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Katy Ends Up Loving the Gym More than Ever!

The hot water lapped around them as he parted her swollen pussy lips with the bulging head of his big cock, teasing her, dipping it in and out, making her groan and beg for him to fuck her.

Sexy toned Ass in the gym

Katy is in good shape but she likes to keep herself that way and after moving to the area she wanted to join a gym. Going off some local recommendations from her friends she decides to join up. She makes her way to Giles’ Gym a smaller local gym that has great amenities. She asks at the desk about membership and sees a guy in the background, tall, blonde hair, tanned skin and gorgeous muscles.The receptionist was pretty hot too, long dark hair and a toned stomach, she led Katy into a small room and said someone would be with her soon. Looking around the room Katy saw a mirror, she ran her hands through her soft, short blonde hair and checked out her legs in her tiny skirt. Only in her mid-twenties, Katy knew she was hot and could have any guy she wanted. She heard the door open and looked around, her heart rate raised and her pussy tingled as she saw it the blonde guy from before. He smiled and held out his hand, his teeth bright and shining and his face so kind and so sexy, she grabbed his hand and shook it. “So, how can I help you Katy?” he said. Katy wanted him to take her on the desk right then and there but decided against it and explained she’d like to join. They filled out the paperwork and book an induction session late on Friday.

Katy Has Her Induction

Friday arrived and Katy was so excited to get started, she didn’t know who the induction was with but she was ready for it! Wearing a tight tank top and tiny little shorts she packed her back and walked over, she also made sure to pack a swimsuit just in case she had time to get in the pool. She arrived and Giles was waiting for her, she felt that same tingle as before, he was so sexy and toned. He said they’d start on the weight resistance machines first, he got her to sit down and grab the bars, he leaned over her to position her correctly, she could smell his scent, aftershave and a slight fresh sweat smell, it was driving her insane. He gently gripped her wrists and she gasped, he gave her a slight smile and told her how to use the machine, she could barely concentrate but gave it her best shot. He then had her on the running machine, he seemed to take more notice of her chest than how she was running, giving her that award winning smile again as she got off. “What’s next?” Katy asked in the sultriest way she could. He led her by the hand and took her into another part of the building.

A Very Special Service

It was very near to closing and it seemed that all the other members had left, Giles got a shout on the hand held radio to say the receptionist was closing up as it was late. “Looks like it’s just you and I” he said, squeezing Katy’s hand. He led her to the spa area, it was beautiful, small and intimate and they were alone. Katy asked if she should change but Giles said it was ok as he kissed her and lifted up her tank top to reveal her pert breasts and hard nipples. She smiled and did the same to him, showing his toned abs and fit body. He grabbed her tits and sucked on one of them making her groan with pleasure, the faint echoes racing around the pool room. They both wriggled out of their shorts and Giles jumped into the water beckoning Katy in. She slipped in and felt his hands on her, his fingers delving into her hot aching pussy, rubbing her clit and making her pant. She felt with her hand and found the hardness she sought, his large throbbing cock, wide and chunky, she started to grip it tightly and stroke it back and forth in time with his fingers.

Sex in the Spa

Giles bent Katy over and gripped her hips, she was so excited, she’d never been fucked in a pool before, it felt amazing. The hot water lapped around them as he parted her swollen pussy lips with the bulging head of his big cock, teasing her, dipping it in and out, making her groan and beg for him to fuck her. He suddenly gave her her wish and slid it all the way into her in one fell swoop, she cried out, her back arching, her moans amplified by the room. He held it in her and asked if she would be staying as a member, she smiled, panting yes and the special workout was more than welcome whenever he wanted it. Grabbing her hard he thrust into her again, his hand wrapping around her front to tease her throbbing clit as he fucked her until she came hard and he ejaculated deep inside of her. They had a shower together and got dried and dressed, sitting over a cup of coffee in his office she signed the membership paperwork fully for a year’s subscription. Giles explained that 10 minutes before closing they could have their session, no extra charge and that next time he would show her the steam room and the sauna. Katy smiled, she couldn’t wait to go back, what an incentive to go to the gym!

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