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Peeking into a whole new world

I climb onto the bed, hearing her gasp and feeling James hands on me as he unclips my top and slides my panties off. I slide my tongue along the inside of her leg, my hands exploring her, my breasts brushing against hers. James is naked now as well, pleasuring himself as he watches us.

sexy women licking eachothers breasts

It’s a hot and sunny day, not one of those unbearably hot days though I decide to make the most of my day off. I pop on a tiny bikini, it shows off my ample breasts and curvy figure, and I peep out of it sometimes but I don’t care. I’m only going to lie on a lounger in the garden, no one will see me. I grab a strong gin and tonic, my phone and a magazine, ready to relax in the sun and feel my cares melt away. I split with my husband recently so I deserve a break and to have some fun in the sun.

Striding out into the garden I remember how beautiful it is, my own little haven, it’s slightly overlooked but you’d have to probably hang out a window to see what’s going on! I put on some sun cream and oil myself up nicely, it smells like vanilla and the scent relaxes me even more. I take a large sip of the gin, stronger than I thought! I slid down onto the comfortable lounger, the sun making my skin warm and feeling a hot glow race through my body. I know I look good and the thought of that turns me on along with the heat making me feel amazing.

Mr Parker Takes a Peek

I open the magazine, it’s one of those trashy gossip mags, makes me feel better about my crappy life sometimes. A few more drinks from my glass and the gin is gone, damn, I need another, I get up to head back into the house. I see a flash from the corner of my eye, catch a reflection from next doors upstairs window, hmm, maybe he was just opening it because it’s warm. I get a drink and come back out. As I’m wearing sunglasses I catch another glimpse at the window and see Mr Parker standing there, James I think his name is. He quickly moves away, I’m sure he had something in his hand as well, a phone or something. We don’t talk much, his wife is pretty quiet as well, they’re very posh and reserved, haven’t lived here long but they often have lots of friends coming over at weekends, often til late!

I shrug my shoulders and get back on the lounger and open the magazine. More gin, man this is good stuff, nice and cold too, I wonder why I don’t do this more often. The sun gets stronger, more sun cream I reckon, I slide my bikini top straps down, I don’t want to get tan lines this time. I lay down and feel a little woozy, the booze, the heat and my hotness just all too much. The next thing I know I’m on a red carpet in a posh dress, famous and glamorous people surround me, journalists are shouting questions at me! How did I get here? What’s the meaning of this, I feel someone trip me up, I fall down into a plant, the leaves rustling around me and I wake up! Oh, a dream, of course, but I swear I heard the leaves rustling.

The Door to another World

I look over and see one of my plants moving, I hope it’s not one of the local cats, I hate them, they poop in here sometimes, it’s disgusting. I sit up to investigate and hear a cough, my head spins round, it’s James from next door, I cry out a little. “Oh I’m sorry if I startled you, I just wondered if you could help me?”. Help him? He’s in my garden, what’s going on!? I stammer back to him, asking what the problem is. “It’s my wife, she needs some assistance, I can’t really go into much more detail”. Well they have always seemed nice and I suppose I should be a good neighbour, I see him trying not to gawk at me as I shuffle my top up and put the straps back on.

I’m sure I can see a smile on his face, he asks how I am now I’m “free and single”. I find it an odd thing to ask but answer politely as we enter his house. Chintz wallpaper and thick carpets, just as I expected, he leads me upstairs. I ask where his wife is and what the matter is but he just looks back and smiles. Sally is a nice lady, very pretty, my ex-husband drooled over her, I always wondered if he wanted to have sex with her the way he acted when she was around. She is really hot though, long blond hair and a body to die for, I wonder what’s wrong with her. He takes me towards what I imagine is their spare room, bit weird that it has a lock on it. He opens the door and its a little dark inside, the curtains are drawn, and the décor is very different, gold and red with black leather furnishing.

Would you like to play a Game

“We wondered if you’d like to play a game with us Charlotte, Sally has been a naughty girl and needs to be punished”. James has a firm but sexy tone in his voice, it all starts to click into place, this is a play room! A sex room, a kinky room, my heart races, I’m stood here with my prim and proper neighbours in a sex room, in a tiny bikini feeling very turned on. “I…erm..I, ok sure, where is she?” I can’t believe what is coming out of my mouth, I’m scared but so unbelievably turned on I want to see her. I’m bisexual so the idea of seeing Sally Parker in a sexy or compromised position is like heaven to me, my husband would be so jealous!

He closes the door and I see a bed, soft and comfy, covered with red fleece but the room is cool, she’s there. Sprawled out for all to see, wrists and ankles cuffed and pinning her into a star shape, she’s completely naked and it’s obvious just how excited she is by the wetness dripping from in between her legs. She’s blindfolded as well, he tells her that someone is here to use her and have their way with her, she smiles and groans so I know she’s happy for this. I climb onto the bed, hearing her gasp and feeling James hands on me as he unclips my top and slides my panties off. I slide my tongue along the inside of her leg, my hands exploring her, my breasts brushing against hers. James is naked now as well, pleasuring himself as he watches us, I get my head between her legs and taste her, this is so good! James comes behind me and I know now why they have so many regular visitors at night. These two are wild and I’ll be coming back for more very soon!

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