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20 Unbeatable Reasons for Daily Sex

Sex is the nicest pastime in the world, and not without reason. Hot love games produce intensive highlights and also offer some positive side effects. Regular sex is proven to protect against diseases, strengthen your relationship and even increase attractiveness.

early morning sex
Daily sex is not only a hot idea, but... healthy as well!

And the best bit: The motto "a lot helps a lot” is true for sex at last! If this were not sufficient justification for daily sex, we have listed the 20 most beautiful and most compelling reasons here.

#1 Reduces stress

During sex, a veritable hormone cocktail is spread throughout the brain which contributes to relieving existing stress.

The messenger substance dopamine particularly regulates stress, but its production starts only after about 20 minutes. So, it is better to extend a quickie and enjoy the beneficial, free anti-stress effect together.

#2 Sex boosts the immune system

Sex increases the concentration of the proven anti-body immunoglobulin A(IgA) in human body fluids. This body substance acts as a barrier against pathogens and thus protects against colds and other infections.

And, to be honest: Daily sex is much more fun than a flu vaccination.

#3 Trying new positions

The Kama Sutra comprises seven books and several hundred sex positions. It takes a lot of time to try everything out and perfect it. Whoever wants to test all positions of the love guide, needs several years to do it, even if they do it every day.

#4 It is fun with the right partner

There is hardly anything more beautiful than forgetting everything around you and riding the wave of pleasure from one high-point to the next.

sex is sexy fun
Gentle touches, nice gestures and lots of fun.

If the preferences of the partners match, nothing stands in the way of a fulfilled sex life - you would be crazy not to take advantage of every opportunity for erotic delights.

#5 Strengthens the relationship

The hormone oxytocin is not known as the binding hormone or fidelity hormone for nothing. During orgasm, the brain is flooded with the hormone.

After satisfactory sex, the effect of the hormone is not only reassuring and produces a pleasant feeling of fatigue, but, at the same time, strengthens the personal commitment of the sexual partners.

But, delicate gestures like gentle touches, kisses or an intimate massage can also stimulate the production of the hormone. Daily sex can therefore be as beneficial for the relationship as any type of couple therapy.

#6 Muscle training

Who would go to the gym if they could have sex every day? And, depending on the effort, they could achieve comparable results.

Through the increased respiratory rate, the diaphragm comes together more frequently and stimulates the abdominal muscles. Depending on the position, further muscles, such as lateral abdominal, chest and back muscles, glutes, thighs, shoulders and arms are trained. The increased testosterone level in men during sex is also required for muscle development and bone formation.

#7 If the use-before date of condoms is due to expire quickly

The cocktail of happiness hormones which pass throughout the brains of lovers during sex and during orgasm works almost as well as an antidepressant.

The mood during and after the sex is raised significantly and also for a longer period of time. Whoever wants to keep the positive effect on the mind, particularly in the dark winter months, should have sex twice a day.

#8 Sex makes you smart

A US study has shown: Regular sex stimulates the growth of brain cells and has a positive impact on long-term memory.

Hot games with partners also make you smart.

But beware: Sexual inactivity reverses the positive effect, which is why sexercise should be on the daily agenda.

#9 Makes you more attractive

Regular sex increases the production of the steroid hormone DHEA. Investigations at least suggest that DHEA can turn back the clock of ageing.

How does it work?

DHEA appears to make the body produce its own collagen. This structural protein can smoothen wrinkles and bring about a younger look.

Hot brunette looking good after sex
Sex will make you feel better, look younger and ...

Researchers are said to have determined that women who have sex often appear 7 to 12 years younger than women who are less sexually active.

#10 Is good for your heart

Sex is referred to as ‘sexercise’ for a good reason: It not only strengthens the muscles but also trains the heart and protects it against cardiovascular diseases.

A British study has even shown that people who have fewer than two orgasms a week have twice as high a risk of a fatal cardiovascular disease as persons who treat themselves to such delights several times per week.

#11 Get to know new places or re-acquaint with old ones

Your own four walls of the garden, the changing room or the holiday beach - from a sexual point of view, you can not only try new places but also re-discover many familiar places.

What is the best position in the bath tub, is sex in the barn really so romantic and in how many positions can you have sex in the car?

Questions which can best be answered with daily sex!

#12 When the children are out of the house

As much as it is nice to spend time with the kids, lively offspring can be a real passion killer.

When the little ones are finally out of the house for a few days for the first time, there is no more waiting. Every free moment should now be used to make up for the years of waiting, with lots of hot sex games.

#13 Sex tackles anxiety and depression

The cocktail of happiness hormones which spread through the brain during sex and during orgasm works almost as well as an antidepressant.

The mood during and after sex is raised significantly and also for a longer period of time. Whoever wants to keep the positive effect on the mind, particularly in the dark winter months, should have sex twice a day.

#14 Be able to slip into new roles

While HE secretly dreams of the courteous stewardess, the industrious secretary or the demanding doctor, SHE would like a workman to lay a pipe for her or a police officer to make a (hands-on) arrest.

Great, because fantasy and roleplay provide variety and can breathe life into your sex life!

#15 Is the best of all diets

How do you like the sound of a “sex diet”?

Instead of going jogging in windy, wet weather, you can make yourself comfortable with one or two orgasms in the bedroom. Instead of lovemaking, however, you need to get to the point.

a little bit of sex exercise
Get your dreamed body with the best training program: SEX

For her, cowgirl and blowjobs blow away the pounds, for him, the missionary position is the fat-burner. The "effort" is worth it: In 30 minutes, you can burn up to 350 calories. This is the same as 50 minutes’ jogging.

#16 Relieves pain

Headaches as an excuse not to have sex? No way!

Nothing in the house helps a headache or other pains as much as sex. The happiness hormones which pass through the body loosen the muscles and make you feel feels like you are on a high.

The analgesic effect of sex is, however, is not only subjective: The messenger substance serotonin, produced more intensively during sex, provides for a narrowing of the blood vessels, which in turn leads to a reduction in headaches. Who needs a headache tablet anymore?

#17 Helps with sleeping problems

Daily orgasms are better than any sleeping aid!

Instead of going for chemical substances, people with sleep problems should just utilise the advantages of daily sex.

The hormones released during the sexual climax, oxytocin and prolactin, along with the simultaneous drop of adrenaline and noradrenaline, produce slight drowsiness after sex. The effect is more pronounced in men than in women, who are often more alert after orgasm.

#18 Protects against impotence

Erection problems are a real blow for men. However, you can train your penis to maintain erections, best of all, with daily sex and masturbation!

The strong blood circulation in the fine blood vessels of the male organ can effectively prevent erectile dysfunction and improve existing erection problems.

Whoever is, and remains, sexually active, does not need Viagra!

#19 Improves the quality of sperm

People who want to have children should waste no opportunity for an intimate rendezvous.

It is true that the number of sperm increases significantly in abstinence, many of them, however, literally run out of steam after one day. Here, the rule of thumb is: “Quantity, not quality”.

handsome guy getting ready for some action
Stimulate your sexual appetite, grow your sexual hunger and just do it.

According to reproductive medical practitioners, couples who have frequent sex have the biggest opportunity of making the dream of a pregnancy come true. Every time a couple has sex, the diligent swimmers regenerate in the testes and are again ready to complete their important mission.

By the way:HER orgasm is just as important as his.

#20 Sex makes you want to have more sex

There are no more excuses for sexless wonders. Reluctance to have sex can be a sign that sexual activity is simply too low.

During extended periods of abstinence, the concentration of sex hormones in the blood declines, which significantly diminishes the demand for erotic escapades.

The best antidote to this reluctance is to leave this vicious circle and simply have more sex. Even if the desire is missing the first time round: Sex is addictive- The more you have, the more you want!

The reason for this is the fast recovery of the hormone level. This simple formula is valid for both men and women. Stimulate your sexual appetite, grow your sexual hunger - and always satisfy it!

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