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How It All Began

She moved down to my cock and sucked the soul out of it. Finally, grabbed her by her hips and shoved it in as hard as I could. It was unbelievable how sweet she was.

man enjoying two women while swinging

Hi, my name is Jon. My wife Layla and I have been together for almost two years now. We decided to go on holiday in California. We took a plane to the destination to enjoy some of the great beaches in this wonderful state. I am personally quite reserved, and I thought that was something my wife would not like. Our vacation was going to be a month long, and I wanted to make full use of it. My wife enjoys exercising, and she would go jogging regularly while we were on holiday. One morning after coming back from her exercises, she came back with something interesting.

Apparently, her college friend Sophie lived around here. She had invited us to go for drinks together. I thought it was awesome. Although I was enjoying my holiday, everything had stuttered to become too boring. However, she had a sparkle in her eye that I could not exactly tell where it came from. We dressed casually that evening and went to where her friend had said we would meet. When we got there, besides Sophie and her husband two other couples were present. My wife and her friends were catching up after so many years. After a few drinks, we were talking like old friends. We talked about everything including sex and swinging. That was how I learned that the three couples were all swingers.

You might be wondering.

My Wife Brings Up Swinging

As we went home that night, I did not really think about the subject too much. However, I could tell that my wife was still thinking about it. She told me exactly that when we arrived at our hotel. I thought it was the alcohol talking, and I did not pay too much attention to it. However, my wife was relentless. She said that the couples looked happy, and it had helped their relationships become quite fulfilling. She prodded me about participating in a swingers club. However, I was hesitant to give her a reply. But I could not stop fantasizing about her friend Sophie and her two other female friends. They all looked awesome.

I loved my wife, but I got rock hard when I thought about caressing those perky boobs and banging her. I decided that if she brought up the story in the morning, I would have to agree with her. Although I was a bit tipsy, the thought of her three hot friends got me hard, and I made love to her that evening. All that time, I was not really thinking about her. I was too excited thinking about those three firecrackers. I imagined them jumping on my huge cock all night and moaning loudly as I pleasured them.

Going to the Swingers Club

The next day my wife brought up the issue about the singers club, and I gave in without much hesitation. We agreed to meet up with her friends to discuss the details. After a few days, we arranged the meeting and agreed upon the venue. It was a private swingers club, and not many people knew about it. On the floor of the club, it seemed like a normal club. However, I knew that there had to be something going on here. Firstly, all the waitresses were skimpily dressed. I could clearly make out the nipples of their firm breast pressing against their tin uniforms. Despite that, we were promptly informed that they were out of bounds for the couples.

However, they were not my concern; I was firmly focused on the hot minx Sophie. She was dressed in a tight little outfit that barely covered her body. I also had a good idea that she had nothing underneath. Although the lighting in the club was poor, I could make out her glistening pussy lips. She was probably anticipating the great night ahead. We ordered a few drinks and immediately got to talking about the night ahead. The other couples had been swinging for about three years now. I could tell my wife had the hots for Dave, a husband to one of Sophie’s friends. They stared at each other all night until it was finally time to go upstairs. We all went into a large room. There were a number of beds there, and everyone else began to undress.

But that’s just part of the story…

Getting it On

My wife and I were a bit shy, and everyone else could notice. However, we followed suit and everyone moved towards one person. Sophie began to moves towards me. She had noticed my huge bulge, and she could not help herself. As she came closer, I moved towards her and grabbed her by the waist. I knew this was about to be an awesome evening. Dave had already begun to put his hands all over Layla. As she put her hand inside his pants and grabbed his member, she was moaning loudly. Not one to be outdone I carried Sophie over to the bed and started sucking her breasts. She motioned for me to get on my back and she sat on my face. I began sucking her clit gently until she came furiously, my face was covered in her juices, but I did not care.

She moved down to my cock and sucked the soul out of it. Finally, grabbed her by her hips and shoved it in as hard as I could. It was unbelievable how sweet she was. There was moaning all over in the other rooms, which made everything that much exciting. When her friend Emma saw how good I was, she pulled off her partner and joined us. Soon it was a threesome as I fucked both of those two hotties in turns. They were both moaning in pleasure and taking turns riding my cock. After a few rounds, I was feeling exhausted, and I had to lie back as they jumped up and down my huge cock. I could tell Layla was having a lot of fun too. She was screaming wildly as two guys took turns to give her pleasure. I made the most out of the night. After I had rested for a while, I continued to fuck the girls all the styles I could think of. However, it turned out they were very experienced, and they ended up teaching me a few tricks. Finally, I collapsed, spent, and slept happily. All I could think of is how soon we would get to do it again.

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