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The 4 Best Sex Shops in Auckland

Woman choosing toys in a sex shopLooking to unleash your inhibitions and live out your sexual fantasies? Find your inspiration and stock up on those erotic essentials with our breakdown of the four best sex shops in Auckland.

10 Bedroom Mistakes Guys Should Avoid

rich girl lying at the poolAlmost every guy thinks they have what it takes in bed, but is that really the case? Here are some of the most common mistakes guys make that leave their partners desperate for something more satisfying.

Simple Guide to Dating Rich Girls

rich girl lying at the poolIt doesn't matter how much you love someone, dating across an income divide can be difficult. This article lays out useful advice for ordinary guys who need to keep rich girls satisfied.

Your Girl Loves Anal Sex Done Right

couple starting an anal sex sessionDo you want to have some sweet anal loving? The truth is, women are not from a different planet: they love anal sex as much as men do. But you've got to do it right and follow this guide.

How To Text A Girl After A Date

girl texting back on her phoneTexting is a great way to follow up dates and keep sexual anticipation rising. If you want to convert your next hook-up into great sex, here are some smartphone tips about texting girls that could make your dreams come true.

Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Sex

couple making out at the beachSo it’s beautiful outside and you’re trying to think of ways to enjoy the good weather. How about a romp and tumble in the proverbial hay? Scratch having outdoor sex off your sexual bucket list with these tips.

Dating A Bisexual Woman

man goes to bed with two women in itDating a bi-sexual woman can seem a little daunting but not everything you've heard is true. But, if you can dispel these myths, dating a bisexual woman is going to change your relationships - sexual and personal - forever.

The Art of Erotic Spanking

woman spanking her man over her kneesDo you know where your erotic edges are? What drives you wild and what makes your partner's toes curl? Chances are, engaging in a little naughty spanking might be exactly what she needs to discover a whole new sexual dimension.

How to watch VR Porn

preparing the vr headsetVR porn is the next big thing in adult entertainment. Find out how VR headsets and streaming sites are changing the way we watch porn, and discover how you can experience this new erotic technology for yourself.

How To Make A Sex Tape

camera on a tripod ready to make a sex tapeMaking a sex tape can involve a combination of factors, including lighting, sets, storylines and camera angles. Make a sex tape at home in just a few steps, including getting the lighting right, preparing a script and experimenting with camera angles.

How To Finger A Girl Properly

male putting his hands between her legsThe ultimate guide to fingering, this article contains all guys need to know about using your touch to take women to the edge of ecstasy. It's a how-to guide that no guy can afford to ignore.

Mistakes Women Make in Bed

couple showering to get in the moodEven if you are a sexual athlete with what you think are all the right moves in the bedroom, there is always room for improvement. Show your guy what you can do by following these tips for women who want to become bedroom goddesses.

10 Common Online Dating Mistakes

man creating an online dating profileOnline dating sites are fun and more people than ever are using them to meet new friends or partners. Men make some of the worst online dating site mistakes but they can all be easily avoided

Mastering the Art of the Quickie

Couple making out in the parkQuickies aren’t the fast food of the sexual world, they can be adrenaline fuelled sexual highs like nothing else. Here’s how to master the quickie and enjoy spontaneous sex wherever and whenever you want.

The Perfect Outfit to Hook-Up With Guys

sexy woman getting ready for a dateThere are right and wrong ways to dress for hook-ups, so give yourself an advantage and get your night off to a good start by choosing the ideal outfit for your next date.

Why The Alpha Male is The New Black

the alpha male and his womanThere are regular men, nice guys and responsible men. And then there are your non-standard, incredibly powerful and equally as seductive alpha males. Here's how you snag this anomaly of a man and keep him wanting more.

Oh, baby! Hit the male G-spot

Beautiful couple naked in bedWayback Playback? You got it. The male G-spot orgasm requires some sexy ass play to reach it and this article shows you exactly how to prepare and how to get there over and over again.

Mastering the Secrets of Squirting

naked man creating a dating profileLearn how to make your lover squirt by following the advice of sex experts. Whether you have a fetish for squirting or you want to prove your prowess in the bedroom, you can master the female orgasm with the right technique.

Creating an Online Dating Profile

naked man creating a dating profileLearn how to create dating profiles that will deliver the goods with this easy to follow series of tips from the dating experts. Don’t just rely on your instincts. Follow our advice, and anyone can make their profile more attractive.

The Women's Body Language

Woman showing no interest in himKnowing how to read women's body language can boost any guy's chances at the club or singles bar, but it's not as simple as many men think. This article lays out the key principles behind body language, to help guys master the language of physical attraction.

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