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Prevent Limp Dick Before it Happens!

handsome man with limp dickSince your sexual health is directly associated with your overall wellness, making sure you find that right balance to keep the man downstairs happy and awake is crucial for success in the bedroom.

Do It Right With This Blowjob Guide!

Sexy girl eating a bananaNobody knows for sure when the blowjob was invented, which is a shame because we'd like to give whoever came up with it a... well, a blowjob I guess. Anyway, today, we give you a blow-by-blow guide on how to give the best head there is.

20 Reasons for Daily Sex

early morning sexSex is without doubt the nicest pastime in the world, so what if we tell you that sex is healthy and very beneficial for you. Read here some of the reasons so you go and work-out your routine starting just now!

How to Become Dominant in the Bedroom

a girl knows what she wantsGoing from the submissive to being the dominant force in the bedroom takes work and commitment. Although it isn’t easy, there are a few tips that could make the transition a little easier and more comfortable.

How To Make It With Shy Girls

hot guy taking a dick picShy girls can be incredible partners – when you break through their introverted characters. How to make the connection with girls who seem to want to hide from the world? Here are some things that will really make a difference.

The Right Etiquette When Taking a Dick Pic

hot guy taking a dick picDick pics are so hot right now! As for all things, there is a right way and wrong way to go through. You might want to learn how to maximize the benefits of photos of your junk!

How to Date a Co-worker and Get It Right

sexy encounter between co-workersFind out how to get closer to a love-interest at work without getting into trouble or missing out on getting to know them! Using some tried and tested startegies can help you to find love and stay happily employed!

Why Your Next Girlfriend Should Be Into Yoga

Yoga girls are fit as f8%kYoga may start as the journey of the self, but when you date a yoga girl it becomes a mutual journey. Here are a few reasons why your next relationship goals should be to date a girl who practices yoga.

Beginner’s Guide for Homemade Pocket Pussies

Man masturbating after making his homemade pocket pussyTake masturbation to the next level by making your very own pocket pussy at home. You probably already have everything you need to get started, including a towel, a rubber glove and rubber bands.

Why You Should Date a Girl with Small Breasts

Sexy woman with small breasts on the beachThe vast majority of women aren't blessed with massive breasts. There's nothing wrong with small breasts - not only they are cute and sexy, small breasts can be more pleasurable for women and slender figures can be much more elegant. If that sounds like your kind of partner, this article explores how to date smaller-breasted women.

15 Songs That Need to Be on Your Sex Playlist

Couple having amazing sex in bedSetting the scene is often important for steamy sex sessions. As well as selecting the right clothes, you need to select the right music. This Spotify sex playlist is all you will need to make things go with a bang.

The Right Balance When Multi-dating

Handsome man busy arranging his datesMulti-dating can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. But it can also gift you knew horizons and some earth shattering sexual experiences to boot! We give you the skinny on how to get it right.

Becoming An Expert at Seduction

Three beautiful girls with a guy on bedWouldn't it be great to have a spell that you could cast on women, turning them from people who hardly know you exist into partners who are obsessed with your body and mind? Well, here are some well-known, tried and tested seduction techniques that have an incredibly high hit rate.

Footjobs Are The New Blowjobs

Man kissing lady's footThe foot fetish looms large in many a man's sexual desires. Nothing takes this fetish from fantasy to sexual bliss like a great footjob. We offer tips for both guys and girls on how to get it right!

Why You Should Date a Nerdy Guy

Handome man wearing a nerd t-shirtSociety tends to look at nerds as a negative stereotype. With their thick glasses, awkward personalities and perceived focus on science and computers, nerds aren't usually the first thing girls think of when selecting a partner. But that's changing. Women around the world are discovering how warm, sexually adventurous and imaginative nerds can be.

Mastering the Role of an Alpha Female

Sexy blond alpha woman lying on a sofaSome women just have an extra special something. Call it charisma, poise, distinction - whatever you want, but it sets them apart. That's why they're known as alpha females. Does this label applies to you too? Here's how to make the most of your alpha female qualities to perfection.

10 Don'ts With a Woman After Sex

Blonde woman annoyed by her guy after sexIf you have been wondering what or why you have been doing wrong with your girl after sex, you might need these useful tips to become an expert and get much better results with her.

Softboys vs Fuckboys

Softboy and fuckboys posing for youWe've all seen the two types. On one hand, there are fuckboys. These ultra-assertive, cynical operators are all about impressing women with their charm, use them for the night and them disappear in the morning. Then there are softboys, their wimpy, sensitive, and strangely attractive opposite. But which type should you go for? Find here how to decide.

Make Butt Plugs Part of Your Sex Life

glamorous butt plugMillions of people around the world have a "thing" for anal experimentation and stimulation, but don't want to go all the way with anal sex or dildo penetration. There are plenty of models of butt plugs around to satisfy their desires safely. Here's how to use butt plugs properly to achieve maximum anal satisfaction.

Erotic Stories Can Help Relationships Thrive

couple reading book in bed to get erotic ideasThe way we experience anything in life is through stories, and sex is no exception. If you want to perk up your sexual relationship, incorporating erotica into your sex life can spark your sensual imagination and lead to all kinds of new experiences. This article explains how to make it happen.

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