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Why Masturbation Should be a Central Part of any Healthy Sex Life

Woman masturbatingMasturbation is one of those things that is universal to all human cultures, but we hardly ever talk about. For some reason, people continue to attach feelings of guilt and shame to masturbating, despite the fact that everyone does it, and presumably, most of them enjoy it.

However, things don’t have to be that way, and the tide is definitely turning. Liberated people across the world are discovering that masturbation is a sexual skill just like cunnilingus or sexual intercourse – and they are also discovering the joys of mutual masturbation.

Woody Allen once joked about masturbation – “Don’t knock it, it’s sex with someone you love.” But it’s also a chance to experiment and explore your sexuality, and it can help you develop your foreplay skills at the same time. There are plenty of great reasons to masturbate, and here are some of the most important.

#1 Masturbation Can Relieve Pain

This might sound unlikely at first glance, but it’s undeniably true. Regular masturbation is a natural pain relieving mechanism. When you masturbate (or have sexual intercourse), you experience a rapid heightening of the blood flow to your sexual organs, and the brain. This blood flow can have the side effect of lessening any headaches or stomach cramps – truly a win-win situation.

#2 Keep Your Sperm Nice and Fresh

One of the age-old myths about masturbation is that it inevitably leads to infertility. Modern science has exposed this conservative myth as complete nonsense, and we now know for sure that masturbating has absolutely no impact upon your sperm count – so you can relax on that score.

In fact, some people say that masturbating regularly actually helps to keep your sperm healthy. Fresh sperm is generally healthier than sperm that has been kept locked away, and it has less DNA damage, so it may actually be more likely to fertilise an egg.

#3 It’s a Great Stress Reliever

Relaxed womanThe human body is designed to have sex, at least when it is in its prime. We all have a natural urge to experience orgasm, and our bodies have developed a reward system to motivate us to get there. When you masturbate, you produce a cocktail of sex hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones are the root source of the pleasure that comes with orgasm, but they also have a beneficial effect on the mind in general.

Masturbating also releases intense bursts of cortisol – known as the stress relieving hormone. The idea that masturbating relieves sexual tension is based in fact – and it may well be an ancient mechanism used by the body to maintain its hormonal equilibrium. So if you work hard and return home zapped, an intense masturbation session could be just what your body needs.

#4 Masturbation Can Protect Against Infection

In women, at least, masturbation is known to reduce the risk of cervical infections. That’s because when women masturbate, they tend to open up the cervix in a process known as “tenting”. When the cervix is dilated, mucous circulates more effectively, and any bacteria-rich fluids inside the cervix are ejected, keeping the body cleaner and free of infection. Mentioned above as a stress-reliever, cortisol also helps to boost the body’s immune system – so masturbation may also help to keep the whole body healthy.

#5 Masturbation is One Hundred Percent Safe

Everyone has an urge to have sex, but not all sexual behaviour is safe. After all, any sexual encounter runs a tiny risk of contracting an STD. But when you masturbate, this risk is eliminated, meaning that you can still enjoy the intense pleasure of climax, without having any anxiety.

#6 It Eases Any Performance Anxiety

For some people, sexual intercourse is also a source of shame and insecurity. By masturbating regularly, men and women can boost their confidence about being able to perform, and they can explore what really turns them on. That way, they will be ready to rise to the occasion in the bedroom. The mind is a powerful tool – particularly where sex is concerned. When we masturbate, we are able to create erotic scenarios without any danger, or any anxiety. We can experiment with whatever fetish comes to mind, and then take that knowledge into the real world to experience it in the flesh. Some experts also suggest that masturbating regularly can extend your sex life. As we age, our muscles tend to lose their tone, but masturbating can help to keep your pelvic muscles and sexual organs in good shape, protecting against age-related erectile issues.

#7 Turn Foreplay Into a Source of Mutual Pleasure

Masturbation is not really a solitary act. It’s also a way to prepare for sex with your partner, and it is something that can be easily shared. When you masturbate together, you can time your climaxes with precision. You can share the moment at your own pace, and talk each other through the process, getting to know exactly what turns the other on. True erotic connoisseurs appreciate that sex isn’t all about intercourse. For them, it is an all-encompassing physical and emotional experience that it worth savouring. By learning how to masturbate your partner, you can create a much deeper, more satisfying sex life that will help your relationship to endure.

#8 It Broadens the Mind, For Free!

It might sound strange to say this, but masturbating genuinely does broaden the mind. It exposes your brain to new sensations, different sexual possibilities and partners. Using visual or audio cues to be turned on stimulates aspects of your sexual personality that may never have been used, while the internet offers a cornucopia of fetishes and sexual practices. The best thing about this mind expansion is that it’s all (more or less) free. You don’t need to buy drinks at an expensive downtown bar. You don’t need to dance in sweaty nightclubs. You can enjoy the peak of sexual pleasure in your own home, whenever you feel the need.

#9 Masturbation Has a Host of Other Health Benefits

Healthy manAside from stress relief and protection against infection, masturbation has been linked by researchers to protecting against type 2 diabetes, stronger pelvic floor muscles (for women in particular), and it also tends to help out insomniacs.It probably has plenty of mental health benefits (imagine going without it for a month). Masturbating regularly may also reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in men. In fact, one Australian study found that guys who masturbate more than five times a week have a 33 percent lower risk of developing the condition.

#10 You Can Enjoy Sex Wherever You Are (Within Reason)

One of the great things about masturbating is that it is pleasurable and fulfilling and reduces the urge to find a partner. That may sound anti-social, but for students and workers in long-distance relationships, masturbating about their distant partner can save their relationship.

#11 It Introduces Young People to Safe Sex

Another important benefit of masturbation is that it is a great way to discuss sex with younger people. In cultures where masturbating is accepted and part of the sex education curriculum, talking about it can be a great way to encourage healthy sexual behaviour and what are called “sex-positive” feelings in teenagers. The important thing is that society is becoming more comfortable with masturbation. For all the reasons outlined above, that can only be a very good thing. So experiment and enjoy yourself! There’s nothing to worry about, and no shame attached to one of life’s great pleasures.

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