lover squirt when they make love. But how do you locate it?

Most experts agree that the female G-spot is located on the upper part of the vagina wall, around half-way between the cervix and the vaginal opening. It often feels a little rough, resembling the feel of a walnut’s surface. Sometimes, the female G-spot can be a few inches inside the vaginal cavity, making it hard to reach. Try curving your middle finger and gently looking for it. If you can’t find the G-spot, sex toys are a great alternative. Many of them have been specially designed to curve upwards to make finding the G-spot easier.

When you are making love, different positions can make it easier to hit the G-spot as well. If missionary sex doesn’t work, try the “butterfly” position. Dating back to the Kamasutra, the butterfly involves the woman lying on her back and placing her legs over the shoulders of her lover. It allows for deeper penetration – a great way to hit the G-spot every time.

Maximize The Chances of Squirting

When you are trying to get your lover to squirt, preparation is everything. For women, muscular exercises can make a big difference. If they can tone up their pelvic muscles, the chances of squirting become much higher. Sex experts generally recommend that women do a few “kegels” every day to achieve this muscle toning. These simply involve tightening the pelvic muscles for short bursts of 5 to 10 seconds, before relaxing them and repeating the process over 5 minutes or so.

Women can also practice hitting their G-spot on their own. With the right sex toys, they can apply enough pressure on their G-spot to induce squirting. A little vibration goes a long way here, so invest in a high quality toy if you can. Directly before sex, women should also urinate. This seems to make them much more likely to squirt when they reach orgasm.

Release Her Passion With the Right Technique

Most sex experts believe that to achieve squirting takes between 20 and 30 minutes, so it won’t happen instantaneously. It’s a good idea to have plenty of lube on hand to prevent any discomfort, and take time to find a position that both partners are comfortable with. Any distractions can make the whole effort fail. However, guys should be aware that when you manipulate a woman’s G-spot, you also make it much more likely that she will need to urinate. So don’t be offended if she needs to get up to pee halfway through. That’s completely normal. In fact, it’s a sign that you are on the right track.

While you rub her G-spot, you should also be careful to stimulate her clitoris as well. The combined stimulation from both sensory centers will heighten her arousal and make it much more likely she will squirt. When women feel orgasm approaching, they should tighten their pelvic muscles, before relaxing and then tightening them again. This acts like a pump, getting ready to expel the fluids collecting in her prostatic glands.

Be Patient to Get Results

Guys need to learn to be patient and sensual. Create a relaxing atmosphere and be prepared to engage in lengthy foreplay. Don’t rush towards penetration – adjust to her natural rhythm and you will see results in no time.

Naked woman on top of man in lotus position

When you are trying to make her squirt, it’s vital that both partners are relaxed and that they don’t put each other under pressure. Women shouldn’t expect miraculous orgasms every time, and guys shouldn’t be offended if they can’t make their partner squirt.

As we noted earlier, squirting is a mystery – even to the scientific community – so you probably won’t be able to induce it every time you go to bed. Unrealistic expectations will actually probably make it harder to achieve, so chill out and enjoy the ride. Guys should also think about their motivations. Do they really want to give their partner an intense sexual experience, or are they pursuing their own personal fetish? If their partner isn’t up for the adventure, they will almost certainly be disappointed.

Enjoy the Aftermath of a Squirting Orgasm

When you manage to bring your lover to a squirting orgasm, the experience can be incredibly intense. Don’t be alarmed if she feels weak and tired after the experience. Her senses have been working at overdrive, and her body will briefly be spent. Whenever you engage in lengthy intercourse, it’s a good idea to have water nearby to rehydrate, but especially when you bring her to a squirting orgasm. That way, you can both recover quickly and get back at it within minutes.

If you don’t manage to make her squirt, that’s not the end of the story. Don’t despair. Try different positions. Buy a new sex toy and see if that makes a difference. The fact is that squirting is a matter of trial and error – and there are no guarantees. So try, try and try again. You’ll eventually find a way to succeed.

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