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A Runner's High

My thong pushed to one side as Will entered my pussy. His cock filled my wet pussy as his hands smacked my ass. He fucked me hard and kept calling me names. The more he did that, the wetter I got. He fucked, slapped and moaned with me.

sexy girl lifting her sporttop

I've always found early morning runs to be refreshing, especially during the fall, when the air has a bit of a nip. It's also the best way to get away from your bickering family. Case in point, my mother, father and our cousins. We had come up to Vermont for a trip in the woods but, as usual, everyone had ended last night squabbling. I had decided to clear my head and go for a run this morning before anyone had a chance to wake up and ruin my day. I tried hard not to think of all the fun my girlfriends were having, booking a trip to Cabo without me. Or, all the sex with strangers they were probably encountering. Working out was a great way to take my mind off more than one thing. When my paced picked up, I decided to explore this hilly track that clearly had a jogging trail. Dressed in my running slight-too-small running shorts, my iPod blaring in my ears, I hit the trail. New to that track I soon found myself at the top of the hill looking over the other side at the city. It was a gorgeous view. I sat down on a rock, alone, admiring the view as my music played on. Mist over the city at 6AM was beautiful.

I was so lost in thought, I didn't realize that someone was standing behind me, admiring the same view. As I got up and turned around, his presence startled me and I shrieked out loud. He was shocked too but realized what happened and said something that I could not hear over my music. I pulled my ear buds out and the 6'4", 180 pound, chiseled yummy man standing in front of me was really very apologetic. He introduced himself as Will and asked if I was from around here. We quickly talked about ourselves. I learnt he was from here and runs the trail we were on almost daily. I also could see that he was very hot looking, very fit and was making me very wet as we exchanged friendly banter. He asked if I wanted to continue the run with him. Needing more time with him to figure out if he was single or dating someone, I said yes. We picked up back on the trail and started to run, speaking every few minutes as needed. Once at the bottom of the hill, he pointed out another trail that was roughly 2 mile long and wanted to know if I was up for it. Given that I am a long distance runner, that was no biggie.

A Great View

We came out panting but satisfied at the physical exertion 20 minutes later. As we sat down on a rock, I realized Will was sneaking sidelong glances at my legs. That made me want him even more. We rested, chatted for 10 minutes. We also agreed to run together for the next few days. Needles to say, I was up like a cork at 5:30AM the next day. I wore my small shorts again, bright sports bra and my sweat shirt. During that run, I took my sweat shirt off mid-way when we took a break to let him see more skin. And at the end of the run while he sat on the rock, I pulled my sweat shirt off my body again and pretended to stretch on the rock, giving him a great view of my tight ass and body. I knew he was trying to look at me without being obvious. If only he could touch my pussy he would have realized that all the wetness on my panty was not sweat but more.

I asked for his help in loosening my hamstring. He wanted to know how? I said, "I'll lie down on the ground and you take my left leg and bend it and stretch it holding my ankle." Will nodded. I lay down on the rock, he stood facing me as I raised the left leg for him to catch it. I asked him to step closer over me and help bend my ankle and pull it. As he did, my shorts slipped down to my hip area showing him a lot of skin and edges of my pussy area. I saw Will's eye grow a little big. As he bent my knee, I twisted them outwards too so that my pussy lips pulled to the left and I knew he just saw my shaved lips. I let him repeat this process as I lay with my eyes closed as I wanted him to stare at my pussy assuming I will not know. I must have done 20 plus repetition with my eyes closed as I kept telling him that felt so good. Will was getting the view of his life.

I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

And then it happened. I opened my eyes and caught Will staring up my shorts. He was embarrassed and tried to make an excuse. I stopped him and told him it is ok. He was still a little ashamed so it was time to put him out of his misery. I sat up on the rock as Will stood in front of me, my face at his crotch height. I looked up, one hand on his shorts and the other on his cock (which was hard evidently). "Let me see your cock and we will call it a fair trade," I said. Will was speechless but his shorts were already down to his knees and his hard cock was in one of my hands.

I moved closer and took his cock in my mouth. Before we knew, I was sucking Will off on the rock, his hands in my hair and pushing my head down on his shaft. I was sucking and stroking him and a minute or so later Will exploded in my mouth. I sucked every drop of his cock. He was moaning as he came. Once over, I pulled my shorts down to my ankles, lay back on the cold stone and asked him to eat me. Will was an average pussy eater. But he was a hard worker. He worked a good 10 minutes on my pussy between licking, sucking and fingering and finally made me cum. Once he pulled away from between my legs he had this triumphant look on his face.

Out In The Open

On the rock, overlooking parts of the city I was in doggy style, my thong pushed to one side as Will entered my pussy. His cock filled my wet pussy as his hands smacked my ass. He fucked me hard and kept calling me names. The more he did that, the wetter I got. He fucked, slapped and moaned with me. I asked him not to cum yet. When he reached close he pulled out. I asked him to lie down on the rock. I straddled his face, pulled my thong to the side and asked him to suck my wet pussy. Will soon realized how wet his fucking had made me. My back arched as I sat on his face, my arms on his chest for support, my eyes closed as I moaned. If someone were to have discovered us, neither of us would have known.

After being eaten out for a couple of minutes I slipped down and took his hard cock in my pussy. Squatting on his cock I fucked him. My hands were on his chest as I rode him hard. His cock filling my tight pussy. His cock fucking my sloppy wet pussy. I moaned and yelled and asked him to fuck me harder. He grabbed my tiny waist and started to make me ride his cock. Soon he was cumming. Filling me up. I was close to cumming and so I started to grind my pussy on his crotch area till I came. I collapsed on him for a minute and then we got up, got dressed and walked our way down. Talk about a runner's high.

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