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Why Prostate Play is the Key To Your Man's Next Big Orgasm - Or Three

While women may be from Venus and men from Mars, when it comes to the boudoir, it turns out, we're creatures who are well-matched. We all know women can experience clitoral and G-spot orgasms. And men? Well, as it happens, your man has a whole new hidden show down there: the male G-spot. You've just got to be ready to work for it. Ladies, this one's not for you if you like to play it demure in bed and colour between the lines. But if you're ready to make him moan and he's ready to experience mind-blowing orgasms - yes, orgasm in the plural - then read on.

Beautiful couple naked in bed

Not only can your ardent lover climax multiple times with this oral and fingering technique, it's one that is so intimate and the area so sensitive, he'll experience the strongest orgasms that will have him rising up and shuddering down with their sheer intensity. At this point, it's up to you whether to keep going or rinse and repeat. Either way, he'll be begging you for more.

All the Juicy Bits

Here's what you need to know before you get started on the journey to the not-so-elusive male G-spot orgasm.

We colloquially call it the male G-spot so we can understand the depth of a man's orgasm. But the organ truly responsible for what's going to be an intense orgasm is a tiny, walnut-sized, pleasure-bundle of a gland sandwiched between the bladder and the rectum known as the prostate.

This is not your regular, late-night infomercial about prostate cancer. While it's true that this delicate area can often be a cause for medical concern and men are often encouraged to conduct several prostate exams throughout their life, especially as they age, to check for indications of cancer or inflammation, a healthy prostate is an excellent aider and abetter in your sexual forays.

The prostate's biological function is to secrete a fluid for ejaculation that encases and protects sperm. Yet, when properly stimulated with a prostate massage, it can lead to the most explosive orgasms he's ever felt - time and time again.

The best way to get to actually access this massive sexual epicenter? Why, through the anus, of course. And if he protests once, ease him into it and encourage him to keep an open mind. It doesn't mean he's gay or doesn't enjoy sex with women nor does it make him less of a man. If anything, all it means is that he wants to experience the most intense orgasms of his life. And who doesn't want that?

Work That Spot!

How do you prepare for yourself and your man for a prostate massage? Glad you asked!

First off, you want to make sure everything is clean down there and, when you're actually engaged in oral play, that everything is close at hand. To get both of you comfortable going into it, make sure to have him clean the area of fecal matter by taking a shower. He can also choose to douche, though this is not entirely necessary, and having a bowel movement an hour or two before can help put him at ease. It's not absolutely necessary to use an enema or a barrier but if it makes you feel better - and if it's your first time providing this kind of pleasure and moving into this territory, make sure you're making it a positive experience for you too!

Remember, every man is different. And if your man has been pleasing you sexually, going above and beyond and setting himself apart, don't you want to return the favor of toe-curling, mind-boggling orgasms? Some men tend to stay hard the whole time and can experience some leakage of pre-cum. Others may go soft or stay hard with virtually no leakage. Ask him what feels good to him and go from there. You may or may not choose to stimulate his penis while you're back there. It all depends on what his personal preferences are. If it's his first time, he may not even know what he likes yet. So go slow and constantly communicate: these are the keys to a positive first time that will have him coming back for many, many more.

Loosen Him Up

Essentially - and, eventually - you'll be inserting one or two fingers into his rectum to reach this hidden treasure trove. But before you get there, you'll want to engage in a little foreplay not just to get him excited and anticipating it even more but also simply to get him relaxed.

Couple in lingerie engaging in foreplay

Oral fingering is the same for men as anal penetration is for women. The rectum does not produce any natural lubrication so you're going to need some help. Start by manually stimulating the area around the point of entry of the rectum. There are a tone of nerves there too, making this quite a sensitive spot. Start with one well-lubricated finger. You can even alternate between your finger and tongue. Use your tongue to run swirls around his rectum. Guaranteed, this will already have him excited. Then, as he relaxes, begin to insert one finger, then two, moving further and further up. Massage slowly in concentric circles. You'll want to make sure, again, that you're communicating throughout this process of pleasure and that you're only going as far and as fast as he prefers

As his inner walls start to adjust to the presence of your fingers and he relaxes his muscles, you'll be able to reach the elusive male G-spot. Continue on with your motions, going slowly and deliberately. Encourage him to breathe through the process. Also make sure that your nails are filed and clipped because jagged edges on delicate parts are a big no-no. Another good tip to remember is the type of lubricant you use: a water-based lubricant is great for those who are allergic to latex but a silicone-based lubricant lasts longer. Always make sure you have towels close by.

Famous Last Words

Okay ladies, here's the deal: this is your secret weapon so use it wisely. If you're going for a quickie, the prostate massage is not the way to go. You're going to need tons of patience and time. This is a slow journey, a process, a walk on the path to the ultimate pleasure. But once he's got a taste, he'll be absolutely obsessed with you.

And, like any consistent practice, the more you do it, the better you get at it - both him and you! He can assist in the process by tapping into his body more, communicating to tell you what he likes and exercising his Kegel muscles. If he releases and contracts his pelvic floor on a regular basis, the strengthening of these muscles lead to longer-lasting more powerful orgasms. Win-win!

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