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How It All Began

Just as I was about to penetrate, I stopped her and began to tease her playfully. I could feel her desperation as she begged me to fuck her hard. She continued to mumble inaudibly as a gently rubbed my cock against her lips.

man seduces woman in his dorm room

It was my sophomore year in college, and I lived with my friend Chris. We were in a coed dorm, so we had access to a number of girls. However, Chris was an oddity. He had all these girls hanging out with him but he never once cheated on his girlfriend, Alexa. I used to admire him for this amount of self-restraint. I, on the other hand, was quite different. I had a hard time getting girls’ attention. Getting girls should not have been that difficult; despite that, it had been hard.

In fact, since I had come to college, I had not gotten to third base with any girl. All of them seemed to sense that I was just after sex. I could not blame them since that was all I wanted. I had been in a relationship in high school, which had ended badly. As a result, I was not ready to commit myself to any relationship. Anyway, Chris had one friend that I truly admired. Her name was Karly, and she was quite a goddess. In fact, she had spent a number of times in our dorm as she and Chris studied late into the night. At times, she would take a shower in our bathroom. I could not help staring at her well-rounded ass and huge boobs whenever she did. I had hit on her a few times, but it did not work out.

About Karly

Karly was a girl from Kansas. She was a small town girl who seemed to enjoy spending time with Chris. His girlfriends seemed okay with it. I had even asked Chris a few times if he had ever tried to get in bed with her. However, he looked at me shocked and said no. His girlfriend seemed okay with so I shrugged it off. However, I could not get Karly off my mind. I did not know what attracted me to her. I guess it was her small town innocence, which I liked most about her. From what I had managed to glean from her, she did not have a boyfriend.

She was in her freshman year in college, and Chris was her best friend. I almost chuckled when she said that. I did not want to find myself in the friend zone, so I avoided getting too chatty with her. I told her my name was Chad, and I liked partying a lot. That was true although I also enjoyed spending time alone. I was studying hard to make sure I got good grades and a great job later. I liked going to the gym, and I could tell she noticed. A few times I had noticed her staring at my abs. I could have sworn I once caught her with her mouth open staring at my bulge. I soon got over the idea of ever getting with her until one evening changed everything.

This is crazy

One Saturday evening, Chris had gone out with his girlfriend, and I was alone in the dorm room. I was sleeping on my bed fantasizing. That night I was too tired for the midterm exams to go out. However, it was raining hard, and the thunderstorms were loud. The furious rumbling and lightning flashes made it hard to sleep comfortably. Just as I was beginning to fall sound asleep, Karly tapped gently on the door. At first, I thought it was Chris coming back early from his date. He and his girlfriend had been having fights recently, and I thought I might be one of those nights.

When I opened the door, I saw Karly standing there wearing a t-shirt that was barely holding her breasts in. I could not help staring at those perky boobs. Apparently, she was afraid of the thunderstorms, and she wanted to sleep in Chris’ bed. I told her it was okay, but I informed her she could sleep in my bed if she wanted. All that time, I noticed that her eyes were fixated on my bulge. I was wearing nothing but my boxers, and she was clearly impressed by what she saw. However, she rejected my offer and went straight to Chris’ bed. I went back to sleep and thought that the end of that.

A Pleasant Surprise

As the thunder raged on, I heard her call out my name. I rolled over and lifted one side of my sheets, she climbed into my bed and turned her back towards me. I decided this was it. I whispered into her ear that I would protect her from the storm. I gently caressed her thighs under the sheets, and I could feel her tense up. I asked her if she liked it, to which she nodded her head. That was all I needed, I gently moved my hands towards her breasts and begun rubbing her nipples gently. She moaned softly, and I decided to rip her tight t-shirt off. I placed my lips over her perky boobs and began to suck on them hungrily. One of my hands was now caressing her clit as I fondled her boobs with the other.

After caressing each other for a while, I felt one of her hands reach out and grab my cock. Gently, she parted her legs and moved it towards her moist pussy. However, just as I was about to penetrate, I stopped her and began to tease her playfully. I could feel her desperation as she begged me to fuck her hard. She continued to mumble inaudibly as a gently rubbed my cock against her lips. It continued for a while until I could not restrain myself any longer. I plunged into her furiously, and she let out a loud moan in excitement. However, due to the storm, no one else could have heard it. I thrust furiously for a while before I felt her orgasm hard. Her tight grip on my manhood made me explode deep inside her. She wrapped her legs tightly around me as she begged for more. I was hard again almost immediately and gave it to her with the fury of a long dry spell. Soon, we lay next to each other spent. She, later on, picked up what was left of her clothes and left. When I asked her if she was no longer afraid of the storm, she just smiled coyly at me and left. I knew this was the beginning of some great sexual encounters.

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