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Welcome to Golden Beach - the Town Run by Sexy Female Police Officers

For all he knew, he was fucking for his life. So he fucked, and he fucked. He hammered himself into the officer from every position. Finding energy reserves he never knew he had, Nick brought her to the brink of orgasm, took her back down, then brought her close to climax.

two hot female police officers holding their gun

Nick Maloney got off the bus, which stopped just outside the city limits of a dusty coastal town. The sign read "Golden Beach", but the name was faded. He walked into town, looking for a drink to parch his thirst, but passed only one boarded up shop after another. The barbers was closed, a string of bars were locked and shuttered. Only a hair salon and a nail bar were showing any life. Men lay in the corners of the street with paper bags in their hand and brown whisky bottles poking out of the top. None of them were able to point Nick towards a bar, they were so drunk. But, at last, he found somewhere that was open - or seemed to be. It was called O'Leary's (a "friendly place to be"), but it didn't seem too welcoming. There was just the barman, Nick and a sexy middle aged, full-bodied woman. "Hi handsome" she drawled, as he sat down. Nick ordered a beer and noticed that the barman had a bruise under his left eye. The barman struggled to make eye contact. "Little trouble with the shower door this morning mate?" he said, trying to be friendly. The barman looked at the MILF at the bar and mumbled something. Nick shrugged it off.

Nick Ends Up Broke and Disoriented After a Sexual Encounter

"So, what's up with Golden Beach?" he asked the woman next to him. "Oh yeah, you mean Janesville, don'tcha handsome?" she smiled and moved closer, "it isn't what it used to be round here, you know" and she pointed to the wall. Nick noticed a framed picture of a police officer, a sexy, busty police officer in what looked like a fancy dress costume. "Nice" he said, sipping his beer, "she the mayor or something?" The woman smiled. "You'll see handsome," she clinked glasses with him, "you'll see." It didn't take long for Nick to find his way to the MILF's bedroom. She was insatiable, as if she hadn't had a real man for months. But as he climaxed for the third time, the lights went out. She'd drugged him. When he woke up, he was on the beach, stinking of booze. His money was gone, and he had no idea what had happened. "Hell of a town" he thought to himself, as he tried to get up. It was then that he realised a shadow had fallen across him. Right in front of him stood the kinky police officer from the picture, the morning sun glinting off her shining black leather high heeled boots. A pair of handcuffs hung from her hands, and Nick could see his face reflected in her massive black sunglasses. "You're coming with me." She said. He had no choice.

The Criminal Finds Out About His Sexy Punishment

It was almost as if Nick had been entrapped. The woman from last night was standing next to the sexy police officer, also wearing a light blue uniform. She was obviously a deputy or something. "That's the guy" she said, "that's the guy who joked about your picture." The handcuffs clicked shut around Nick's hands. "Oh yeah. Well that's just great" the dominant officer said, "Looks like we're going to have to dispense some justice around here." As they walked him through the town, women emerged from the salons, the nail bars and the boutiques. All of them looked like they were turned on by the sight of a man in chains being led to prison. Nick didn't want to admit it, but he was turned on too. He had no idea what these women had in store for him, but his cock was rock hard, and he was almost salivating with desire as the butt of the sexy police officer swayed in front of him. She was wearing the sexiest uniform he had ever seen, with a tight, figure hugging shape and an incredibly short skirt. Nick was in sexual paradise, but his freedom was in jeopardy. Even so, all he could think about right now was sex. They led him into a jail cell and locked the door. "You know what we do with dissidents around here?" said the lead officer. Nick shook his head. The officer just placed her hands on his head and pushed it between her legs.

Nick Has to Fuck for his Life, and Loves It

The officer moaned, and her friend started masturbating as Nick got to work. "Come on handsome" she urged him, "give me the time of my life, and we'll see what we can do about the charges." Nick drove his tongue into her, desperately seeking her clitoris. He licked and licked as her muscles tensed and her breathing became more intense. Slowly, she moved his head away from her pussy and lifted his chin. "You make a good case honey," she said, "but you've got to do better than that." Her friend stroked Nick and agreed, "I'm the jury handsome. And I know when she's faking." In seconds, Nick was fucking the sexy police officer. He'd never been aroused like this. He knew that if he could satisfy this dominatrix, he might win his freedom. For all he knew, he was fucking for his life. So he fucked, and he fucked. He hammered himself into the officer from every position. Finding energy reserves he never knew he had, Nick brought her to the brink of orgasm, took her back down, then brought her close to climax. Every time, she gasped and held him tighter. "Fuck me, fuck me" she demanded, as he rammed her into the bars of the cell. Eventually, she came. And boy, did she come. "Oh God, God, God" she cried, "you little bastard, fuck me". As she climaxed, she dropped the keys on the floor and whispered to Nick, "you're free to go babe. Be out of town in 20 minutes, or you'll never get out alive."

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