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Star-Crossed Lovers? Snag your Sweetie by Astrological Sign

Google's auto-populate search is a beautiful thing. Type in, "how to" and one of the first suggestions that pops up is, "How to know if a guy/girl likes me".

sexy couple attracted by their star sign
Do you know with which sign you have "Bedroom Chemistry"?

Whew! That's a loaded one. Not to mention, way too general. Don't be a chump - these are not the basic, useless questions you should be asking.

Instead, you should be: a) way more detailed and, b) way less linear in your thinking. It's not about whether or not someone likes you - it's about whether you like them. And, add to that the question of if they're the best match for you...or if there's someone even better.

When you approach dating and sexual compatibility in this way, you get to put yourself and your desires first instead of having to "settle". You can be choosy.

That's why we've created this comprehensive, nifty little guide to help you move along the path of least resistance, most attraction and definite compatibility. Whether you believe in "astrology" or not, there's something undeniable about people's general character traits.

Knowing someone's sun sign is a fun and intriguing way to get some information about them and what might appeal to their natures right away, as you crack them open and peel apart the complex layers.

And, if you're one of those that do take astrology seriously, this little guide will help you zero in on the best match for your unique energy.

ARIES: Red-hot and Ready to Go!

aries zodiac sign
Mar 21 - Apr 19

The babe of the zodiac, the innocent, impulsive and carefree spirit. The fiercely independent, curious and adoring Aries is all sunshine, all the time. Aries individuals are natural born leaders with a strong taste for adventure.

They can be impatient and moody if they think they're not getting the attention they deserve but they can also be unendingly loyal, showering you with gifts and adoration when they've decided they've taken a shine to you.

Aries people live for the thrill of the chase and they crave their independence almost as much as an Aquarius - if not more. Be a man or woman worth knowing, just slightly out of their reach, confident and full of sex appeal and they'll be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

In the bedroom, Aries is inventive, bringing her fiery passion into the ardor-filled task of pleasing you. They're one of the signs who are notoriously open-minded enough and intense enough to be into kink.

Best Sexual Matches: Leo, Libra & Scorpio

TAURUS: Lover of Sensual Creature Comforts

taurus zodiac sign
Apr 20 - May 20

Taurus-born people are headstrong but sensual. Their Earth undertone means they love peace, security and crave material wealth and luxury. Whereas a Libra loves balance, the Taurean individual craves harmony.

Good food, good drink, fine art, and cushion-filled, perfume-scented boudoirs spike their senses. Like with all Earth signs, they're hard-workers, determined and steady with their goals.

Taurean energy in sun signs translates to showering them with gifts of the material nature. It's not that they judge you based on what you have but, rather, what lengths you'll go to in order to show them you love them with these gifts. For Taurus, money is more of a scorecard for success and ambition. So please them with these expressions.

Best Sexual Matches: Cancer & Capricorn

GEMINI: The Social Butterfly

gemini zodiac sign
May 21 - June 20

Geminis are a curious and fun-loving bunch. Ruled by Mercury, they are the kings and queens of wit, sarcasm and expert communicators. But, they've also got a dual nature that can make them moody one minute and bright the next, based on who they're with or the situation.

This dual nature makes them flexible and adaptive in social situations and they can charm the pants off anyone - sometimes, even literally.

Air signs are close to fire signs in their vitality and love for life as well as their playful nature. But air is also restless and Gemini is strongly ruled by air-like tendencies. This means they can get bored easily, flake out or lose focus.

Don't be surprised if they have a fuck buddy or two. On the plus side, they have a deep love for mental pursuits so stimulate their intellectual curiosities. Talk art, literature and culture and you'll have them in the bag.

Best Sexual Matches: Libra, Aquarius & Sagittarius

CANCER: Delicate, Giving and Loyal

cancer zodiac sign
June 21 - July 22

Cancers are like the water-sign version of Taurus: they're essentially homebodies who like to retreat -- and that's usually to their own inner world, which is like their sanctum.

Just as a crab carries his protective shell on his back, the crab is indirect, protects itself by turning inward and can be quite "crabby". At the same time, Cancers are very loyal and sensitive.

As a water sign, they feel emotion very deeply even if they can't always bring themselves to articulate it.

Cancers are a shy and introverted bunch who are tender, gentle and, sometimes, rather delicate. In the face of this, they need lovers who have a strong passion and protective nature. This is why Scorpios work so well with Cancers, Mars-ruled and possessive as they are.

Cancers also do very well with partners who outwardly cherish them with creature comforts, nostalgic and thoughtful gifts and give them a sense of home and security.

Best Sexual Matches: Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo

LEO: Make that Lion Roar!

leo zodiac sign
July 23 - Aug 23

Not for nothing, Leo is the royal fire sign of the zodiac. And, like any benevolent king, he loves to be able to bask in his (or her) spotlight. Both male and female Leos have a flare for drama and, like an Aries, are natural born leaders.

But whereas Aries can be quite severe and militaristic in their focus, Leos are more sunny, optimistic, easy-going and leisure-loving. They're also notorious slaves to their egos so rub a Leo the right way and you'll have a courageous and loyal companion for life.

But, beware: they've got quite a temper when unleashed.

Sex is a way for Leo to bond and, subsequently, it's a huge point of Leo's initial attraction as well as the chance for a sustained relationship. But Leos find just as much satisfaction in cuddling and doting upon its companion.

Leo requires an equally stimulating partner who also shares a zest for life. This is why they do exceptionally well with other fire signs. Stroke their ego, compliment their appearance and show up dressed to the nines because this sign will accept nothing less than your best.

Best Sexual Matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini

VIRGO: In Service to Your Fantasies

virgo zodiac sign
Aug 24 - Sep 22

As far as Earth signs go, Virgo is a fantastic blend of nurturing and logical. They have a "get-shit-done" attitude, coupled with a hard-working style that makes them clear winners.

Beyonce, for example, is a classic example of a regal Virgo who works as hard as she plays. She's gentle and all about serving her family and friends. But she can also be incredibly methodical and work-focused.

Virgos are notorious perfectionists. Like Libras, they have a love for design and balance but, unlike Libras, they have a need and tendency to have order in every angle and perfection in every curve.

Attention to detail is what snags a Virgo so makes sure that anywhere you take a Virgo out has high quality in its details. Virgos can be prudes when in public so skip the PDA. Woo them with a lot of emotional depth.

Draw them into a conversation about their family or something that's hurt them in the past and then show compassion. You'll get them hook, line and sinker. Remember, with Virgos it's all about quality, not quantity.

Best Sexual Matches: Taurus, Cancer & Capricorn

LIBRA: A Sucker for a Pretty Face

libra zodiac sign
Sep 23 - Oct 22

Libras, like Leos, have an innate sense of justice and balance. They love harmony. But they also love sensuality and obvious aesthetic design.

Who can blame them? Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder for Libras - in fact, these Venus-ruled individuals simply can't pass up a pretty face and they love being many things to all people.

They're also incredibly indecisive. But, like all other air signs, they have a love for arts, culture and topics of intellectual stimulation.

If you want to get to the core of a Libra, it's very easy: keep it new and interesting!

Libras are lovers of variety, social settings like art shows or galleries, being seen in intimate conversation at a classy bar or trying to get out of an escape room with their partners.

Libras need novelty and if you can provide that - they'll be yours forevermore. However, beware: because they're all about maintaining balance, as part of the scales of justice, you're apt to find a Libra is not yet developed into themselves as someone who may be into multiple "situationships", having NSA fun.

Best Sexual Matches: Aries, Aquarius & Sagittarius

SCORPIO: Still Waters Run so Very Deep

scorpio zodiac sign
Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpios: much has been written about this sign and, yet, not much of this comes from experience. To know a Scorpio is to experience a constant transformation because that is what these Water-born individuals are all about.

Transformation, change and self-development requires a lot of innate power and this is what the Scorpio has in spades. It can be a quiet and watchful creature, always observant, strategic and intense.

No encounter with a Scorpio can be said to be uneventful because the minds of Scorpio men and women are always taking in information and processing.

Above all else, there are two things that mark a Scorpio's sexual style: firstly, sex is so important to them not because they're savants but because they long to be deeply, emotionally bonded to a Soulmate.

Show them a lot of passion and fireworks in the bedroom by paying special attention to their genitals as this is where their power comes from. And this is ultimately what they are in search of. And, secondly, intensity is what they crave.

Also, they're prone to spit on taboos so be up for some kink.

Best Sexual Matches: Pisces, Cancer & Aries


sagittarius zodiac sign
Nov 22 - Dec 21

Like Gemini, Sagittarius has a dual nature: on the one hand, it is rational, practical and philosophical. Yet, on the other, it's animal instincts make it a warrior, a traveler, a nomad, prone to leave things as soon as they've started.

Sagittarius loves to see the best outcome in all endeavours. But they're also prone to be blinded to the realities of things like responsibilities and deadlines.

Give a Sagittarius free reign to roam and it will give you back loyalty tenfold. But try and constrain a Sag and it will rebel and revolt against you simply to teach you a lesson.

The lesson is that it cannot be tamed - so don't try. Instead, introduce them to new books, new spots in the city or take them on a spontaneous trip Drama and culture capture their interests and stimulate their minds.

Best Sexual Matches: Libra, Aries, Leo, Aquarius

CAPRICORN: Playing by the Rules to Break Them

capricorn zodiac sign
Dec 22 - Jan 19

There are few individuals as focused, disciplined and responsible as Capricorns. Challenge is their middle name and they are ambitious. Usually, that leads to inevitable success because a Capricorn would bite off its own horns before giving up before the goal is met.

Like Earth sign Taurus, they love material and creature comforts, and find much stimulation in the finer things in life. Yet, like Leos, they need a lot of praise, adoration and love to feel secure within themselves.

Capricorns might seem hard and militaristic on the outside but don't be fooled: this is just a cover for how loyal, nurturing and charming they truly are on the inside. Security, dedication and acts of love are things that turn a Capricorn on.

A well-kept home or car, attention to the details of your suit or undertaking an activity that requires a combined intellect will capture their hearts and minds.

Best Sexual Matches: Scorpio, Virgo & Taurus

AQUARIUS: Intellectual Fetishists

aquarius zodiac sign
Jan 20 - Feb 18

Independent, engimatic, inventive: an Aquarius will always keep you guessing. They are like the Scorpios of the air signs.

They're intense and moody yet, like all air signs, they thrive when connecting to people one-on-one, in social situations, love the arts and culture and crave intellectual stimulation. They can be logical to a fault and pragmatic.

They're also notoriously hard to get to the altar. Traditions are not something Aquarians set much store by - and neither are commitments. Their deepest fear is to lose their freedom.

Give an Aquarius plenty of space. Because this is such a gallant and social sign, it's way more likely that you'll become lovers if you can become the best of friends first.

They love companionship and adventure but they will take their sweet time to get closer and allow you to get closer. They'll mentally undress you and bend you over in their minds - but you'll never know.

To get to their core, show them that you're a class apart, different somehow, non-traditional yourself and full of smart and bright ideas. They'll come flocking.

Best Sexual Matches: Aries & Libra

PISCES: Dreaming Up New Desires

pisces zodiac sign
Feb 19 - Mar 20

If Scorpio is intense and Cancer is an introvert, Pisces is the intuitive. Expect to find these creatures in another dream-like realm. It's difficult to read them or know if you've affected them but, rest assured, you have.

They're incredibly sensitive and this, coupled with their intuition, makes them amazing philosophers and creatives. Yet, they're also quite scatterbrained and it can be difficult for them to handle the parts of life that require them to shield their inherent vulnerability from the eyes of the world.

Charming, light-hearted, and almost innocent: these innate traits makes Pisces irresistible to those who love compassion, imagination and romance.

Because they're so dreamy, spacey and up-in-the-clouds all the time, Pisces will appreciate someone who gives them stability: emotional as well as material.

Take a Piscean person out for "paint nite" out but then be their watchful protector by putting them in a cab you called back home. They'll be struck with your chivalry - another high-minded value that appeals to their natures.

Best Sexual Matches: Scorpio, Taurus & Virgo

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