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Why You Should Be Dating a Girl With Tattoos

Are you the kind of guy who wants more from women than just a pretty face and the ability to laugh at your jokes? If so, you’ll definitely be into tattooed girls. Tattoos are signals that girls are risk takers, pleasure seekers and creative souls. They signify that girls take enjoyment seriously and aren’t shy about seeking sexual pleasure. So when you date online or offline, give inked girls a try. Here’s why you should add tattoos to the search filter the next time you search for your evening date.

beautiful young girl with colorful tattoos
Experience the beauty of a tattooed girl

Tattoos Signify Individuality and Freedom

If you are looking around for a different type of girl, and are tired of boring, predictable dates, tattoos are an excellent indication that you’ve struck gold. Inked babes are usually free-thinkers. They are willing to advertise their artistic taste or love of musical styles in their body itself, a sign that their attitude is geared towards free expression and rebellion, not simply doing what people say. That kind of girl can be a real dynamo in bed, and great company when you are out and about. She could be just what you need.

Inked Bodies Are A Sign that Girls Can Deal With Pain and Discomfort

Have you ever got a tattoo? If not, here’s the thing about tattoos: getting them isn’t like buying a drink or putting on a new shirt. It’s a painful process (sometimes) and isn’t something you do lightly. Often, girls get tattoos to show that they can handle pain and adversity, that they are capable of standing up to bullshit, and can deal with tough situations. Sometimes, this also means that their sexual horizons are broader than ordinary girls. They might be into things that you’ve been dreaming about, from S&M to anal. So don’t be afraid to ask. Inked girls won’t mind.

Tattooed Women Are Uncomplicated and Don’t Give a F*ck

beautiful tattooed girl in a hot bath

To put it mildly, tattooed babes are not in the business of compromising with the status quo. They aren’t the type to mindlessly follow current fashions or worry about having a hair out of place. They won’t spend hours straightening their hair in the morning or fussing about choosing the perfect dress to wear to a party. No way. These girls focus on having a good time, and they don’t have a moment for neurotic behaviour.

Tattoos are Beautiful, Especially in the Bedroom

One of the best things about tattooed girls is simple: the artwork on the bodies is gorgeous to look at and savour, particularly as she stands in front of you, completely naked, with a serpent wrapped around her chest, or a flame across her shoulder. Having sex with inked girls is like making love with an enchantress or a spirit. They have a magic about them which comes from the art itself. And you can spend hours just looking at the beautiful combination of soft, feminine skin and gorgeous ink images. There’s nothing like it.

Inked Girls Aren’t the Type to be Afraid

Having a tattoo is a commitment. It’s something that you do to show that you have the determination to see things through, and that you are a real person, with genuine emotions who won’t mess around. This means that tattooed girls tend to be able to commit to relationships, just as much as the artwork on their bodies. They aren’t afraid of diving into intense, life-changing affairs, and are quite capable of turning those into long-standing relationships. If they feel the passion required, inked girls will be with you for keeps.

They Love Culture and Make Great Weekend Companions

Have you ever been in a relationship where the two of you could never find things in common to do during your spare time? The answer is almost certainly yes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s one of the funny things about tattooed girls: they are almost always passionate about the arts and culture. They might be sex-crazed liberated maniacs in private, but they have a public side too which is just as attractive. If you love heading to galleries, theatres or museums, they will be the perfect companions, much more so than dull, buttoned-down girls who may look great but have nothing going on inside their heads.

Poise and Confidence Like You’ve Never Seen

Girls with tattoos have another quality that most others lack: poise. What is poise? Well, you may never have encountered it with conventional dates, but it’s that elegance, confidence and self-assurance that alpha woman have. It allows them to look strangers in the eye and size them up. It lets them set the agenda in the bedroom, but be generous and accommodating for their lover as well. And it gives them the confidence to decorate their bodies with beautiful tattoos. It’s something that all guys go crazy for when they find it, and tattooed girls almost always possess it in spades.

naked tattooed blonde in the arms of a sexy guy

Your Tattooed Girlfriend Won’t Ever Become Needy

Maybe your last girlfriend became too attached to you, seeing you as a source of stability in an uncertain world? Or, she might have become financially dependent on you, unable to support herself. Well, here’s another great thing about tattooed girls: they are independent, freedom-loving people who hate the idea of becoming dependent. That doesn’t mean they aren’t vulnerable or sensitive. It just means they won’t come to you begging for money to cover the rent or always come crying to you when someone criticises them at work. Inked girls can deal with life’s problems, leaving the two of you to focus on what really matters.

Their Honesty Almost Always Shines Through

Here’s another aspect of tattooed girls that guys often miss, but makes then extra-special: their transparency and honesty. Girls who get tattoos are the type who show off their emotions on the skin of their body. They don’t hide things away or go behind guys’ backs. When they have a problem, they talk about it frankly, and they don’t manipulate events to suit themselves. These are girls you can trust. They wear their heart proudly and are disgusted by the idea of cheating. The flip side is, they won’t be afraid to let you go, but at least they’ll do so openly and honestly.

For A Unique Dating Experience, Make Tattoos Your Search Criteria

For all of these reasons, inked girls can rock your romantic world. If you want a girl with artistic freedom, honesty, guts, independence, intelligence and the ability to deal with life’s problems, tattooed girls are the type to go for.

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