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Cassie's Overtime Sex Session

I felt fingers going into me, I didn’t care who’s they were I ached to be filled to have my pussy stretched by hot cock.

Sexy brunette in a lace bra leaning against a wall

My name’s Cassie and I’m a barmaid and at 21 years old I do attract looks from a lot of the customers we get coming in. It’s not surprising considering how well I look after my body, I’m just over 5ft tall and am rather petite but I have a tight body and stunning long brown wavy hair. Many guys have said I’ve got eyes to die for but most say my tits are the best part of me. I think most of me is hot, to be honest. Anyway, last night I got into work, I work in a bar, usually until closing. This evening my boss Mr Sanderson said he had to go out early and said I was to close up, he talked at my tits the whole time, such a pervert but he lets me get away with anything. I was wearing a tight, low-cut t-shirt and a cute pleated shirt skirt. It was always hot in the bar and showing lots of skin gets me lots of tips. I could see a group of guys in the pool room, four of them, they seemed to have been in the gym next door, pretty fit and strong looking they went quiet as I walked in, I felt four pairs of eyes wandering all over my body.

Time to Get to Work

I smiled at them and hoped they’d be staying long, they looked like they would tip well and they were pretty nice to look at. A few hours passed and it was nearing closing time. I could feel my pussy tingling and my mind wandering, someone shouted at me, asking for a drink, I hadn’t even heard them! I apologised and poured the girl a drink, “You should keep an eye on those guys”, she said nodding over to the pool room, I asked her why. “Well they get all pumped up in the gym and that makes them super horny, you can see it in their eyes,” she smiled and walked away, leaving a tip on the bar. My hot mound quivered and started to get wet, then my heart raced as one of them started walking over to the bar. I wanted to have a little fun so decided to wipe down the bottom shelf at the back of the bar. I slowly bent over and parted my legs a little, I know that my skirt hitches up when I do that so he would have got a sneaky peak of the tiny black lace thong I was wearing. He made a small coughing noise to announce his presence, I apologised and asked what he wanted. He smirked and said “To make that damp patch bigger”, I gasped a little not realising he could see quite that much! He then ordered the drinks and I said I’d take them over to the group.

An After Dark Adventure

I took the tray of beers over to the group, they all turned as I arrived, I explained that the bar was closing soon so they’d have to drink up and leave. I put the tray on the table and felt one of them slide his hand up my leg, I gasped but didn’t recoil, it felt good and my pussy started to ache. Another, the one who came to the bar whispered in my ear asking if he could meet up after work. Knowing I was going to be alone after closing, I told them to hang back and we could stay behind a while. They all smiled, the one who ordered the drinks was stocky with dark hair, another was tall with long black hair and the other was shorter but had a gorgeous body and green eyes and short brown hair. I went to the other tables and explained it was closing time, trying to get the others to leave as soon as possible. I had a hot burning desire between my legs and it needed attention. I locked the doors and went over to the guys, the tall one picked me up and popped me on the edge of the pool table. I felt more hands on me as he stroked my legs, green eyes was lifting up my t-shirt and unhooking my bra as my skirt got hitched up and the stocky one wiggled off my thong.

A Night I'll Never Forget

Mr Tall laid me down on the table whilst he licked his way up my legs to the hot, wet, aching pink folds, I groaned deeply as his tongue hit me, lashing around and lapping up my juices as my back arched. Stocky and green eyes were now naked and stroking their cocks whilst playing with my tits, kissing and sucking them. I felt amazing, all this attention, all these hands on me, it was divine. I felt fingers going into me, I didn’t care who’s they were I ached to be filled to have my pussy stretched by hot cock. I was sat up, led over to one of the sofas where the stocky one sat and grabbed my hips, lowering me down onto his big hot cock, I cried out as he pushed into me, feeling my pussy stretch and my hole get filled deeply, I bounced on him whilst rubbing my clit. The tall one came over and grabbed my hair, quickly then sliding his shaft into my mouth, I had both my holes filled and was loving it. Green eyes then came over, wanking and playing with my tits, I was in heaven, three cocks and all for me. We got into many different positions into the early morning. Afterwards, I explained I was on close up every Friday, just as they got out the gym, we all agreed to make it a weekly thing. As they were leaving Mr Tall explained there would be more of them. My heart raced and I wanted it to be next week already!

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