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Turned up and turned on - stranger from the bar

Josh thrust two fingers into my cunt and began working them back and forth. The pleasure I was experiencing from this couldn’t be possibly be explained in words. He curled the tip of his fingers and touched just the right spot. I exploded just as hard as the first time.

woman and man in bed during their sex marathon

There is something about bars. We all have our reasons for going to one and at the end of the night, each one of us has a tale to tell. Things turned out surprisingly well the last time I went to one. I am in the process of getting divorced and believe it or not, I’ve not had sex in almost two years. I know…I gotta get me some cock. But with my situation and at my age, it’s hard to know where to start.

Josh was cute, hot even. He had a charming smile and his lips…ooh my. The only problem is that he’s younger. I really don’t know how we ended up at my apartment and honestly, I don’t care. I care that was the best night that I’d had in a long time and I was not going to let my lack of memory destroy that. Nevertheless, I never thought that something like a sex marathon existed in real life. Until that night, I didn’t think that anyone was capable of going several rounds without getting tired and only wishing for more. My escapade proved me wrong. Let me start at the beginning.

A simple kiss isn’t always just that

It all started in the lift when Josh grabbed me and started kissing me thoroughly. Wrapping my arms around him, I parted my lips to let him in. And when he reached behind and grabbed my ass, we were both done for. Hands started flying, caressing, feeling, groping. If the lift had stopped for someone, we would have probably been banned from the building. When we got into my apartment, we both got into attack mode, again! Josh reached behind me, opened the zipper and sliding the dress off my shoulders, let it fall to the floor.

In the meantime, I had unbuckled his pants and slid them together with his boxer shorts down to the floor. His cock was big and beckoned me to take it in my mouth. I began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth, enjoy his struggle to hold it together and not moan. He soon grabbed my hair and encouraged me on. I could feel the tension increasing, him tightening and I knew it was just a matter of time. That’s when he pulled me up, slid my panties and took me against the wall. I didn’t object. In any case, I was really, ready and all I wanted at this point was him inside me. I could not help but moan as he slid into me. It felt like heaven, like the lucky stars were finally granting my wish. I was starved for sex this good, and there was no way I wanted it slow. So when Josh started pounding furiously into me, I was thrilled.

Shower bliss

When both of our orgasms had subsided, we decided to take a shower. Soaping each other didn’t do much in calming our animalistic needs. He was soon hard and I wanted more. With a simple shower, our control went down the drain. As we kissed, Josh kept soaping one of my breasts while teasing my wet nipples. With him kissing me on the mouth then on my neck while taunting my perk nipples, my legs couldn’t support as much as I would have liked. This man knew how to work his hands, and all I could think was why didn’t we meet sooner? When we were rinsed, he took me up in his arms, still kissing me and took me to the bed.

He moved his head between my legs and hungrily thrust his tongue into my already wet pussy. He licked the length of my hot snatch from top to bottom and I couldn’t my loud moan. He then moved up to take my clit between his teeth and began to nibble. He was alternating between nibbling my clit and plunging his tongue inside me and licking and all I could do was moan and move my hips to beg for more. I soon exploded, flooding his face with my cum. As the orgasm subsided, Josh thrust two fingers into my cunt and began working them back and forth. The pleasure I was experiencing from this couldn’t be possibly be explained in words. He curled the tip of his fingers and touched just the right spot. I exploded just as hard as the first time. When I whimpered for him to come up to me, he did just that. Kissing me, he parted my legs with his legs and thrust himself inside. The heavenly torture had started all over again. I wrapped my legs around him to accommodate more of him. As if he knew what I wanted, he began to pound his cock into my pussy for all it was worth. I soon came, with him finishing right after that.

Still gunning for more

After lying there for a few minutes to catch our breath, we got up to get water then snuggled with each other. After a while, I reached down and cupped his dick in my hand. It wasn’t lost on me that I was getting wet again, and that he was becoming hard. He also knew that I wanted to go again so when he slipped under the covers to lick my pussy, I opened my legs further to invite him. It was just a few moments before I began to squirm and he came up to nibble on my neck all the while taking long penetrating strokes into my pussy with his cock. My hips rose to match each stroke. We were moving as one, breathing as one and wanting more of the pleasure that were getting. We soon climaxed and collapsed into one another’s arms again.

This went on throughout the night. I would get wet, his cock would harden. We would give each other blow jobs. I would ride him. There was that one time in the shower when he took me against the wall and then there was what he likes to call “morning glory.” And until that night, I didn’t know that some positions were anything but theoretical. I don’t know how many rounds we went but by the next day, we decided to team up as friends with benefits. It has so far worked great for both of us.

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