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Spicing Up Marriage with a Threesome

She rode me hard while my wife continued to please herself, pulling out a vibrator so she could maximize the experience.

Pretty blond woman in bikini

My wife Tiffany and I (Chris) love to have fun. Not only do we go out to dinner and plan exciting trips, but we also know how to make pleasure a priority in the bedroom. From anal beads to vibrators and everything in between, we always experiment with new things to make the experience more pleasurable for both of us. Being in our early 30's, we aren't ready to settle down to life with kids just yet and want to check off our "sex bucket list" before that happens. One of the things on this list was to have a threesome with another female, but we just didn't know how to approach the situation at a bar without coming off as too eager. So, we went online to find a more suitable match, and soon found just who we were looking for.

Alicia was younger than us at 27, but she seemed much more mature than her age. She was in real estate just like us and enjoyed getting to know people on a deeper level to help please them more. This translated to a more welcoming lover in the bedroom, which is just what we wanted for our threesome experience. She explained that she had experience with threesomes but never with a married couple. This was something she really wanted to try, so she was the perfect fit for our first time with another woman in bed with us.

Adding a New Partner in the Bedroom

When Alicia met us in our home she was dressed in a tight pink dress with sky high heels. She had a nice body with small breasts, long blond hair, and huge fake breasts. She actually looked very similar to my wife who is also thin with long blond hair, so I was turned on from the moment she walked in the door. We spent an hour or so getting to know each other in the living room over a few cocktails. Eventually she loosened up and put her hand on my wife's thigh, gently running her finger up and down so that she was nearing her pussy. I noticed my wife loosen her legs so that Alicia could more easily get up her skirt, which is when they started making out.

Before I knew it both women had their hands all over each other and were taking off their tops so they could play with their exposed breasts. I didn't know what to do, but luckily that's when Tiffany grabbed my hand and directed it to her pussy so I could get in on the action. Alicia noticed this and moved her hand to my pants, which she skillfully took off with just one hand. At this point we were all ready to take it further, so we moved into the bedroom where they dressed down to their panties and I took everything off, right down to my socks.

Mindblowing Sex for Both of Us

As soon as my wife laid down on the bed, Alicia climbed on top of her and continued making out. Quickly she slid down to the bottom of the bed where she began licking my wife's pussy gently while she screamed with pleasure. Feeling like I should be doing something, I climbed onto the bed and began touching both of their breasts. The next thing I knew my wife was reaching for my cock so she could blow me while she was still being eaten out. I could feel her orgasm in the next couple of minutes, which is when Alicia turned to make out with me. Now that my wife was not in the picture I was worried at what she would think, but she started touching herself while Alicia climbed on top of me and rode me reverse cowgirl.

She rode me hard while my wife continued to please herself, pulling out a vibrator so she could maximize the experience. I came with just the sight of this, then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. When I came out, my wife had switched positions with Alicia and was going down on her. I had never seen this before and immediately became rock hard again. While she was still in Alicia's pussy, I climbed behind her and began fucking her doggy style. Both women screamed out as I fucked her hard and shook the entire bed with each of them grabbing onto each other with pure passion.

Checking One Off Our Bucket List

I heard Alicia scream out in pleasure when she orgasmed, but I knew that my wife was still not finished. Quickly I fingered her ass because I knew she liked it, and that's when she came harder than she had ever before. With both women lying beside me, we chatted about what we liked about the experience and collectively decided to try one more thing before finishing the night. I laid down flat on the bed and my wife climbed on my cock to fuck me. As she rode up and down I played with Alicia's clit spread out next to me to get her nice and wet again. She then climbed on top of me and sat her pussy on my face, which I ate with pleasure.

With both women riding me I didn't last much longer, eventually orgasming at the same time my wife did. We finished Alicia off together by fucking her with the vibrator, which she said she absolutely loved because it was an XXL size. Worn out, we decided to call it a night and Alicia went to get dressed. We each kissed her passionately goodbye and told her to call us the next time she wanted to do something. We plan on meeting up again in the next month to try out something new, and we absolutely cannot wait. If we had never gone online to find a match we wouldn't have found her and wouldn't have realized the excitement that awaited us.

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