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Fascinating Ideas on How to Play with a Guy's Balls

Women often find themselves ignorant of the pleasure that comes with playing with their men's balls. Maybe your man has recently asked you to give him a better ball game. Better still, you might be looking out for ways of spicing up your skills in bed.

hot lady decided to start playing with his balls
Give him extra pleasure during sex and foreplay.

Either way, you'll love the magic of making your man scream with pleasure and become sexually addicted to you. Despite the obvious function of housing the seed of life, testicles can be quite hilarious when an actor gets hit in them.

Like nipples, balls can be a source of extra pleasure for men during sex and foreplay. Below is an ultimate guide on how to play with them.

#1 Cup and Stroke your Guy's Testicles

Of course, this is not the golf metaphor, although I wouldn't be amazed if Tiger Woods used the very words in his bedroom. Hollywood has taught us about guys' balls. It has taught us that they are sensitive.

Just like any other sensitive part of your body, some light stimulation on it is quite pleasurable. The fact that they're just around the main pleasure organ speaks volumes. You can try cupping them in your hands and stroke the lightly with your fingers.

PRO TIP: Take Precautions when Cupping his Balls.

A light massage is enough to provide pleasure and extra stimulation. However, DO NOT SQUEEZE THEM!

#2 Give Them a Little Tug

brunette heading to his balls
Just go and play with them!

Well, balls are quite sensitive. Hence, you'll want to go gentle on him, right? How about a little tug? A little tug right he's about to climax intensifies his orgasm. He'll have a deeper and prolonged release.

I bet you'll see him moan at the extra rush of intensity in his orgasm!

#3 Lick Them

Of course, this is not something you would stop mid-coitus to do, right? You'll want to have it during the oral sex part of foreplay. Well, how you approach it is up to you. Anything like a tongue on it will feel great.

Just treat it like a tease and build the mood. It's the equivalent of him kissing your inner thigh and around your vagina before going down on you. You can do the big W for him; start on one side and lick your way to the middle of his balls, then down and up the other side.

It's a W, right?

#4 Kiss Them

Perhaps this sounds like one of the weirdest ways to play with his testicles. But it isn't. Maybe you can't just have them in your mouth for whatever reason, but it really feels fascinating to kiss sensitive areas.

Remember! The shrill feeling you get each time his lips slip down to your neck? Kissing his balls is just like making out with his penis neck!

#5 Ice Him

No, I don't mean stopping everything to chug a Smirnoff. I literally mean ice here. Go grab an ice cube from your freezer and hold it with a tissue or paper towel. Then, rub the cube on and around his balls. Immediately get down and lick them.

Just don't be surprised to see them recede a bit from the ice. Alternating between cool and warm with ice and your mouth is really a big turn-on for men.

#6 Put them in Your Mouth

With a soft sucking technique, you can first take one of the balls and put it in your mouth. Move your tongue gently around it and suck for a moment. Try humming and see how your man responds. It's definitely sexier than it sounds!

PRO TIP: Be Slow and Gentle.

Testicle pain can be so intense. Getting a bit aggressive would cause a grave mistake therefore canceling the whole experience.

#7 Manscape Him

Yes, you heard it right. Perhaps you're feeling a little scandalous. Don't panic, sit him in the shower, and shave the scrotum by yourself. Don't turn on the water yet, he will feel better when the scrotum is dry.

As you shave it, his sensations are heightened. When done, turn the shower on and keep the sensations alive!

#8 Combine Sensations

Pairing ball play with other activities can really stimulate your guy. You can get them involved by giving a handjob and blowjobs. You can use a hand on his penis when his balls are in your mouth.

Better still, give him a blowjob and pet his balls with your hand. Either way, you'll want to go down to his penis first before playing with his balls. If you can give attention to his balls, penis, and anus at the same time, he'll scream with pleasure!

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#9 Use Lube

Lube can enhance the ball play a great deal! You'll easily slide your hands across the skin and at the same time increase the sensation for him. When you lube his balls and give them a gentle handjob while your mouth is busy swallowing his cock, you'll take his entire crotch to town!

#10 Use Ball Play to Break

Perhaps you've given him an extreme blowjob and he's close to orgasm. If you don't want him to come just yet, you'll want to stop focusing on his penis and focus solely on his balls. He'll find it still pleasurable, but not enough to thrust an orgasm!

#11 Identify his Grey Areas

Of course, the entire scrotum is quite sensitive. However, there are a number of points worth giving more attention; Try licking the seam running between the two balls the lower side of the ball sac, try the place where the sack turns into a taint.

girl licking her boyfriend's balls
Ball play prepares men for sex.

Try out the area where the sacks attach to the penis shaft, your man might still have other pleasurable points worth taking note. How about taking your time with the whole thing?

Although you might not be sure of what to do with your man's balls, it's worth giving it a thought. Most men enjoy it when their naughty dates give their balls some attention. Ball play prepares men for sex.

You'll love how your man will appreciate the effort!

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