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How to Prepare Yourself Before Getting Laid

Great sex moves you, especially with a new catch. That is why you need to prepare well. Don't worry, you'll make it. Be the man you have always been; be confident. Read on to see how simple it will be.

couple getting ready to get laid
The right romantic preparation will lead you there.

Predict what will Happen on that Date

Perhaps you’ve hooked up with a new catch and are planning to have sex for the first time. No need to panic. The first and most important thing is to predict what will happen before, during and after your date.

Of course, you’re anticipating sex. Hence, you’ll know what to wear, what to do and how to conduct yourself all through the night. This key tip will determine the whole outlook of the night.

You'll Want to Practice Basic Hygiene

Ah! Here comes the golden rule of lovemaking; hygiene! If you know you are going to be all over somebody else’s body, you would hope they take enough time to freshen up for you, right? How about you do the same?

You’ve got to take a thorough shower. Taking some time to practice hygiene will put you at a better headspace as well as a lot less conscious about stripping down later in the night. The last thing you want is your first time experience to figuratively stink!

You’ll want to take considerable time to brush your teeth too! You don’t want to keep her face off you the first instance she catches a bad breath. Wearing a classic perfume would be a plus as long as it isn’t provoking!

Take Time to Dress Accordingly

You’ll need to dress up well for various obvious reasons. First, a good dressing code will make you look better physically. It’s definitely a traditional explanation, but still plays a big role of getting laid.

Secondly, a great dressing code will definitely boost your confidence. More than ever, you’ll need to be confident in everything you’ll be doing. Chances of getting laid depends on it too.

You’ll definitely stand out- not only will you attract her attention, but also give her an excuse to keep checking on you; occasionally even approaching you. Decent dressing makes you appear of a higher value.

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A naughty date will definitely care about who she is being seen around with. She’ll definitely feel more allowed to hook up with you; especially if her friends are around.

Being Flirtatious Before and During the Date

How about letting your partner know that you want to have them for the night? Giving your fuck buddy hints that you are into them more than usual prepares her for sex.

During the date, you can try rubbing her hands sensually and slowly; just to keep prime physical contact. Most importantly, let the eyes do the talking. Wearing that warm smile will definitely do!

sexy girl preparing to get laid
Give out hints that you are going for more tonight!

Perhaps you can try bringing in those dirty thought while looking at her; she’ll definitely pick up on your sexy vibe in an instance! Giving her kisses all through the date will bring to light your quick flirt.

Get Prepared

Of course, you’ve done all on yourself and sees nothing missing; including your wallet to cab the bill. But wait; If you’re anticipating sex, perhaps you need to be an adult about it. An adult comes prepared.

Let’s be real, the last thing you want out of it is a kid or a disease. Try practicing safe sex. Don’t just assume your partner will take care of your body. It’s yours; take care of it!

A little conversation about it just before the match can be necessary, of course not so much to spoil the mood. For the record, should your fuck buddy make you feel bad about bringing the topic by belittling and overlooking your needs, get a life!

She’s not a person you want to be having sex with in the first place.

Have Your Bedside Prepared

Have you ensured that your bedside is properly set? You’ll want to stock it with condoms. A spermicidal lubricant can also be important alongside edible sensual items. You’ll also want to have the edible icing in midnight as well as kissable Whipped Body cream by Victoria’s secret.

These items will definitely spice up your night and give you a worthwhile first time sexual experience with your sex buddy.

Can You at Least Relax?

Hey, don’t let all these take your mind away in panic. Take a deep breath and relax. No matter what happens with your new partner, you’ll be okay. Of course, it sounds a little mind blowing or even mediocre.

You might even find something new you’ll love doing quite often or even something you’ll not want to ever do again. That’s alright. Sex is about learning what you like and what you don’t like.

Putting too much pressure on it will only spoil the bid. How about you try being at your most genuine self? Should she also act in her most genuine self, you’re assures of a great and worthwhile time!

Try Out Something 'Extra Ordinary'

How about trying out something out of the ordinary? Don’t just take her to the place you’d go with your buddies, that is if you want sex. How about trying a river front café in the nearby, a walk in the woods where you can secretly stash a bottle of wine.

sexy cooking date
Don't put too much pressure on it.

Art films or museums can also be a thing out of the ordinary; that is, if she likes those kind of things. Out of the ordinary events will make her feel special; you’ll definitely get laid.

As if that's not enough, check out the following images for a steamy experience with your new partner.

Great sex is founded on romantic preparation!

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