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Sex on the Phone: My first Experiences

I really love sex and I love to talk about it. It's fun and it means I can add sexy spice to any day no matter what time it is. The first time it happened it was almost by accident. I was going out with a great guy during my last year of high school and we had a great thing going. He wasn't my first but we had incredible sexual chemistry and explored a lot of things together for the first time - like a little bdsm and even anal sex. But then when we were finished high school we were both going to opposite ends of the country to uni. I really missed our make-out sessions and so we started to try and recreate them over the phone.

trying sex chat for the first time on the phone

At the time I lived in a small place with a flatmate so I had to lock myself in the bathroom most of the time to get a little privacy. It meant we couldn't really do webcam but I found out that all you need is your voice and a dirty imagination! People say I have a nice voice - I sing with a jam band on the weekends sometime - and it turns out I have a real knack for turning guys on over the phone just by talking as I found out that first semester. I also learned how to take it slowly - "cum for me honey!" usually ended the call in about ten seconds flat! The relationship broke up eventually - mostly because I just got too horny from a sex chat and had to get some dick in real life!

My Sex Education Continues...

Later on, I got a job in an office and I was dating a cute guy but for whatever reason, he didn't want to get it on over the phone. I'd try to send him sexy text messages and call him and he'd just get embarrassed so I stopped... but I didn't stop thinking about it. No sex chat! I felt deprived. At the same time, there was this sex guy who worked down in the warehouse. At lunch and on our breaks, me and my mates would hang out on a picnic table outside and ogle him working the lift truck and his bulging muscles while he was carrying things. One day, I had to call down to the warehouse to check on something and he answered the line. His voice was low and husky and I got turned on immediately even though all we were talking about was the products I was trying to find! But I think he felt something too because he stayed on the line to chat a little. "You're that girl who works up in the office, aren't you?" he asked. "That blonde girl?" I told him I was. "Well come say hello sometime," he said. So, I did! I made it a habit to drop down and say hello whenever I could. It wasn't long before we exchanged phone numbers - just to keep in touch, I said - and I could hardly wait to try him on for size.

Lunch Hour Sex Chatting

Once I had his phone number, I was excited, but I waited a day or so before I started my sexy campaign. First, I started sending little text messages that were playful but not really that naughty just to see what he'd do. He loved it and started sending them back. Then I got one that made me think he was ready: 'Nice dress darl - terrific view when you're walking up the stairs!' It was just before lunch, so rather than text him back, I called him on his mobile. "Going for lunch?" I asked him. "Or do you want to see the view from the stairs?" He laughed. "Can I get my lunch on the stairs too?" he asked me. I was excited - he was ready for a sex chat. "Sure," I said, "I think I'll leave my panties here at my desk though..." It was a moment or so before he replied, and he was breathing funny when he did. "Wow - yes!" And we both laughed. "But can I hang up so we can continue the conversation where I've got a little more privacy?" "Sure," I replied, "call me back."

Hot and Bothered on the Phone

He called me back in a few minutes. My area was pretty much empty because of the lunch hour but I went into an empty office and shut the door to be sure of privacy for our sex chat. "So I'm at the bottom of the stairs," I told him with my hands already inside my panties, stroking my hard little clit. "And I'm right behind you," he replied, "just a couple of stairs down so I can get a good look at your ass cheeks bouncing up the stairs." "I hear you behind me," I said with my eyes closed, "I can almost feel your breath on the back of my neck." "That's right luv, now I'm right behind you and reaching into that dress to fondle your lovely ass." "Oh God," and I couldn't help it because he'd almost made me cum! "So now I'll stop here on the stairs because I can't walk anymore!" "Then I'll bend you over so that your hands are on the stairs and your ass in the air and I'll lick you..." "I'm so hot and wet right now, I can feel your tongue! But then I want you inside me." He made a funny noise and I knew he was as hot as I was, but he kept going. "So I'll take out my dick and slide it right inside you and fuck you silly on the stairs..." We both started moaning and I tried to wait but I came right away. It was about another ten seconds before I heard him groan and curse. I waited for a sec. "Now I'm really hungry!" I said and he burst out laughing. We never went out on a date but he had plenty of good times staying in for lunch.

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