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Beginner's Guide to Threesomes

sexy women playing on naked man absIf you have ever fantasised about adding another person to your love-making, a threesome will be ideal. Find out how to spice up your sex life with this handy guide to arranging the perfect threesome.

The Secrets of the Female Orgasm

woman holding on to her besheetsDo you know the difference between a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm? Do you want to learn how to bring your partner to ecstasy? This article discusses the female orgasm, one of the great mysteries of human sexuality.

What Turns Girls Off on a First Date

couple beeing bored on their dateTurning off women during dates is easily done. From poor table manners to arrogance and excessive smartphone use, this article runs through the dos and don’ts of romantic etiquette for guys.

Dating Tips: Avoid Turning Off Guys

couple beeing bored on their dateIt’s easy to turn off guys during dates but with these 10 tips, girls should be able to avoid any dating nightmares.

Beginners Guide to Tantric Sex

Couple building up sexual pleasureLearn from the ancient Hindu and enjoy a sexual experience like never before. So take your partner, have a few hours and follow the rules for a night you won't forget.

How to Dress for a First Date

Stylish outfit for a first dateYou have arranged a date with the girl of your dreams, but you have no idea what to wear? Our handy guide will help you nail the perfect look and enyoy a successful first date.

Dating Tips for Introverts

Dating as an introverted personHere are 12 useful tips for shy people that will make dating and flirting easier. It's all about being patient and open about your feelings. And also not letting bad dates ruining your self-esteem!

How to Maintain a Healthy Libido

Boost libidoAt some point, everybody can feel sexually depressed or unable to perform. Read about these 9 advices to unlock you sexual potential and be sexually hungry again.

11 Reasons to Masturbate Regularly

Woman masturbatingEveryone masturbates but many people feel ashamed or worry about it, although it has a lot of benefits. Discover here why you should masturbate more often!

How to Become a Cunnilingus Master

woman reaching orgasmMany guys don't really know how to master cunnilingus and don't feel confident about it. These tips will teach you how to bring your partner to orgasm and have her begging for more.

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