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Do we ever really make "mistakes"?

All I felt was hands all over me, lips all over me. Liam has a lovely talent for licking pussy and had me yelping and gushing come even as I was giving Trev a greedy, sucking blow job.

a woman enjoying two men

They say that you never really make “mistakes” - that your unconscious mind is always at work behind the scenes of your life, rearranging situations and events even if you are not aware of it. I can't help but wonder if that is what happened to me the other night, because what started as a mistake ended up as a dream come true...It all started when a couple of my mates from work went on a holiday together. We would usually spend the weekends together partying, picking up blokes and then sharing our hook up stories the next day. Jocelyn and Fiona wanted me to come with them, but didn't my bloody car break down last month and I'd spent all my savings getting it back on the road. So there I was, feeling sorry for myself that first weekend on my own in a long time. That first night, I went out on my own to one of the bars we usually hang out at but for some reason, it was dead – I felt like the whole city had gone on holiday and left me behind!

Getting a hot tip

But – while I was at the club, sitting at the bar, I noticed a girl beside me on her mobile phone and she was pulling up some wild pictures of naked men. Naturally I was intrigued! LOL So, I joked with her and said, “Hey, you couldn't get any of those gorgeous blokes to drop by now and liven this place up, could you?” She turned to me and laughed and said, “Sure, which one?” I thought she was joking too, but then she explained it to me – she had signed up for an adult dating website. She'd posted her first ad, and these were the responses she got. I couldn't believe it. Then I thought, why sit here and spend money on drinks when I could be at home on my laptop looking at pictures of naked men? I took a cab home, poured myself a glass of wine and got started right away. I set up a free profile and then posted an ad looking for men who wanted to come out and play for some casual fun. It was late by the time I got it all sorted and I was getting sleepy (and a little drunk from polishing off a whole bottle of wine,) but believe it or not I started getting replies almost right away. I was up till the wee hours of the morning chatting with guys and letting them know what I liked in bed, stroking my wet pussy at the table as we wrote back and forth.

Heading out for erotic adventure

Finally I went to sleep in the early morning and when I woke up the next day, I checked my messages. The very first one said, “See you at 8 tonight!” My head was aching a bit from all the wine but I did remember making a date to meet up at a bar across town. I'd been chatting with a few blokes the previous night and to be honest, I didn't quite remember which one I'd made the arrangements with. But, all of them had been sexy and looked and sounded great. So I decided to surprise myself and just show up without even checking to see who I was going to meet. I'm an adventurous sort, as you can tell! LOL That evening, I got ready and then headed for the bar. I wasn't sitting there for two minutes when there was a tap on my shoulder. “Hi – I'm Liam,” he said and I was thrilled. A blonde, tanned, surfer type, he was every bit as gorgeous as he had been in pics. He gave me a kiss on the lips and I was already plotting how to get out of there as quickly as possible! After we both ordered a drink, he had to go to the loo. While I was sitting there, I got another tap on the shoulder after a couple of minutes. I turned, expecting to find Liam but it wasn't. “Hey, I'm Trevor from last night,” he said with a big smile. “You must be Brittany.” Trev was dark skinned and muscular and he gave me a bear hug and another big kiss on the lips. I was in a bit of shock. What the hell had I done?

Making my erotic dreams come true - by mistake!

I had to think quickly because Liam would be back any second, so I just went for it – something I'd actually dreamed about for a while. “Trev,” I said, “how do you feel about a threesome?” He started laughing and as luck would have it, Liam walked up again just at that moment. I thought I'd be honest with the two of them and explained what must have been my mistake. “So I leave it up to you two – do we flip a coin, or do all three of us have some fun?” I knew I'd picked the right blokes when both of them laughed, shook hands and said, “Let the games begin!” You can imagine, we only managed to have two drinks at the bar, we were all three of us stoked on the idea. It wasn't long before we were in a cab headed for a motel. I can't remember who did what exactly – all I remember is that they started stripping off my tiny mini dress on the stairs as we were going up to the room. I was naked by the time we set foot in the door. From there, all I felt was hands all over me, lips all over me. Liam has a lovely talent for licking pussy and had me yelping and gushing come even as I was giving Trev a greedy, sucking blow job. After that quick first round, we had a couple of drinks and went at it again. This time, I was going to take charge, so I got Liam on his back and straddled him, putting his lovely dick in my pussy. Then I leaned forward a little and Trev first massaged me a little with lube as I started fucking Liam. Then I slowed down and he slipped into my ass. I was in heaven! I'd always dreamed of doing two blokes like that so I made it last as long as I could before all three of us came all over the bed. A mistake? No – I think I had it set up all along!

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