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Sam Enjoys Her Special 1-2-1 Karate Lesson

Both panting hard Sam lays Marie down and grinds her burning cunt onto hers then plunges her fingers deep into her pussy, licking her clit to drive her wild as the heat drives them more and more insatiable.

Sexy girl in karate clothes

Sam has a few friends, she’s been with a few people as well but has always been attracted to girls. But, living in quite a conservative neighbourhood means she’s never really met any lesbian or bisexual girls, it’s just not something people talk about. Her parents are always talking about when she’ll bring a nice boy home and Sam always avoids the topic. In a bid to do more and possibly make some more friends she pushes herself and enrols in a local karate class. She likes to keep fit but finds gyms boring and exercise classes to be full of snobs so she thinks that karate may connect her with people on her level. She bought the right kit and took it to class with her, in the changing room she noticed a few ladies who half smiled at her and she felt comfortable. She looked in the mirror, her uniform crisp and white, her blonde hair back in a bun. “Let’s do this” she says to herself. She realises the room is now empty and makes her way into the main hall, there’s men and women here, the instructor comes over. She introduces herself as Marie, short black hair and amazingly brilliant green eyes that Sam nearly gets lost in. She tells Sam to wait whilst she addresses the class.

Sam Enjoys Personal Attention

Marie comes over to Sam after giving the other members tasks to do, she explains what she can expect from the class as a beginner and starts to explain some basic moves with her. Sam really enjoys herself and really likes Marie, actually she likes her a lot and finds it hard to concentrate occasionally. One of those moments, she forgot to block and Marie landed a soft blow on her shoulder. “Oh!” Sam shouts, Marie apologies but tells her to be more alert, then smiles and lets out a soft laugh. Sam smiles with her and they continue. Marie tells her she has to see to the other members for a while and to get a drink. She does some moves with the other members and then dismisses them. Marie says she will go over some more moves with Sam now it’s quieter, Sam notices that the hall is now empty and it’s just her and Marie. She likes it this way, she wonders what Marie looks like under that uniform too. Marie works on Sam’s stance and positioning, putting her hands on her legs and arms and then round her waist to get her into a good defensive stance. Sam enjoys the feel of Marie’s hands on her body and feels her panties get damp.

A Close Encounter

Marie goes over some more moves and blocks with her and asks if she’d like to know what it feels like to be flipped over. Sam looks a little shocked but Marie said she wants to prove that small, petite women in karate – which Marie is – can easy flip over a larger person or man. Sam isn’t sure it’s possible but paces towards Marie, ready to stop her from flipping her over or lifting her up, Sam is easily bigger than her. However, as soon as Sam is near Marie she leans into her, lowers down, grabs her waist and somehow is then on top of her with Sam on the floor on her back! Sam is astonished and Marie, panting a little says “See, it’s easy!”. Marie stays on her, Sam likes the way she’s straddling her, and they gaze at one another for what seems like eternity. Sam feels her heart race and her mouth get dry, Marie shakes her head and apologises, she gets up and says she’ll show Sam the rest of the building as it’s all owned by her. She holds out her hand to Sam who grabs it and feels just how strong she is as she pulls on her, dragging her to her feet. Sam also feels how damp her panties are now.

Karate Session Turns into Sauna Sex

They reach the changing room, Marie turns and pulls on Sam’s belt, letting her top fall open, exposing her breasts to her, she opens her own and kisses Sam hard. Sam holds Marie and slides her hand down her pants, her skin silken and smooth, she feels Marie slide her hand over she shaved mound. Marie stands back and smiles, pulling down her pants and Sam’s she leads her naked to the sauna. They walk in and feel the heat, Marie sits Sam down, parting her legs to show her full, aching lips, glistening and throbbing she slides her tongue along her folds. Sam groans deeply grabbing onto the bench, her legs widening as Marie delves her tongue into her sodden hole. Sam hasn’t ever experienced anything like it, she holds Marie’s head as she flicks and flails bringing her to an explosive climax. Both panting hard Sam lays Marie down and grinds her burning cunt onto hers then plunges her fingers deep into her pussy, licking her clit to drive her wild as the heat drives them more and more insatiable. Finger fucking her harder and faster Sam makes Marie scream as sweat drips off them in the fog of the sauna, their skin glistening as they lay there spent and panting. Afterwards they share a shower and get dressed. Sam explains how happy she is to have met Marie and that she’ll certainly be coming to class again. Marie smiles and says she can have the 1-2-1 sessions for free.

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