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The Good Doctor - And His Naughty Nurse

It was a big cock - the doctor’s cock. It stretched my pussy as he eased it deep inside me. Nurse Layne grabbed his bare ass and pushed his cock deeper.“Fuck her, Doctor!” she hissed at him while she held his ass and helped to pump him faster and faster.

a sexy doctor and his sexy nurse

It had been a year but the good doctor had remained on my mind. It had been my good luck to be able to schedule Dr. Alprin in — good luck and strep throat, an ear infection, and a couple of rogue stomach aches. I was so horny for this doctor, I had thrown all caution to the winds. Not even the receiptionist’s suspicious questions about my so-called recurring conditions could keep me away. I personally didn’t understand how this woman could even work in the same office as my doctor without jumping his bones. Then, it occurred to me that perhaps it was because she was territorial. Suddenly, thoughts of my doctor fucking his mousy brunette receptionist were all I could think about.

Sitting in the waiting area, I tried not to make direct contact with her and hoped she couldn’t see the steady flush rise through my neck. I was sufficiently turned on. But he was both the problem and the solution: as sexy as my doctor was, he was also the height of professionalism and always left me feeling incredibly reassured and unbelievably sexually frustrated. Needless to say, my hands always got a good workout after one of our visits. Maybe, this time would be different? A girl can always hope. And when hope doesn’t work, she’ll schedule as many appointments as she can to get face time with this sex pot of a doctor. But today was different.

This time, it was the Good Doctor’s office that had called me and asked me to come in. I was a little nervous but not by much: I knew pretty much everything had been made up so in the off-chance they had actually found some ailment matching my random “symptoms”, it would be fine. In fact, I was nervous more at the prospect of seeing Dr. Alprin. His first name was Ryan. I imagined saying his name over and over again as he fucked me. Yum. Why did he have to be so damn delicious and yet so professional? Didn't he realize he was killing me?

If Only He Knew

I was so lost in the fantasy, I barely heard the receptionist calling my name. She looked more annoyed than ever and when I finally sat up and paid attention, I had the good sense to blush and follow her. It was my turn to wait in the examination room. The receptionist gave me my robe and thought I didn’t need any instructions, told me to undress and put it on while waiting for the doctor. I hopped right to it, stripping off all my clothes and sat patient on the examination table. After a few minutes, Dr. Ryan Alprin came in and greeted me with his usual cheer. Except for one problem: he was more beautiful than ever before. His sandy blond hair was longer in the back and the front and kept falling into his eyes as he leaned over to check my charts. His familiar blue eyes were set in a an even tanner face. Had he just returned from vacation or was he always this good looking?

I felt my breath hitch in my chest. He turned his attention from my files to the computer and began clicking away, speaking to me as he went. “Thank you for coming in so quickly, Ms. DuVernay,” he was saying. “I didn’t mean to alarm you but my nurse alerted me to something I thought we should look into. Best not to delay testing, if you know what I mean.” I nodded but was paying less attention to his words and more attention to that succulent mouth forming the words. I must have been staring because Dr. Alprin stopped suddenly: “Ms. DuVernay? Are you okay?” I blushed and nodded. If only he knew…

How Does This Feel?

Just then, the briefest knock sounded on the door and Dr. Alprin’s nurse walked in. She usually accompanied him to assist with older patients but she was with me this time. Amused, I wonder what my made-up symptoms indicated I had. I liked his nurse, a young woman named Vanessa Layne. Ms. Layne was probably a good decide older than me with fierce red hair and full breasts but didn’t look a day over 30. Her creamy alabaster skin shone almost innocently in the examination room light. When she smiled at me, it was warm and I found myself smiling back. “Do you want to take her in for some initial checks, Nurse Layne?” Dr. Alprin asked. “Of course,” she responded and beckoned to me. “We’ll do a couple of routine tests, nothing too invasive at first, Lana,” he explained. “And then, if there’s cause for concern, we might go a bit further. If you’re uncomfortable at any time, be sure and let us know, okay?” I nodded mutely and he winked at me. It was all I could do not to jump him right then and there.

Nurse Layne stepped toward and easily shrugged off the gown from my shoulders. The flimsy material dropped to my waist and I was exposed between her and the Good Doctor. I must have been incredibly horny because the moment she cupped my breasts, my nipples stood painfully erect at her touch. I froze and wondered what she would say but Nurse Layne said nothing. She simply smiled at me and began to massage my breasts, expressing that she was looking for any irregularities. She smelled incredibly good and I was quite close to seeing her own ample bosom in my face. I wondered idly if her nipples were as hard as mine. Nurse Layne ran her fingertips across the nipples of my small breast, before beginning to roll them between her fingers. This time, I looked straight up at her and into her eyes and found her smiling nonchalantly. “How does that feel?” she asked. “Fine,” I bit out. It was impossible to say anything more without moaning. She was turning me on to no end.

I Think She's Ready Now, Doctor

“I think she’s ready now doctor,” said Nurse Layne. Dr. Alprin nodded and then asked me to push myself down to the bottom of the table and put my feet up in the stirrups. I realized very quickly, the moment I did that, he was going to see exactly how wet I was. When my feet were in the stirrups he draped a sheet over my knees and took his seat between my legs. Nurse Layne came over to my side and did the most strangest and amazing thing: she pinched my nipples lightly and my breath hitched in excitment. Was this really happening?? Meanwhile, Dr. Alprin’s fingers were touching my clit lightly and I found myself shuddering. He stroked it delicately before putting a long, talented finger into my soaking wet vagina. I almost moaned but it was nothing compared to the sensation of him inserting a second one inside. Fuck, I loved his fingers inside me and this time, I couldn’t help myself anymore. Between the doctor curling his long fingers inside my hole and Nurse Layne unbuttoning her blouse while licking my nipples, a loud moan escaped me and I arched my back in pleasure. This is what I had been waiting for.

Dr. Alprin was pulling his fingers in and out, and it was starting to feel so good I didn’t know how much more I could take. With one hand, he was gently rubbing my clit and the other hand was moving inside me. It was what I had been wishing for, and I almost came right then and there. Nurse Layne had now completely unbuttoned her blouse and her big tits were spilling over the tops of her bra. I wanted to take them in my mouth but she moved to the foot of the table, leaned over Dr. Alprin and kissed him hard. Then, they both looked at me and smiled. “I think she’s ready for you to fuck her, Doctor”. Ryan smiled slowly at me. Something big rubbed my pussy lips and I knew what it was immediately.

It was a big cock - the doctor’s cock. It stretched my pussy as he eased it deep inside me. Nurse Layne grabbed his bare ass and pushed his cock deeper.“Fuck her, Doctor!” she hissed at him while she held his ass and helped to pump him faster and faster. Soon he was pumping his cock into me all on his own while Nurse Layne rubbed her clit with one hand and took her large tits and sucked on her nipples. The doctor’s big cock rammed inside my pussy as the nurse came; all the while, he kept rubbing my clit until I threw my head back and came hard. I quivered and thrashed as I came, and as soon as I was finished, I felt Dr. Alprin tense up and let out a loud groan. I looked over at them both, panting like animals, sweaty and naked. “I think I’ll need to set up another appointment for next month. I’m going to need a lot more treatments.”

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