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A Festival Boogie with a Sex Angel

Her eyelids begin to flutter and droop as she succumbed to her own body's joyful trembling. When he suspected she was close to reaching her pinnacle, he grabbed her firmly and rolled her over, driving her crazy with every strong thrust of his hips. Her moaning and squeals were such a turn on.

woman touching her breasts

He was having second thoughts as he waited near the main festival stage to meet her for the first time. They'd hooked up online and really hit it off, but maybe this was a mistake. He thought about finding his mates and forgetting the whole arrangement when he turned around and there she was. Everywhere he looked, there were hordes of beautiful, scantily clad women, but none of them took his breath away like she did at that first sight.

She wore a yellow-and-white striped bikini top that made her deep tan shimmer in the sun, and cut off jean shorts that made her figure shine even brighter. "Mitchell?" she said. "Amanda?" he answered. They both laughed and then, as if they'd known one another for years, fell into each other in a long, sensuous embrace. She smelled like incense and oranges with a tangy hint of sweat, a combination that made him feel aroused as he buried his nose in her long brunette hair billowing over her shoulder.

'How long do we dance?'

She pulled away first. "Let's dance," she said, taking his hand and leading him into the crowd boogieing to the hip hop band on stage. He let himself be led, surprised by how much he missed the feel of her firm curves already. He wouldn't have to miss them for long, as she stopped at a spot deep in the thick crowd of festival goers who were bouncing up and down and dancing to the beat. It was impossible not to make contact with the frenetic bodies all around them, and she seemed to enjoy this. He stood facing the band and she turned her back to him and pressed up against him as she wiggled and jiggled in time with the music.

He wore only thin, quick drying shorts made of smooth fabric. As her booty slid up and down over his manhood, he wrapped his arms loosely around her to keep her close. She was driving him mad with lust, rubbing against him in all the right ways. His shirtless chest glistened with sweat, which made the skin of her back glide seductively against his skin. She gently took his hands and placed them over her breasts, and he cupped their sweet flesh as they rose and fell with her movements. It was almost more than a man could bear. He had to force himself to think about crocodiles and the huge, sweaty guy a few feet away in order not to have an early finish right there in the crowd. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "How long do we dance?" he asked. She turned her head around and smiled. "All night, Baby."

Dancing on a more private floor

He didn't let his disappointment show. He wasn't about to force her into anything or cajole her into having sex with him, but he was physically more ready for action than he'd ever been in his life. He decided she was worth waiting for and tried not to notice how much she aroused him. But he had to get some distance from that awesome body of hers. He stepped away from her and began his own dance, closing his eyes and trying hard not to picture himself inside her. When he opened his eyes, she was facing him and had stopped dancing. She smiled and told him they needed to find a less-crowded dance floor. He agreed and they made their way out holding hands. "I want to show you something," she said. "I want to show you something, too," he said. Then she took off, almost pulling him off balance as she tugged at his arm.

She led him quickly past the vendors and through the campsites, stopping every now and again to give him deep, soul-stirring kisses before making him march on to their destiny. They ended up in a small grove of trees by the festival ground fence. Behind some thick shrubs where no one could see, she had made a soft bed of sleeping bags and pillows. A small cooler held beer and an opened bottle of wine. "I thought you'd enjoy this dance floor more than the last one," she said, handing him a cold beer and pouring herself some wine after they sat down. "I do." he reached out and pushed her hair back from her face, caressing her cheek. He felt her shiver. "Show me some of your dance moves," she ordered. "It was too cramped back there to see what you can do with that luscious body of yours." He grinned at the command and the compliment. "What sort of dance do you want me to perform?" he asked, standing up to his full height. "The kind where you take your pants off."

A Sex Angel he never met before

He almost rejoiced loudly, realizing there would be no cajoling necessary, and did as she directed, letting his shorts fall to his ankles. He heard her take in a quick, deep breath as she stared at his arousal, and the next thing he knew, she was kneeling down before him using her hands and her mouth to make him nearly scream. When he thought he would explode, he gently pushed her away from him and told her it was her turn to dance. "Hey!" she cried. "I'm giving the orders here, you naughty, naughty man. Now lie down on the blanket on your back!" This was getting interesting and only a tiny bit scary, which added to his sense of being on an unfamiliar planet, lost in the ecstasy of her touch. He watched her remove her bathing suit top and had his own quick breathing moment. Her breasts were perfectly round with pinkish brown nipples that he wanted next to him right away. But she took her time unbuttoning her shorts and watching him quiver on the blankets.

He closed his eyes and then she was on top of him. The moment he was one with her he sighed with a sound he'd never heard himself make before. She was like some sex angel who knew just how to bring him to the brink of climax and then back off enough until he could regain his composure for more. She talked dirty, too, which was a trait he adored in women but which few would indulge. Her eyelids begin to flutter and droop as she succumbed to her own body's joyful trembling. When he suspected she was close to reaching her pinnacle, he grabbed her firmly and rolled her over, driving her crazy with every strong thrust of his hips. Her moaning and squeals were such a turn on. "Who's the boss, now?" he asked, in a fake mob voice. "Who calls the shots now?" "You do-o-o-o, ooohhhh," she answered, and he felt her reach fulfilment at the same time he did. It was incredible and earth-shaking and more than either of them had expected from their first date. After they rested for a bit, he asked her what she wanted to do next. She didn't answer right away, but pulled him down from where he was sitting to where she had reclined on the blanket. Then she kissed him erotically and fondled him in all the key places. "I told you," she said. "We're going to dance all night long."

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