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Preparing for the new job as a pole dancer

I know this night would be one I was going to remember in a long time as I rode him and cried out, I didn’t care who heard me I just needed this more than anything. Writhing, groaning we explored one another all night, eventually moving to the bedroom.

sexy brunette doing a pole dance

I’ve always been a hard worker but this town is becoming a joke when it comes to jobs, I have two part time jobs, one working in a bar and the other as a waitress. They pay ok but I have university to pay for and it’s getting really hard to keep up! I was sat in my apartment one evening, gazing out the window, catching site of the guy across the way, he was watching sports on TV. Not a care in the world I thought. I turned to my laptop, I thought to look and see if there was any kind of work I could do for extra money.

The usual things came up but nothing too interesting or anything that paid well until I remember a friend of mine who worked at a gentleman’s club dancing for extra cash. I wasn’t too sure what her job entailed but looked at the site and saw they were hiring, of course pole dancing was a must and fortunately I had a pole in my room. It was time to practise! Not being someone who was shy I never usually bother closing my curtains at the large windows in my apartment, after all I was going to have loads of eyes on me in the club!

Practicing in front of the webcam

Just in a crop top and panties I put on some music and started to dance around the pole, I’m pretty good with it and got into a groove. Grinding it, flicking my head back, and practising lingering wanton looks to my potential clients. It wasn’t working though, I needed an audience, I needed feedback, I couldn’t tell if I was any good! I decided to log into one of those smutty online webcam chat sites to see what the reaction would be.

Soon after I had a very large crowd hollering and begging for more. It seemed I had a good talent here. One guy seemed different to the others, on a break I sat down to look at the feedback, most was just filth but his was different. He was complimentary, helpful even, he seemed to know what he was talking about. He gave me some suggestions, even told me dancing in sexy underwear would be better, normally I’d have given him the finger but it kinda turned me on. I’ve always liked being told what to do in the bedroom and with being watched thrown into the mix I could feel myself getting hot and damp.

Going on a private chat

I quickly ran off, scoured my messy bedroom for something racy, red lace with a black trim and very see through. That should do it! I made my way back to the living room, trying to look calm and not like I wanted to just touch myself all over right there and then. The guy suggested we use a private room and turned his cam on as well. Well if I didn’t take advantage of this then I’d be crazy, free feedback for a job I’m considering is perfect! I agreed and got to work, he had a calm but wicked smile on his face, he looked nice even though I couldn't see anything above his mouth.

I turned the music up, gripped the pole and slid my hot, wet crotch against, it moaning and running my fingers through my hair. I could see him licking his lips, looking at me as if I could be eaten. I kept seeing him look to the side as well, maybe his wife was in the next room? Never mind, I carried on, spinning, arching my back, feeling my mound get wet, throbbing, dying to pleasure myself, how was I getting so turned on by doing this? I saw his hand slide down his body, I knew what he was doing, I could hear groans from the laptop, working me into a frenzy.

Who is the mysterious viewer?

He kept looking away, I found it really strange but whatever, I decided to step things up a notch, I slipped a strap of my bra off my shoulder, teasing, looking over my shoulder, doing the same on the other side. Turning to him then opening it and letting it fall to the floor. I have a damn good body and amazing tits to go with it, my nipples were rock hard but I saw he was transfixed with something at the side of him, it was getting annoying and he wasn’t giving me feedback anymore! Back to the pole, maybe that would interest him more. I grabbed it and got the shock of my life as I spun towards the window. There he was, across the way, his impressive hardness in his hand, staring at me with a wry smile. I looked back at the laptop, yup same guy, I could tell, same apartment walls. I was aching even more now, dying for more from him now I knew it was possible.

I heard a message come through; “shall I come over?”. I looked to the window and nodded, he quickly got up and left. I started to panic, what was I doing? He could be crazy, but the part of me that wanted to be used and wanted to please him took over and I waited by the door. His apartment was 3 times the size of mine and he had a sports car, never saw a girlfriend though but I assumed he probably had fun with many!

Let's make it real

I heard a quiet knock at the door, I opened it, stood there just in my panties, slightly flushed from the excitement. He came in, tall, handsome and confident, shut the door and took my hand. He led me to the living room, closed my laptop and sat down. “Dance for me Angelica” he said softly, his hand rubbing the massive bulge in his pants. I put the music back on and slid my hands over my breasts, grabbing them and squeezing my nipples as he slid out of his shorts. He grabbed me firmly towards him, wrapped a hand in my hand and gently brought my head to his.

He whispered that he’s watched me a lot from his apartment, how he got so turned on by my body and ached for it. I gasp and straddle his lap feeling his large hands on my body, pulling my small frame towards him. I know this night would be one I was going to remember in a long time as I rode him and cried out, I didn’t care who heard me I just needed this more than anything. Writhing, groaning we explored one another all night, eventually moving to the bedroom. Afterwards he whispered to me that I need not shut the curtains again, he wanted to be able to see me when he pleased, the thought turned me on more than ever. He left soon after and I watched him enter his apartment, he looked over at me with a wink. The laptop rang out, a message from him “same time tomorrow?” I looked over with a big grin and nodded. This was better than any new job!

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